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Okay so running tally so far:

Patti Ann
Naughty Dingo

Who else? We got a lot more women here!!! We can convert time to mileage as well...if running want to say 10 min = 1 mile? Just for easiness?
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Hey Erika - what does "awaiting she who shall not be named" mean? Interesting local
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BBM- Put me in! I absolutely need help keeping on track this winter. I am shooting for a 1/2 marathon in late march.

DrJen- What a wonderful birth story!! There really should be more docs like you!

Poppy- Glad to motivate you again. Running in a new place can be so invigorating!

I am finally feeling like a normal human being today. The bug has finally left. It is going to be 60 degrees today so I have no excuse not to run. May be sprinkling a bit but I have brought all the right gear and I am determined to get a good 4 miles in at lunch.

Happy running/walking/wogging to all today!!
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I'm in. My goal is a 5k by spring break (late March) and finish off my 2005 goal of 12,000 minutes of exercise (need about 1300 more).
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Geo - Awesome birth story! Thanks for sharing.

Don't have time for personals, but wanted to say Hi! and let you all know that I am still here lurking waiting to feel well enough to do more than go to work and lurk on MDC.

Take care
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count me in on the mileage thingie. There's a half somewhere in 2006 for me.
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I am back after being out of town for Tday and got no running in. I was hoping to at least try out MIL's treadmill, but didn't even do that. My excuse is that I am still suffering from this sinitus. Although I should technically be ok to run with it, whenever I am planning to go, I am feeling sick with no energy for anything, let alone run. But today I am back home, still not over it, but think that I might be able to get out there, at least for a little, this afternoon.

I would love to be in on the mileage competetion. Maybe THAT would get me out the door because little else is!
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Please put me on a team. I need all the help I can get. Marathon in spring, my goal is to, ahem, run it. If you want to make it straight mileage, I use the Google pedometer map that's on about.com, or wherever. But if 10 min= 1 mile, hey I am cool with that.

My sister just bought a mill, so I might actually schedule runs at her place as it gets cold and slippery on the sidewalks.

I've been stuck on a weight loss plateau again (and I know it makes me a frustrating conversationalist so I'll drop it , for far too long, and I know I can blame decreased activity. And frankly, I am thankful not to have gained any weight back in the past month. But I am extra frustrated, since dh is aware of my struggle and went ahead and spent on a new computer. I just started working again 3 weeks ago--and I have told myself now that if I work really hard and get my work objectives done, and get my minimum hours in each week in December, I can get a 'mill during the New Year's sales. Dh starts traveling again in January, and that will really make it hard to run outdoors. And I don't want to just go ahead and move into my sister's house.
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BBM - I'm in. I have a half-marathon that I'm training for at the end of January. My long runs so far are around 7 and 9 miles.

geo - you count your minutes of exercise? Wow! I never thought of that.
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Count me in ladies!! Who is keeping track of all this? It seems like a lot of work, although most of you are probably more organized than I am!!

I ran 5.2 miles this morning, took pics with my Christmas present (Drjen, I, on the other hand, could not wait ), a really cool digital camera I've wanted all year. I'll try to post them later, although I am in my runnign bra, full coverage, just my tummy showing though. Let me know if that will offend anyone and I'll take pics agian tomorrow with a t-shirt.

got to get ds2 to the audiologist. was told this morning by my pediatrician that my breast milk isn't "nutritious enough anymore" for my ds3 who is 15 months. so I need to research fatty foods today. a little upset by that comment too.

love to you ladies, you are a great support group!!
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I'm struggling to create a running routine for myself. It's never a thing I can schedule, but I wish I could.

I did 6 today. Very tired! I worked last night though and am worn out from that. Working again tonight (till 2:30 am), so not much chance of fitting a run in tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll catch up to you all on Wedenesday.
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BBM - I'm in...well, I'll be in probably by Feb '06. Looking to do a half marathon in Sept/Oct and although I've mentioned a marathon next fall, I think the more realistic goal is to pace my friend for ~1/2 of it.

