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was gonna say more but

flu boy croaks......
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my dh had the same back thing last year -- although I think it was brought on by 24 hours in a crappy office chair working. (yes, basically 24 hrs in a row. dingbat can't do anything unless he's working for a deadline).

anyhow -- his lower back is also fused. He ended up in PT -- they gave him muscle relaxants which helped and then he did PT for a while to strengthen his back. push ups, dips, some stuff on a birth ball. Hope you feel better.
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Hi Runners,

Pumpkinseed, ouch. I hope your back loosens up for you soon. Have you been to a chiropracter? They might be able to set you up with some exercises to work out that stiffness. I have an old lower back injury that every now and then gets really tight when I run with different form. I definately believe that running out of the ordinary can irritate the back. I also have had IT band issues in the past, and man, that is the pits. Does deep long stretching help you too?
I have to say, way to go on the 10K, that is totally awesome. Running a 10K is totally overwhelming to me at the moment. You Mama!

Lucen, WTG taking on those hills. Don't you love it when you get that fire inside and have that "Bring it on Baybeee!" attitude?

Jooj, I totally hear you on having to take the good days and run with it. In winter, you never know what you are going to get. We have a crummy picked out of the garbage and fixed treadmill. It doesn't do hills and it doesn't do a random program. I would definately invest in a treadmill that can do those things, it is a harder workout and easier mentally to get through it with that challenge. I am gonna read that thread too, I am thinking if I am good about running inside this winter, I would like to save up for a nice treadmill too.

Geo, it sounds like you are bouncing back really well. I am not surprised. You maintained a great level of fitness throughout the pregnancy. After my second was born, I felt so good both physically and emotionally. It was a pleasant surprise that I really relished

SallyZ, Excellent run on the half marathon. You totally RAWK Mama. I love that you and your sister run together. It will be a big help to have each other to pull you through the tough moments. I can relate to the sore knees too. I have had several times when my knees were the limiting factor, and not my strenth. But, I was always able to work through it and I am sure you will find the solution.

Hi Saskia's Mama, it sounds like you are having a productive day. I like to hear your voice too Hope you don't get sick!

Shanti, your runs always sound so beautiful. Will you post a picture sometime of your beach? I always imagine it in my mind and it sounds so lovely. I am so happy you had a great run and a great DD day! Jackpot

Dr. Jen, dang Mama, you are skilled. You can run and talk on the phone? How cool is that? I swear, I can't run and chew gum at the same time or I risk a sprained ankle. I am a klutz. I can relate to the nursathon. My DD is going through one too. It is funny, the level of nursing really ebbs and then surges. I can't really see a pattern, but I am sure there are important causes to her. Good luck getting some good sleep in the next few nights to you and DP!

BBM, hope you are having a good weekend, I am thinking of you.

Patti, what your Dad made sounds beautiful! I would love to see it as well if you get a chance to show us

It is gray, rainy and grimy out today. I did 40 on the treadmill again and watched some bad-yet-amusing sci-fi on the tube. I think I will try to do some yoga later. The cold weather is so uninspiring, especially when there is precipitation and slippery sidewalks. Yuck.

Love, ND
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ND-I know what you mean about winter weather being so uninspiring. That's what we're here for. Yay for 40 minutes on the treadmill.

pumpkinseed-Ouch! Sorry about your back. Hope it heals quickly. Maybe a chiro can help.

shanti-the run sounds beautiful. I would love to see a picture too. Glad dd had a better day.

sallyz-Great job on the half marathon. Too bad about the hill right near the end.

lucen-good for you on tackling the big hill twice. I on the other hand would have chosen the flat route. :

1jooj-Take advantage of the weather. I have the same thinking.

Geo-Good for you for the walk. Go easy on yourself.

saskiasmom-Hope flu boy is getting better.

doctorjen-hope you enjoyed the extra sleep. Open that present already. The suspense is killing me.

Well I took a picture and I think I got one where the flash didn't reflect off the glass. Not sure you can read the names though. I will have to download it and have dh help me post it.

I ran 5 miles again today. Not sure what the rest of the week will bring with the weather and activities. Might need to run on the treadmill in order to get them in. Hopefully I can get some outside runs in too. I just can't motivate myself to get on the treadmill as easy as I can to run outside. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Peace and love,
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Hi mamas!

