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I think it is so cute to watch their little faces when they learn something new about their bodies. Like when Zachary says "Oooh, I have a stomach!" (Meaning he has a stomach ache. ) And when he eats he points to the anatomy and says "Mama, it went down, down, down my froat, in my stomach, and out my pee pee and my butt!"
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now i'm wanting some clam chowder.

punk, what exactly is getting you down? i know when i'm down it becomes everything, but can you define three major factors we can help you work on? or ten? after 2nd was the worst post partum for me so i'm worried.

lizc, what kinds of things does your son do that makes people give you that look? i hope you can surprise me i'm a knowitall with these two boys breaking me in.

i've watched a few girls going through their 9,10,11s in the homeschooling group and it has just been fascinating and utterly frightening, making me awestruck to see from the outside how it was for ourselves and how it will be for our girls. they are all giant (and not necessarily thrilled about it) to a young woman size but are so mature and moody and such that i have to be careful what i say sometimes at the hen meetings.

so i'm going to brag. ruby is writing capital r's and practicing the the other letters of her name. she draws faces and has a breezy style. it's like i'm finally validated as a genius unschooling mamma HA HA like it has much to do with me - since reed won't read or write. i continue to be amazed over how individual each of them are.

kind of sad a little since ruby will be three tomorrow and i still want a baby. the opposite of logic. the biological imperative.

i crossed some kind of bridge this month. of all things, a random look at dr phil's book helped define some things my path has been going towards. my family is a team. my marriage is a partnership with a friend. being loyal to each other. i noticed i'm much less skittish about upsetting my dh and have for the most part quit blaming my problems on him. i'm getting into the habit of laughing at the tense vibes and saying, how can we work this out?
i know much of it has to deal with that i am finally recovering from being sleep deprived for 7 years. i still haven't nightweaned, and here i am staying up late, but it's better sleep nonetheless.

but i'm really proud of myself. i was raised on edge afraid of my dad and it was exacerbated with all the craziness in the past few years.

somehow this is also related to me reclaiming my vanity this month as well.....
soooo....sending feelings of wellbeing out there!

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casina, i totally picked up on the vibe! it seems funny that after finally coming to some sort of normalcy as a person (not just a mom) that one of the first thoughts is ''i want another baby!''. i'm totally going thru that right now. razi played with legos the other day for 2 hours straight and it was sooo nice, but i've been baby crazy!!

it got me thinking how i'm actuallly not really ready for another child. i feel so sad that razi is going to be so far apart from a sibling in age but i really need some untransitional time. it's especially hard now that it is almost impossible to get razi in a sling. i feel like a big reason i want another is just so i have a baby to sling. talk about a ridiculous reason to get prego!-lol!
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well, i highly recommend 3 or more year spacing for overall family sanity. but then, i don't have that. and ideally that would be having a baby with ruby at 3, maybe clay at 5 and reed at 6? or 10? this is the longest i've gone without using a sling too and my sciatic nerve is calm but it is still weird.

y'know, i went to see harry potter with reed today, and it was a nice date.
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Happy Birthday to Ruby Mei

Z and J are obsessed with the hoods on their jackets. They HAVE to have them up. If they weren't so darn cute I wouldn't have the patience to keep putting them on everytime they fall down, . The wind is blowing something fierce here at the base of the Goldfields, so that isn't helping. The kids have been kind of afraid of the noise the wind makes, I guess they've watched The Wizard of Oz too many times...

I have decided to get Crystal some little sports bras for my sanity. She wore a white shirt yesterday and I debated even letting her out of the house. I don't know if anyone besides me notices her little booblets, but I definitely don't want anyone else looking at her THAT way, so better safe than sorry I guess. I sure didn't start all this craziness at NINE years old, so it just blows my mind that Crystal is sprouting so early... AAAAAHHH!!!

I want another baby too. I think I will be ready in April when we try again. I am happy where we're at right now, with our little schedule and everything. It definitley would be hectic adding another baby into the mix when I'm just getting comfortable with the three I have, and all the baggage with the wheelchair, oxygen, etc. But I just can not imagine NOT having another one. I want to nurse, and kiss, and hold, and pat, and sling, and sing to, and study, and adore another one. And I am so curious to see what another one of our chidlren would looke like. Zach looks so much like his stepbrother it's scary sometimes, and he looks a lot like me when I was a baby. Actually Zachary is a cross between my brother and my stepson- he looks so much like both of them. And they're good lookin' boys, so that's a good thing!

Gotta go brave the crowds of a pizza parlor for my nephew's 5th birthday party. I told the kids we were going and Zach says "Yeah, and we can play games, and eat pizza, and run around all crazy!" Sounds like he's done thi before, eh?

Fern, I hope you are feeling good these days... Any baby news???

