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Tofu Questions

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I'm new to this whole chunk-of-soy thing (and desperately missing dairy and eggs). I'm looking for substitutes. Can anyone tell me how long tofu keeps once you open the package, and how I should store it? Also, I had some not-too-awful tofu ice cream. (It tasted good, actually, but had a kind of soybeany aftertaste-- yuck.) This made me wonder whether it's possible to make a kind of cream sauce for pasta or chicken or whatever using tofu rather than cream. Does anyone have a recipe for something like that? Does it taste good? Any other ideas?

In better news, my daughter just loves tofu.
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I wish you joy and wonder on your path to tofu enlightenment! LOL!

Let's see, tofu ideas...
Well, as far as the cream sauce thing goes, one can make a "cream" sauce with almost any other liquid substitution. You could try soymilk instead of cream, but be forwarned that it WILL NOT be the same (I like it though). I know alot of people use non-dairy creamer, but that is just a bunch of chemicals so I wouldn't go that route.

I like tofu sour cream my self. There is a brand of tofu sour cream out there (Tofutti brand, or "Better than Sour Cream" or something like that), but it has alot of hydrogenated oils, so I prefer to just put soft tofu in the food processor, add a few bits of onions, soy sauce or ume plum vineger, or really whatever you like. Again, doesn't taste like the real thing, but I love it, and it's much healthier, and has veggie protien and calcium. It's good with burritios, chips, over beans or lentils, and all alone!

Stirfries and stews are also good with chunks of tofu in place of meat.

I like to make lasagne with mashed tofu in place of ricotta cheese. I mash it up with some oregano, basil, what-have-you, and layer it just like a normal lasagne with pasta, tomato sauce and some veggies.

I hope this is a little bit of help on your tofu journey!
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Let me know how your recipes come out!
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I've been vegan for 6 years and it took me a while to learn how to deal with tofu. I wasn't a big fan of seeing chunks in my food.

Mostly, I bake with tofu. You can use the soft tofu all blended up in place of milk and eggs in a lot of recipes, like pumpkin pie.

Ice cream: Try Soy Delicious Purely Decadent pints and Soy Dream ice cream. Best out there in my opinion.

For other ideas on non-dairy foods, substitues, and treats, visit the product reviews page at VegFamily magazine.


You can also get a cookbook for tofu, like Tofu Cookery by Louise Hagler. Good stuff!
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Once opened, unused tofu shd be kept in a closed container, with fresh water to cover. Try to use it at one go, or within a few days.

As for recipe ideas, if you check out the Moosewood cookbooks (sure to have a couple in the local lib), they have lots of ideas. Also, the Italian cookbook by Bryanna Gorgan uses tofu a lot to make all kinds of sauce and stuff. And if you are into desserts, "Good Great Desserts" also uses tofu to make the chocolate cream and stuff (yummy! everyone loves the choc cake I made!).

Good Luck, and have fun!
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We have a large family so we haven't had to store unused tofu often, but it will keep for a couple days in fresh water. I would change the water daily until you use it. Another solution would be to cook it all up and store the leftover cooked tofu. I think it would keep better that way.

I wish you well in your tofu journey!

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