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WOW! happy birthday eli!!
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Happy Birthday Bean bean and Rynna!
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
Then he helped me cook dinner. (Dh hates that- he thinks the kids will get burned and scarred for life.) Do any of you let your kids sit on the counter and cook with you? Is this totally irresponsible of me, and completely dangerous? I tell them to be careful, don't touch the stove, but sometimes they get brave and grab a spoon and start stirring, or ask to shake in a spice. DH thinks they will end up in the burn unit at the hospital. What do you all think?
I think that kids need to have new experiences all the time. I let my kids do all sorts of things that aren't "baby" things, because I think they need to expand their awareness of their surroundings. The sooner they learn how to cook, the better, I say I don't want to be preparing every meal till they grow up. I guess that is part of the contuniuum concept idealology.

I just started reading the posts, and thought I'd respond to this question first. I'm off to read the rest of the posts
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hey mamas, sorry to have worried some of you. i have been feeling really down for awhile, but I think I am begining to work through it all. i finally feel i have the energy to really post here, so that is a good sign, right?

sarita, thank you so much for your long pm. i am looking forward to writing you back

M. has been helping us cook for as long as i can remember now. she stands on a stool and helps stir, helps put things in the pot or bowl, sometimes she helps grate carrots (this is a new thing) she loves to help, and it just goes along with our philosophy of including her in all the day to day activities. she's never gotten hurt, we do remind her that things are hot and help her put her hand near the heat source so she understands.

We're still potty learning here, I'm in no hurry, I'm enjoying the way it is unfolding actually. It is nice that she is old enough to take responsibility (so to speak) she tells us when she needs to go, she goes in the bathroom, undresses, sets her seat on the toilet, etc. all i have to do is turn on the light :LOL

Hope Eli had a wonderful birthday!!
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Originally Posted by punkprincessmama
all i have to do is turn on the light :LOL
This, for some reason, is a huge deal in our house. Mike is always turning the bathroom light off, and he doesn't understand why it ticks me off! Of course BeanBean doesn't want to use the bathroom if the lights are off, and he'll throw a fit rather than go in when he can't see anything. We've got to get a nightlight for the bathroom.
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Christopher loves to help me cook. I make sure that he get's a chance to pour things in, stir, or whatever else I think he can help me with that doesn't involve a hot stove. He has a step stool that he stands on. I would rather he had a learning tower but I don't have the $150 for it.

BTW just wanted to update everyone. We have an 80% chance of moving to Nebraska.
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I'm going to continue letting my kids cook. I love to cook- I make a big production of mealtime, probably because that's how it was for me growing up. My mom gardened, canned, baked bread, there was always a pot of something yummy simmering all day on the stove. And I want my kids to enjoy cooking too. Also, it's nice to have someone to talk to finally while I'm cooking and sipping my wine . That is one of my favorite things to do- invite friends over to help me cook a big meal, then sit down and eat it together, talking and lauging. I just hoped I wasn't endarngering the kids by letting them get so close to the stove. I don't want to get sued and lose my foster care license... I'll keep my eye on them, as usual.

Rynna, I hope Eli had a great birthday!
I bought a small lamp at Target for like 10 bucks that takes a nightlight-sized bulb. I put it on the bathroom counter and we leave it on all the time, so the bathroom isn't so scary. They're tall enough now to flip the light switch on and off, but it's still nice to have (and it looks pretty too!). They love hefting their time-out chair into the bathroom to use as a stepstool to wash their hands. I really have to get them a real stool soon...

Been busy here. Crystal has major attitude. She's 9 going on 16. I was tickling her the other day and felt a hard bump and noticed she has breast buds. I am sooooo not ready for puberty, but I guess she is...

Hope you're all doing well... I can not believe that in 3 1/2 weeks my son will be 3. It's just too weird!
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Heather-- Nebraska? What's up with that?

BeanBean really enjoyed his birthday and is looking forward to "turning three again at Grandma and Grandpa's, so I can have candles to blow!" He's such a muffin. It's also really cute to hear him tell people that "I was three on my birthday!!" (as opposed to "I'm going to be three on my birthday" which he's been saying for the past month or so) all by himself, without me prompting him to put it into the past tense. He's such a little man!