And Carrie, I hope you feel better soon. I have been feeling kind of low lately too... Maybe it's the west coast air or something? I really need to find some motivation to get off my butt, lose some weight, and start taking responsibility for how I feel, instead of trying to blame someone else (namely DH for not helping me around the house AT ALL...). If you need anything, please let us know. PM me if you need anything for Audrey- I have a couple boxes of baby girl clothes I could thin out, and I'd be willing to loan you some Fuzzi Bunz until I have my next one sometime next year. Take care of yourself!
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: ruby!! and momma too

leah, no news.. no baby. i think she is going to stay in there forever!! at least it feels that way. im only 6 days past my EDD but it feels like forever!!
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Happy birthday, Ruby.

You know, I feel as ready as I'll ever be for #3. I also can't imagine not having any more babies... the idea just freaks me out. In fact, I'm already nervous because the V word has come up in conversation. On one hand, I know that Mike's right: we really can't afford this. On the other, I just can't imagine not having more children, it just feels so fundamentally wrong to me, you know? I'm going to go I'm sure.
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i expected my body to reject this iud when i got it. and didn't really consider that a big discussion was needed to have it out....

hang in there fern. make it a meditative time, a space to enjoy your relationship with elwynn. i've never heard of babies staying in!
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People think I'm crazy because of the kids I already have, and when I announce that I want more they think I'm even more crazy. They walk in here and see how hectic it is and say "God, I don't know how you do it", and they can't imagine why I'd want to start all over again with a little baby when Z and J are almost of school age. I guess it's just because I AM crazy!
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
People think I'm crazy because of the kids I already have, and when I announce that I want more they think I'm even more crazy. They walk in here and see how hectic it is and say "God, I don't know how you do it", and they can't imagine why I'd want to start all over again with a little baby when Z and J are almost of school age. I guess it's just because I AM crazy!
: Try telling people that you're going to homeschool. :
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well, i even get jealous when i see the families with six kids. i know that it is my body playing games with me. just figure i'll make my own durned village.

i'm having two families over and mil and a cake for ruby tomorrow, that's it. i haven't even cleaned up the house, and it is slobby cluttered. i'm trying not to care. we went to a park birthday party, i made a giant heap of spinach artichoke dip and baked potatoes, and we rented a movie. i can't be a scullery maid all the time.

i marked the height chart and she is my tallest kid yet at this age - 38.5 inches.

rynna, i'm sorry that your dh is feeling like he is in a bad spot. for us, dh is finally okay with whole foods though we want more money. but it was a real trial getting just to here. it would sap his energy just to think about getting a different job and he worried about whether his back could handle it. i think what did it was that he set a deadline, that he would need something different before his 30th birthday. it was a least six months that he set it, just to imagine the changes. i've tended to feel, ideally, that we can get through anything if we have to, and that it was not worth the emotional stress of living with and watching him hate his job and make himself sick and poison the rest of us driven by the fear of changing things.

but then, we did have credit cards with a bit of space on them. and i'm not sure what to do now, since the power company has been robbing us since katrina and we increase our debt with living beyond our means. before we had abt 300 month after bills for food gas and soap and such and 100 food stamps. i also made about 200 month cooking for my mil. well we are now over the earning limit for food stamps, but have 200 after bills and i quit the meals because i didn't feel good about the relationship. and we eat hordes of food and don't even get me started on how dh is even picker now that he works at wf. so i really need to figure some earning myself. i keep telling myself that not only will i not be counting every dollar, but then maybe i can really talk about getting a loan to add on to the house since my kids don't have bedrooms. but i can't psych myself up for it, to go get a job. i don't even know where to start. sometimes he works til 5 and usually crashes at 8. his days off change. at least two little sewing jobs fell in my lap this week....but now that i've written it out, i guess i'm going to just have to figure it out and do it, this part time job thing.
so, i can multitask major stuff right? get ready for a birthday AND figure fixing economic future in the next two hours?
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thank you all for the good energy you are sending my way.

i will be back when i have more time (ha!)

