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Baby is finally here!

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I'll post a link to the birth story when I get it up. In brief:

Esther Rosemary Joy was born at 2142 Hawaii time on 30th October 2005. She was born vaginally in the hospital (instead of the planned UC) after slightly less than 48 hours' worth of labor. More interventionist than I'd planned, but I'm not bothered by it, to be honest. She weighed in at 8lbs 0.1oz and measures 20.75 inches long.

Picture here:
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Congrats!!! Welcome Esther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not in due club but wanted to congratulate you anyway!
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Oh wow, what a cutie! congratz mama
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Congrats to you and your new babe, momma!!
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congratulations! and welcome Esther!
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congratulations and welcome baby Esther!
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way to go ! welcome baby Esther! Her name is lovely!!
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congrats on your little girl!
i love her name (look at siggy ) and another funny thing is my sister's name is joy. you've got the same taste as my parents!
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i had a lot more intervention than i was willing for but i didn't care either. i actually threw out my birthplan and luckily had a great set of nurses/doctors (otherwise i wouldn't have gotten rid of it!). congrats on the beauty!
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