Leah-- I really like the little lamp idea, but I'd want something which BeanBean could reach but BooBah couldn't, and that could be a problem. The light switch is way too high for the kids to reach, so I think I'll end up plugging in a nightlight which would also be too high but it would be on all the time, so .

Stepstools are an absolute necessity in this house because I am short. I bought myself one before BeanBean was even cruising. He uses it to reach the sink now, and sometimes to stand on to help him aim better (he doesn't like to put the seat up for some reason, I think he's afraid it might crash down while he's in the middle... ). I've been reminding him to wipe the seat when he pees these days, that's our latest "task." I just wish that he could remember to use the toilet when he's not naked. Anything on his butt makes him totally complacent, and if he's with anyone who isn't me, they won't remember to remind him to use the toilet every hour. I think that Mike and the grandparents are a really big part of the reason I can't get him 100% potty learned. : It's driving me up a wall!

This morning, I sat down in front of the computer to discover BeanBean's trick or treat bag and a ton of wrappers right under the monitor. So much for Mike watching his blood sugar, I know what he did last night! The punk!

Mike's been depressed lately. He hates his job, and he feels like there are people at work who are trying to get rid of him. He's miserable about it. Of course, he won't actively look for a new job, he's afraid to leave because he thinks he'll end up with a job that pays even less and then we'll be... well, really , not to put too fine a point on it. It sucks for all of us. I'm not really sure what to do with him. *sigh*
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Birthday Cake!
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Great pics, Rynna. The kids look so BIG! They sure are cute. I might have to steal your cool cake idea. Zachary would love that! He has a little obsession with airplanes and boats.

I'm in a bad mood right now. Just had to search the house high and low for Crystal's glasses because she decided to take them off and kept shaking her head "no" at me everytime I asked her where they were. (Julianna found them for me on a windowsill!) Then DH called to report that the total for his car repairs will be $521!!! : And the little ones have decided that they are too old for naps, which means I have no down time during the day and right about now they start getting crabby/tired/forcing their second wind to come about. Luckily my best friend just called and is on her way over, and DH is on his way home from work so I will have a break soon!

Rynna, I hope Mike finds a solution to his work problems. To me, there is nothing worse that hating one's job. Lucky for us DH loves his job and rarely does the same thing twice, so even when he works long hard hours he's still very happy to be where he is professionally. And of course I feel the same way about my "job", even on days like today!

Zachary can recognize the letter "B" because it looks like a butt , he knows the letter "D" for his brother DJ and he's starting to recognize "Z" for Zachary. "M", "N", and "V" all look the same to him still, but he loves learning about the "affabet". He is starting to recognize his feelings, also. He just told me "Mama, I mad. I not happy, I mad at Crystal!" And this morning he told me "Don't yell at me, Mama. You make me sad." :

Well, I'm going to go stuff my face with my yummy clam chowder that's bubbling on the stove right now.
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Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend who lived in Boston. When I went to visit him, he took me to Fanueil Hall to a spot in a little indoor mall-type thing and bought me a bread bowl of clam chowder. Ever since then, I have been desperately seeking clam chowder; I've never had anything that came even close, to the point where I have a difficult time recognizing some concoctions as clam chowder... Ten years. I don't really miss the boyfriend, but I could go for the soup.

BooBah and BeanBean are also really into the alphabet and all sorts of other things right now! They're driving me crazy, but at least I can put my feet up sometimes with BeanBean behind the wheel.
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Rynna, thanks for sharing the pics of Eli's birthday, I can't believe how big your kiddos are!! M. really likes Eli's cake too
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That cake was a brilliant Grandma idea. She did exactly what BeanBean asked her to do-- put an airplane on the cake.

So... have any of your kids given any thought to where babies come from? BeanBean is really bummed that boys don't have uterii; he says it's not fair that boys can't have periods and babies when they get bigger. I'm not even sure how to answer that except with the totally lame answer "well, they just can't, that's just the way it is." It sounds like a total cop-out to me, you know?
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Ooh, I haven't posted on here in ages. So hard to believe my little guy is almost 3. Wasn't it just yesterday that I help this tiny boy and patted his little bum. The little bum that fit in palm of my hand. Ack. so little. Now, so TALL!
Ds will be 3 just before xmas. (double presents, lucky him!).
He's not completely potty learned yet. He'll pee in the potty/toilet but does not have much luck if he wears underpants for long. He'll end up peeing in his pants. And he certainly will not do bm's in the toilet. Did it once in his potty and he was thoroughly disgusted by it. heh heh.