I ran a sluggish 3 miles today. Still not quite over this bug. I actually went to bed at 8:30pm last night. Just ran out of steam. I did get some Yoga in this afternoon which is the first in quite a few days. I have a feeling it will be an early bedtime again tonight. Hoping I'm up for 4 miles tomorrow on lunch hour.

Geo- I also felt invigorated after the birth of my second. Go slowly but enjoy the energy!!

Patti- Yay for 2 days of five miles!

SallyZ- Congrats on the half marathon! How awesome to have your sis run with you too!

pumpkinseed- Ouch! about that back. Have you thought about Yoga? Since I was pregnant with ds my back has never been the same. Yoga is my only saving grace some mornings.

lucenamama- You are inspiration to me. I really need to get back to my hills. I keep saing that every week. This week I *need* to!

Shantimama- I love those kind of runs! So gald you had such a peaceful run! I can't wait for the first real good snow fall around here...

doctorjen-Alright already open that present!!

ND- Keep on running mama! These are the hardest times to stick to it. It is taking all my will to keep heading out the door.

BBM- Thinking of you this weekend.
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I have some great pics I would love to share - can anyone teach me how to do this?

No run today - Sundays are just too busy around here. Most of the day was good with dd, except for one major blow-up today where she lost control and I let the PMS monster in me respond : We had a good reconciliation. The star chart approach is working - we have had two consecutive nights of having three pleasant, helpful children at the table. What a delight! Our youngest came up to me after supper and said, "You know, things are even funner when we don't fight!"

I was caught off guard today. The principal of a local private school approached me and asked if I would consider doing any supply teaching for them - it has been 18 years since I was in a classroom! I am not sure I feel confident that I can do it, but I will go talk to her at least. I could only be available a limited number of days each week, but if it worked it could be kind of cool. I don't know where I would find the time, but our bank account sure could find room for some extra income and I love kids. Something to think about, at least.
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sallyz - I was there from ages 7 to 11. I lived at 1 Alfred Robertson street. (straat ). I have a lot of very vivid memories. We traved to Botswana, Zimbabwe (actually during the revolution when it changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe), Lesotho, and one of my favorites, Swaziland (remember this is from a child perspective innocent of politics). I think you are saying How does it go with you and I hope that you something something something???? I don't remember a lot, unfortunately of the language. But I remember Pretoria very well (I can't remember the name of the trees, but the boulevard lined with the pink flowering trees leaves a vivid memory), table mountain, Kruger National Park (we went there A LOT).

No run today. I'm a total bum. It's hard to be motivated in the cold and without a clear goal. I'm gonna end up a ten ton momma.

drjen - well???what is it?

I have to get some dolls made so I'm out of time for personals... to all...and keep running!
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don't know how much time I have before the evening's nurse-a-thon...so...
I went running! first time pp and it really felt good. I did two miles and ran most of it. My scar twinged a few times but not bad. It was just so much better than pregnant running already! I am so glad I kept at it because I could really feel that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. There were many jiggly parts...um, my butt is total jello! and my sides, blech! And my bra is way too small. Do y'all think I should go ahead and buy a bigger Enell, or will the girls settle down soon? But I am SO not complaining and am amazingly glad to just be back out there.

shanti--sounds like a great thing, sort of like freelancing! let us know. I know your dd is older but I hear ya on the tantrums. Ours happen more frequently on Sundays, go figure.

patti--wow, five miles! that's amazing. hope your family had a good weekend.

kerc--how are you? how is the two-kid thing going now? hey, if that taking your kid to work thread gets activated again let me know. Or maybe I will just go do it. I'm having issues again...

geo--great story and what a sweet face! take it easy and enjoy your boy. I also have felt so much better this time around even though I had a c-sec. I really think it was the running/walking til the bitter end, so you should be back there very soon.

it seems the 'thon is about to begin. Take care y'all and hi to anyone I missed.
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Oh I just had a great idea. I think we have enough people to do this! I saw this last year on the cool running website. You divide into groups and compete with one another on mileage. So for example, group one (give yourself a name) vs. group two (also give a name). We have a set time limit (say until Christmas eve). If people are interested say so here and then we can work out a random system to assign people to groups. Also someone would need to be a group leader (to tally the mileage). People would let them know mileage on a weekly basis.

