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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
I have to go search foodnetwork.com for some easy recipes for Christmas Eve dinner. I'm cooking for DH's family, and they are super picky and don't like anything tasteful or interesting. When I met DH he didn't eat anything good, it's surprising he survived as long as he did. What fun, what fun!
Yick! Mike likes to eat interesting things and so does his mother, but FIL when I met him (and apparently for more than 20 years before that) had been eating the same three or four things every single day. A few years ago when BeanBean was tiny (or maybe while I was pregnant with him) he picked something up from many many conversations that I'd had with MIL and Mike about infant and child nutrition; he decided that he would try to stop drinking milk for a while. He did, and within a week his life had changed... he was able to eat salad and vegetables and all sorts of things that he hadn't even tried before. Now he takes lactaid pills when he's going to be eating dairy, and his diet is much, much more varied than it was. I asked Mike where he got the idea to stop drinking milk for a while, and he said that it had probably come from me; it just goes to show you that even when you think someone isn't listening or paying attention, the things that you do/say can change their lives.

Mike's mom loves food network and interesting food experiments. A lot of the time, Mike and the kids and I get to be guinea pigs, because she's interested in things which FIL and SIL can't eat. We get to be guinea pigs for all kinds of fun food experiments, and MIL actually keeps a few 3-ringed binders full of recipes that she's printed out from FoodNetwork.com. Anything that works stays in! It's great fun. This year's experiment was sugar free cranberry sauce (she also made regular). It was a huge hit with all of the diabetics at the family's Thanksgiving gathering, so she made it again for xmas. She and Mike polished off the leftovers at home. The kids and I ate the rest of the regular stuff.

BeanBean just showed up here with some graham crackers. He gave one to BooBah and tried to give me one, but I said no thanks. "But I brought us all a snack," he said. He wanted one, so apparently I should want one, too. He's such a love. I also love that he brought one for his sister without either of us asking; she happily munching right now. It makes me feel all warm and squishy every time he thinks of her, even though he does it all the time it still feels special every time. This has to be one of my favorite things about having more than one child-- the relationship that the two of them have is so adorable! And BeanBean is very excited about having a new sister coming. BooBah just talks to my belly and understands that the new sister is "baby" and she is "big gurl." Super cute! I can hardly wait to see how they interact with her!
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rynna, moss feets are soft soled, you can check out there website. super cute but it took waaaayyyy to long to get them 6weeks instead of 3 like it said. i also was under the impression that they were wider than most others and they are not.

anyway, hope everyone has a good holiday and birthday time! we are celabrating tomarrow morning since dp had to work this morning and i don't want to do it on the actual xmas day, solctice a day or so late oh well. this time of year is always so conflicting for me. i 'm a bit of a scrouge and i can't quite figure out what to pass on to razi. i really want to get him gifts (and i do) but i can't stand the mania/commercialism of it all. then i have to deal w/ things like tavis's step mom telling razi that he won't get any presents if he isn't nice to her!!! i don't think razi likes her very much.

so the real big thing for us right now is that razi is going to start montessori in january. i'm really excited to have 3 hours to myself every weekday but also sad that he's growing up. i think he will do really well. i just don't have what it takes to homeschool. i think it is so great but razi is so social and think it's important to have him around other kids. okay, i'm rambling...
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I love watching Food Network! I am a cooking (anmd eating) junky!

Last year when it was my SIL's turn to cook she bought a fully cooked ham from the Honey Baked Ham Company, with all the weird glaze all infused in it. She baked up some brown-and-serve biscuits, and heated up a couple of cans of plain green beans and corn and that was our Christmas Eve Dinner!!! For dessert she got a ready-made pie crust and poured instant pudding in it and called it Chocolate Cream Pie...

I love them all dearly, but, COME ON...

This year we've decided to go totally non-traditional and DH is grilling steaks and frying shrimp while I'm steaming crab legs and making herb-roasted potatoes, sauteed zuccini and squash, and salad. And for dessert I'm making a really pretty pumpkin spice trifle. I hope my nephew will find something he likes in the menu- his favorite meal is "hot dogs and puddin". I'm sure the nutritional value of that meal is high, huh? (He was formula fed too... I better not get myself started!)
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when we go to dp dad's house we have dinner, atkins style...
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Food network junkie here. dh calls Alton Brown my boyfriend!

I've been abstaining though since I haven't ahad a kitchen for like 6 weeks no point in watching all of the great stuff I can't cook :-(

Good news is after tomorrow we'll have a working dishwasher, and the stove will be hooked up. We may have to be using the bathrrom sink though. plumber is having a hard time with the rediculously expensive kitchen faucet and sink ...of course nothing standard works with them. It'll seem like luxury ...we haven't had an water on this floor in 6 weeks either.

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Originally Posted by abranger
Food network junkie here. dh calls Alton Brown my boyfriend!
I LOVE Alton Brown! He is absolutely hilarious!!! I love watching his show- I learn so much!