Someone mentioned alphabet and all that. Ds is actually sounding out 3 letter words. He knew the entire alphabet/phonics by 24 months. Academically, He is above average. However, he has issues elsewhere. He has a speech therapist (definitely does not speak as well as most kids his age); he has sensory and possible autism issues; and some developmental issues. (balance, coordination, etc).
I've actually been a bit down due to everyone 'comparing' ds to what 'normal' kids his age are doing. I'm getting so sick of it.
Just today, a few people looked at ds (in public) with the 'Look' in their eyes. The look is "What in the world is wrong with HIM?".
Ds has an extraordinary imagination. He is almost constantly acting out books or videos. And because his speech isn't great, it tends to sound like gibberish. So, they just think ds is spazzing out when he's actually acting scenes out. He does look a bit odd while doing it (Drama king) but it's so RUDE for grown ups to stare like that! :

On a more positive note- Ds is super sweet! He's Mr Cuddle. Loves, loves, LOVES to cuddle and give hugs. Omg, so cute. He's a charmer. And what a sly grin! LOL. Yeah, he's always up to something.

Can't believe he's almost 3!
I had wanted to get him a real violin for his birthday because he is so in love with them. He has a toy one that he carries around EVERYWHERE (even to bed). His favorite videos are Andre Rieu. This boy loves classical music and really want to play a real violin. I have someone that would probably barter child care for violin lessons. All I need is the violin! And the money to buy it with. I'm not sure if he needs an 1/8 or a 1/4 size.

Hey.....I'm BABBLING. Geesh, THAT never happens. rofl.
Gonna make some tea.

Happy Birthday to those who already had their 3rd!
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Rynna, I make my clam chowder in a really weird way... It's still New England style, but I add bacon, carrots, celery, corn, and of course potatoes and clams. There wasn't a drop left after my friend, DH, DCs and I filled our bowls (and refilled them). It was soooo yummy. Sorry to rub it in, hee hee.

Zachary is always trying to fit into my belly. He asks me why he doesn't fit anymore. "I too big? I don't fit in there?" Then we pretend that he IS in my tummy, and he says "Put the punkin on!", referring to the pumpkin DH painted on my 30-week pregnant belly for Halloween '02. We took a picture of it and we pull it out every year with our Halloween decorations, and this year the kids actually understood that there was a baby in that big round belly! We talk about how Zachary grew in my tummy, and got bigger and bigger until he couldn't fit anymore, and then I pushed him out. And we talk about how Julianna grew in Mama Jessica's tummy, and Dominick grew in Aunt Lupe's tummy, etc. They really get a kick out of it, and looking at their baby pictures, and talking about how they are gonna keep growing and be REALLY big someday!

For some reason Julianna does not like feeding her baby dolls "bobby" milk... She always hands them to me when it's feeding time! I'm not sure if it makes a difference that she wasn't breastfed because every time she asked for a taste I gave her one, and she watches her cousin nurse... She doesn't want to feed them bottles either (), she wants to feed them solid food or she puts them to my boob.

Speaking of Julianna, she just fell asleep on the couch next to me, so I'd better get my banking done (yuck!). DH has Zachary out and about, and Crystal will be home from school in awhile, so... Gotta get some work done, I guess.
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GA is obsessed with babies in bellies. During the spring and fall most of our friends had their second babies. She would say that everyone had babies in their bellies including her and daddy ....but NEVER me. She knows what that would mean She likes me to hold the belly cast up to myself and say she was in there.

A good friend of ours told me her ds started talking one day about being in the belly and what it looked and sounded like. He even cupped his hands over his mouth to show her how her voice sounded to him. It was freaky you could tell he was actually remembering.

All this talk of 3 year olds makes me glad I have the youngest one! I still have 6 weeks of 2!

Rynna - pm me your address....i'll send you some clam chowder from boston!

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Ok, abranger, you have me stumped. How can you send Boston clam chowder to someone without it going bad?

Cool story about the child remembering the womb!

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legal seafoods

I think they have the best chowdah

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OMG, you're the best!!

So BeanBean is (mostly) reconciled to the fact that he has no uterus, but it's still a real disappointment to him. Is three too young to learn that life is not fair?
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