Does that make sense or is it clear as mud.
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mamabeth-congrats on the run Way to go. I know that keeping active has helped you alot. Not sure about the enell bra. Are you running right after a feeding? If so and the bra is still too small you might want to invest in a bigger size. Don't need to end up with more plugged ducts. I know I feel so much better now that I have my enell bra. My chest doesn't hurt like it did in the cute running bra top that dh loves. Comfort is much more important to me than it seems to be for him Hopefully the bra will help with the sagging issues that age will be bringing my way in a few years.

2babybees-feel better mama and get some sleep. Hope you feel well enough to get your 3 miles in.

shantimama-Hope dinner was enjoyable again tonight. Love how dd realized things are much nicer when everyone gets along.

BBM-I think that is a great idea. I want everyone training for a half marathon to be on my team Seriously, how would we divide ourselves? I am willing to be a team leader as long as my team wins I think this would be great motivation for the cold weather and help us all maintain shape during the holiday eating season.

Have to go make dinner.

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Maybe people could let me know what they are training for or not (like me : ) and then try to make it somewhat fair. If you know you are training for a marathon, to try and put them on opposing teams. I just think I'd be more likely to keep running if I was competing somehow...I'm shameless.
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Hi. It's been busy the last few days!

Geo - I love your story. Beautiful. So glad you wrote it all down and posted a picture.

Sallyz - Congrats on your half marathon! That's awesome. I have about 2 months to go for mine and I'm a little nervous.

Shanti and Patti and anyone else who wants to post pics. I really like the Flickr website that Kerc uses. I've tried several sites and it's the easiest and simplest one I've used so far.

Can't hang out long or respond to everyone. I'm out of town still. Getting in my runs but barely. I did have a wonderful 5 mile run on Thanksgiving so the tradition has begun again. Holiday runs. It looks like most of you had some good ones, too.
Sorry. sick baby. everytime we come home this happens.
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thanks 2babybees, again!
i can't say it was the most productive run - spent time making sure i didn't get lost, this new neighborhood is hilly -eek!- and curvey and not grid-like like i am used to! anyway - it was a run/walk/get to know my neighborhood kind of event.

lucenamama! so happy to 'see' you! you are right, sister, nothing beats a NE portland runner way to choose those hills! san francisco ones to boot!

BBM - great idea, but ...er, i wouldn't want to drag any team down. : however, i sure could use the motivation! you can put me on a team where my meager mileage wouldn't hurt

patti - that's such a sweet gift from your dad! makes me feel like he knew how much we love you 'round here to honor it like that.

mamabeth - way to go!

shanti - would love to see some pics! sorry not much help, there though. i remember kerc had a great link to somewhere...if i remember i will come back and post. to you on the dh/dd life stuff and how nice to be asked to teach! very cool

loftmama - hope you are having a nice visit! sorry about the sick babe

pumpkinseed - ouch! take good care of yourself and your back!

ND - i realize i am not so much a winter weather runner..so far! i love a nice warm spring day to motivate me to get outside, so i am struggling a little bit. and my neighbors all appear to be very active seniors! well, the running ones are anyway...we'll see

1jooj - yay a treadmill! i wish i had one...maybe one day; hope you get your questions answered

geo - how you and babe doing? good for you to take a walk outside!

sally z - way to go!!! well done, very inspiring

hi to everyone else! i need to be starting some dinner and then off to some christmas gifts! i am working my knitting fingers to the bone, i am so late in getting these things started!

~ portland/ 38˚ and cloudy
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no running to speak of, unless you count hither thither and yonder

two kids are settling into a routine this week. My craziness is i'm putting a poster presentation together for a meeting in san francisco next week -- think science fair with 10,000 geologists. I'm taking Leah along. But my research is sort of not done yet (it is getting there) and I've got a limited amount of time to get stuff done. BUT, I did manage to get in some serious work time this weekend -- leah took a bottle both days. Erik even got all three of them ready and into the car to come pick me up. He was only ~10 minutes behind schedule.