You're more patient than I would be re: the remodeling, Amy! Good luck, sounds like you're almost done... (Hopefully.)

Sarita, I try not to eat refined sugars and white flour and all that crap, but of course it's hard to escape it sometimes. The low-carbohydrate diet can be very beneficial and healthy, but the Atkins diet seems to take it to extremes I think. I mean, they say not to eat fruit- how can that be healthy???
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Is Alton Brown the one who does that chemistry-style cooking show? That's my absolute favorite, because I cook like a chemist...

BeanBean is madly in love with Emeril (who is quite the showman, which appeals to BeanBean's wild personality) and Rachel Ray (who is somewhat frenetic-- again, appeals to BeanBean's style. He and grandma watch Emeril together every weekend.
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I was interveived this monring about this by the AP and noe they are coming over to take a photo of GA nursing!!

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Sarita, I try not to eat refined sugars and white flour and all that crap, but of course it's hard to escape it sometimes. The low-carbohydrate diet can be very beneficial and healthy, but the Atkins diet seems to take it to extremes I think. I mean, they say not to eat fruit- how can that be healthy???

leah, the thing i have the hardest time w/ is the artificial sweetener but that is a whole huge rant ( i don;t like refined either but better than artificial) and atkins has helped them alot, they lost a lot of unhealthy weight but...then of course tav's step mom is drinking and i think that isn't part of atkins. i hope she doesn't as drunk as she was on thanksgiving :

wow amy, i bet you can't wait!
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Yes, I agree, the artificial sweetneer is a scary thing. Unless of course you're a diabetic and you have no choice. Alcohol is not a healthy part of any diet... But that doesn't stop me, LOL... Cheers!

Amy, how exciting!!! Send us the link to the article/picture when you get it! You are such an awesome advocate, with all your political work and now this!
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I vastly prefer real sugar to fake, although I have to say that during this pregnancy I have had a pretty heavy sugar aversion. Not as much as while I was pregnant with BeanBean, but enough to cut me back significantly.

Mike has been cutting back on sugar and simple carbs, not for Atkins but because he's trying to get his blood sugar under control. It's extremely difficult right now, he's switched to a more expensive insulin regimen, is testing his blood sugar and frequently has to check his urine for ketones ($$$$) but I'm really proud of him, he's doing very well. Removing simple carbs from his diet makes it more expensive though.. it's all such a PITA. He's a hell of a lot healthier already, I'm sure, and things can only get better, but good grief it's a lot of work!

That was one of my biggest problems with Atkins-- it's one expensive diet! I mean, I can't live on eggs! Yeesh!
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oh amy, i meant about your kitchen and then saw your post and wow about that too!

i totally understand a diabetic not having real sugar.

razi's birthday 'cake' was a sugar free peach pie and razi took one bite and wouldn't eat anymore!
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here it is i haven't found one with the photo yet but still looking
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Hello everyone! It is so good to see this thread still going. Maybe some of you remember us my daughter Scarlett was born Nov.19, 2002. We moved back to Tucson about a year and a half ago. We have been MIA from MDC b/c of lack of internet, but now I am slowly making a comeback!
oh, and about Christmas dinner, my sister is cooking, and I said we should have a Mexican feast, tamales, etc...
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happy holidays to all of you!

lilmiss - you're here! how the heck are you? we've been wondering about you.

much love, casina
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okay, here's the photobook slideshow. need quicktime. http://www.vimeo.com/clip=29733
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wow, what amazing pictures! thanks for sharing!!

blessings everyone!
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razi got a planet puzzle and dp was telling him the names... "earth, mars, venus, uranus" and razi goes "my anus?" a terrible terrible joke but we laughed pretty hard.

casina, i'm still trying to figure out how to watch your slideshow... i don't know if i have quicktime.
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That's why we've been very careful to say "UR-in-us" rather than "ur-AY-nus" to BeanBean. He corrects people when they mispronounce the name of the planet.
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Happy birthday..solstice..christmas...winter....ect ect to all

i have so little time these days to type anything but here goes nothing..or something

its my little guy's birthday today. kind of bitter sweet.. i havn't had much time for him lately and now he's gone for 3 or 5 days with his dad and grama far away (about 6 hours from here) and im already missing him and he only left a few hours ago ive never been that far away from him before or for that long for that matter and although i look forward to the time to reorganise and clean our house( get rid of some toys while he isnt here to notice..) and have some ME time.. i also hate the thought of waking up without him snuggled into my back and the thought of a whole long week without his bright smile..here i am im making myself cry when i should be glad for the break....

anyways..we had a fun birthday party this afternoon.. a friend of his shares the same birthday so we had a big bash and it was so nice.. we had it at a local activist community centre called the purple thistle and lots of folks came bringing food and gifts.

its been a pretty intense time these last 4 weeks. balancing being a new momma and an old momma isn't easy.. i have so much more respect for those with more than 1 child now that im experiencing it myself. it is so beautiful and so hard at the same time..
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