I haven't got time for personals today (sorry) - I am going for a walk though. Geo and mamabeth have me inspired to keep at it even when I'd much prefer a nap...

take care mamas, kathy
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I did it! Got back out there for a fast 11 min run. Probably shouldn't have been "fast" but I felt the need for it and went with it. Also walked to and back to music class with DD2, which is about a mile each way, and will pick up DD1 at school, which is also a mile+ each way. So not done yet, but glad to be running. I felt like I had a whole bunch of strong running mamas behind me, it was so cool.
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i *just* signed up for a ski marathon in the end of february. I'm counting minutes, not miles....I'm not comfortable running in the dark streets here, but as soon as there's snow I can ski because the trail is lighted (but too soggy and no lights on now).

lucenamama -- let's meet up next week, even for coffee or something. I'll pm you later in the week. I'm basically in town sunday night to wednesday afternoon.

drjen -- did you open the gift?

hollysmom and kpinny -- totally keep walking as much as you can. It helped me so much physically with birth and recovery. My limiting factor now is my free time when I might run coincides with times when I have just leah or both girls. I can't run with leah yet and we don't have a double stroller.

gotta run, my dh is sick and crabby today, so I have to get my act together and not go into the office tonight.
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Hi there Mamas, just popping on quick for motivation. We have nice balmy 50 degree weather and I need to get out as soon as the girls wake up from naps. But I am soooooooo feeling like slacking and am in need of a good talkin' to

PS. BBM. In my location I was spoofing Harry Potter. She who must not be named is AF. She is finally here, but after what seems a gazillion false alarms I have been very afraid of jinxing myself. It feels really good to have her here, in all her dubious glory (Thus my slacker-like attitude of today )
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Okay so running tally so far:

Patti Ann *- Group 1 team lead
babybugmama - Group 2 team lead - 5/10k training
Poppywise *
Lucenamama - 10k/ 1/2 ? Undecided
doctorjen - fast 5k's
Naughty Dingo*

New additions:

kpinny - sept 1/2
Runningmommy* -
loftmama - jan 1/2
1jooj - spring marathon
moonshine - 20-30 min
mamabeth - 1/2 in 2006
Geofizz - 5k late march
2babybees - 1/2 late march

If you have an * by your name I need you to declare a goal. It could be to run 1 mile to a marathon. It doesn't have to be huge...just so that I can try to fairly distribute people. Then again, It also isn't a huge deal as long as I know all the marathoners They may skew the teams a bit

Have I missed anyone? This is a great group of people. 15 people total. We need at least one more!!! Come on someone join our running competition!!!

I'll still give it a couple more days to see if anyone else wants to join. Then starting in december we'll start keeping stats.

So, "rules" so to speak.

Once you've been assigned a team on a given day (we can decide as a group) you will pm/post your mileage for the week. Patti Ann and myself will keep a running tally of our teams and post weekly results. At the end of the month we will have our final comparison. If we want we could do this on a monthly basis, I guess it depends on how it goes . We'll have to decide what the prize will be

So what do you all think?


ND - ah...now I see. Being behind you by a few weeks I can so very much understand. It may be the only time in my life that I'm actually looking forward to AF. I think I'll feel then that it's all over.
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Well, count me in as a non-marathoner. My goal is 20-30 min. This summer I was doing that every day, but I don't know if that is realistic in the winter. So basically as many times a week as I can get out there. Hope that helps.

And thanks for doing this!
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OMG, I declared a goal???? Now I better find a race. I love this team thing.

Kathy, definitely stay out there. It's hard, but I can tell that my legs are still in shape more or less, and that is going to help so much.
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Oh yes you did, and I quote: "there's a half in 2006 for me." by gum that's a declared goal
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ok put me down for a half-marathon in late february....the ski marathon should take me as long as the half marathon would to run.
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