I'm still considering quitting my computer lab job next semester. I would switch to 10 hrs (from 20) without even talking to Erik, but it doesn't seem like an option. For those keeping track I've got the phd in progress, the crappy computer lab job (20 hrs/week) and the community college teaching (4 credits). I took the crappy job because i didn't think Erik would have benefits, but we learned 2 days before Leah was born that we had been eligible for benefits for some time (grrr bad human resources office there) Anyhow....In the meantime, I'm interviewing for a part time nanny this week.

So....I'm not exercising much these days, but I'm looking forward to doing so ....
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Oh and I think we should include walking too! And don't worry Poppy - I think that's the idea...get everyone on different teams to balance us all out. It's really not about the competition as much as it's just getting us out there. But a nice bit of ribbing here and there can help!
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Kerc I hope things work themselves out soon.
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Shanti, glad you've had some more peaceful dinners at your house. And cool about being asked to teach -- nice to be wanted!

Poppy, I'm in the East Bay but these hills can be just as daunting as the ones in San Fran. When are you coming to visit?

Mamabeth, WTG on getting out there. Hope the "girls" get the support they need!

Kerc, PM me next week. I'm more than happy to hold Leah while you put up posters!

2BBs, hope you feel better soon.

BBM, hmmm, team running huh? I'm having these sad flashbacks of when I would get picked almost last for kickball in elementary school . On the other hand, this might help me learn about healthy competition/sportswomanship. Ok, count me in. But I don't really know my mileage as I go by the clock . Anyway, I'd like to start training for either a 10K or half marathon (need to confer w/coach) probably next spring/summer.

Ahem, Drjen? :

No run today. Ate too much. I'm afraid this'll be an issue being at my folks house -- mom came home w/lemon chicken and wonton soup that was hard to resist! :

Happy moving all!
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Geo - I don't think I'm in danger of becoming a cold weather runner! I do have to say that yesterday, running in 50F weather seemed warm after the frigid wind on Thurs, so maybe I could get used to a little bit cooler weather, anyway.

kerc - if you can afford it, I'd quit something at least. Give yourself some time to smell the roses, anyway. Sometimes I think that we shouldn't try to do everything we CAN do, but give ourselves more time to just live.

bbm - I really like your idea, actually! I was poking around on the internet looking for something local to train for during the winter and couldn't come up with anything that sounded appealing. There was something called the Fat Ass 50 in January. That's a 50 km (!) race in terrible weather whose attractive billing stated "No fees. No awards. No wimps." Yeah, cause that's inspiring to work towards! My big goal for the winter is to try and keep my mileage steady to be in good shape in the spring to start training towards a couple 5Ks next summer, with a goal of getting a little faster. Maybe being on a team of some sort would get me moving those winter days I don't feel like it.

I did run 3 miles tonight on the treadmill. I mean, it was raining here today - can't be expected to go outside in that, can I? I too, can't remember the last time I ran less than 3 miles at a crack and I feel pretty good about that! I ran 4 days in a row while I was off work these last few days, so I'll take tomorrow off for sure.
My client came back in active labor this morning. She was amazing and strong all day, and then pushed her baby out squatting on the floor. I was thinking of Geo saying she wanted to push her baby out wherever she wanted to push when she felt like pushing, as this mama pushed all over the place. For a while, I was thinking I'd have to crawl under the bed to catch! She also pushed for a while with her head on the floor on a pillow and her behind in the air (a maneuver I have not seen before.) The nurses kept saying "How are you going to do this?" I kept shrugging and saying "I have no idea" and waiting for her to decide what we were doing. The client's mom has 8 kids and kept saying "doesn't she have to get in the bed?" and I'd say "not if she doesn't want to." 8 lbs 13 oz and yummy cheeks. Sometimes I really love my job. This young woman switched to me from an OB at 14 weeks and I'm pretty sure she would have had a c-section yesterday with that OB (she had a borderline biophysical profile, and then a failed induction,) but 24 hours later she was holding her little boy. I'm glad I got to attend her.
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P.S. I haven't opened it yet. I really do like suspense and surprises. Might still open it before Christmas, though.
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BBM, I love your idea. Count me in. That would definately inspire me to get out.

Dr. Jen. What a great birth story. Again I am happy for you in these wonderful moments of job satisfaction. And I am so happy for your patient to have such a caring doctor.

Goodnight Mamas, ND
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