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I have had major drama in my life since Sunday... Can I get it off my chest???
We were supposed to go out of town from Sunday to Wednesady (Z, J, DH and I), Crystal was supposed to stay here with my sister Lupe so she could go to school. Well I should have known the trip was doomed on Sunday afternoon when we were on the road and my sister called to report that Crystal had fallen down the stairs at her apartment! (Luckily she was OK, and it was an accident... but still...) Then I forgot to tell L to attach a note to C's backpack with her new cell phone number on it so the school could get a hold of her if need be... But I thought "Oh, it's only one day, I'll make sure she sends it tomorrow" and all day I had a feeling in the back of my mind that I should call the school and give them the number JUST IN CASE. And, you guessed it, they had been trying to get a hold of all of us all day because Crystal was sick. The principal of the school even drove over to my house!!! They ended up calling the freakin' paramedics who took Crystal to the hospital because she was too sick to stay at school and no one could get a hold of my sister... So, someone finally got a hold of me on my cell and I rushed back home as soon as I heard that all of this was going on. THEN I find out that the school called Child Protective Services on me because they feel that my sister is irresponsible and doesn't take good enough care of Crystal when we are out of town, and they were concerned that they couldn't get a hold of anyone in an "emergency". And, according to them, Crystal was sent to school filthy, with no glasses on, oxygen on the wrong liter flow, smelling of urine, with boogers on her face and generally just a mess. My sister's story is that she woke up 15 minutes before the bus got here and she had to get Crystal ready in a rush, and didn't realize that she was too sick to go to school. So now I have a flippin' CPS investigation on my foster care file forever!!! I am so confused, hurt, sad, mad, angry, embarrassed, and just plain anxious about everything. I have a heavy feeling in my head and I just don't know which emotion to let go of first to feel better. I haven't sat down and talked with my sister yet, mostly because I don't even know what to say or where to start. So, please pray for me and my family. We need prayers that CPS won't do any further investigating, that the school doesn't hold a grudge, that my licensing agency won't be mad at me forever, that my anxiety will go away, and that I don't kill my sister today when I am forced to sit with her at the Thanksgiving table. : :

I know I shouldn't have left town without someone for the school to call in an emergency (my mom, dad, SIL and I were all out of town, and they had tried to get a hold of all of us...), so I did 'fess up to what *I* did irresponsibley. But it was only ONE day they were left without a contact number, and it just happened to be THE day there was a problem (of course). And it just happened to be on the day when Lupe woke up late and rushed Crystal out of the house. But that still doesn't excuse the fact that she sent her to school filthy, and was rude to the school and hospital staff when she finally got her butt to the hospital. Anyway... You get the idea. I am thoroughly pissed and wish that I could go back in time. CPS will be coming back at 8am on Tuesday to see Zachary, because I guess they have to see all the kids in the household before the investigation is closed. He fell down while we were out of town and his lip is red so I only hope they don't think I'm freakin' abusing him... :

I made stuffed mushrooms, a tray of summer sausage and smoked cheeses and crackers, and a corn/black bean thingy for the Thanksgiving meal today. We're eating at my mom's. I bought three bottles of wine, so hopefully they can offer me some escape from reality...

I hope you all have a great day.
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leah, that sucks so bad , i'm sorry!
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Oh Leah, I'll think happy thoughts for you today.
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
People think I'm crazy because of the kids I already have, and when I announce that I want more they think I'm even more crazy. They walk in here and see how hectic it is and say "God, I don't know how you do it", and they can't imagine why I'd want to start all over again with a little baby when Z and J are almost of school age. I guess it's just because I AM crazy!
Well, I have six and want more for sure! I can't imagine my life without a baby in it.

And I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread. My fifth baby, Jackson, was born in Nov. of 2002. I walked the pregnancy road with many of you and am glad to see you're all well.

Prayers for you Leah! That is awful.
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Welcome ekblad8.

Thanks for the support, mamas.

My mom brought up the whole subject yesterday because I couldn't, and my sister didn't say she was sorry, didn't even say anything actually. She copped an attitude and I ignored her most of the day, exchanging only a few words about her son as I held him. I mean, at least she could have said "Geez, I didn't realize I did anything wrong, but I'm so sorry this whole thing happened." I guess it's just part of being 19 and believing that you're perfect and everyone else has problems...

I feel a little better. My emotions finally caught up to me yesterday and I had a really good cry shortly after I posted here. I think it helped me let go of some of it. My mom helped me yesterday to. And we had a really good Thanksgiving meal, and my wine tasted great so that helped too.

My boy will be 3 years old in 8 days! I still can't believe it...
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Happy belated Birthday to all the kids who already turned 3!!!


Leah, that is horrible what is happening to you. Even worse that your sister isn't at all responsible for her actions (or non-actions, I should say) I would be pretty damn mad if I was you. I can't believe that CPS will investigate this! I don't think that is warrented at all, but I guess they do things differently in the states. Don't they understand that sometimes people have a bad day, wake up late,forget things... etc. How rude of the school for phoning CPS on you too, jees :

s to anyone who needs one!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Check out the Helper Mom/Needy Mom thread!


PS Rynna - did the chowder arrive ok?
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It did! I'm heating it up tonight, it was totally frozen like a brick. I'm soooo excited! You rock!

Leah-- I'll give my own sister a kick for you, she can take your sister's by proxy. Okay, I'm just kidding... I would never touch my evil sister even with the bottom of my shoe. :
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