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Can I be added to a team that wants a walker with very low mileage?

My goal for now will be 30 minutes 3 times a week. Is that okay?
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Oh, I see, I have to make a commitment

LOL that is a good thing for me. I think my goal is going to be one of consistency.

I usually run 3 to 5 miles a run. And I like to run at least 5 days a week. So lets do 20 miles a week as my goal. Does that work?

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sorry ladies, i can't join in on the game. i'm afraid i'd let my team down because my knee is so screwy. today i walked to the village, it was pretty painful for 10 minutes and then seemed to get the hang of what i was asking and was fine. not sure what that means, but i'll ask my pt friend tomorrow.

we had some snow last week and on saturday a friend took ds for a couple hours so i tried out my skis and funny enough my knee didn't hurt. I just did laps from home, down the hill in the backyard, out the deer path to the meadow, along the stream to the path and up a hill to my neighbors yard and repeat -- but it was fun. nothing but rain in the forecast for this week and all the snow will be disappearing but soon it will be here for good.
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Patti Ann *- Group 1 team lead
babybugmama - Group 2 team lead - 5/10k training
Poppywise *
Kerc - 1/2 marathon late feb
Lucenamama - 10k/ 1/2 ? Undecided
doctorjen - fast 5k's
Naughty Dingo - 5/10k (sounds about right)
kpinny - sept 1/2
Runningmommy* -
loftmama - jan 1/2
1jooj - spring marathon
moonshine - 20-30 min
mamabeth - 1/2 in 2006
Geofizz - 5k late march
2babybees - 1/2 late march
Hollysmom - 30 min most definitely you are welcome!
kate~emmasmom - I'll put 5/10k for december then and we can change in Jan. Does that sound good?

If you have an * by your name I need you to declare a goal. It could be to run 1 mile to a marathon. It doesn't have to be huge...just so that I can try to fairly distribute people. Then again, It also isn't a huge deal as long as I know all the marathoners They may skew the teams a bit

Do you think it's fair to say if walkers go by time that we do 15 min = 1 mile?

grnmtnmama - take your time to heal, when your body is ready we can just add you. Good idea to ask the PT their thoughts.

Yay! We're at an even number, but please keep joining if interested! This is gonna be fun
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i'm in! training for a half in late april - although my official *training plan doesn't have to start until jan, i think.

i'm doing 3-5 miles three times a week, and a longer run - between 6 and 8 once a week.
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Yay this team thing looks like it will be so exciting. I feel like it won't be just me trudging through this winter!

Today's work was horrible as my boss was being very toxic and pretty much ruined the day for everyone. I did get out and run ~3.5 miles at lunch and at a pretty good pace, partly because of the toxic boss and partly because it was a sunny 60 degreees and I was in a t-shirt and shorts. Such an unusual moment for late November around here. I finally have shaken off the stomach bug it seems too.
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Got my 5 miles this afternoon. That feels so much better. Ahh.

I think I am going to try and coordinate for longish social runs through the winter. It will help me keep my mileage up, and visit with two of my favorite people, both of whom run.
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Me me count me in!!

I am training for an ultra marathon in July (89km) I need all the help I can get.
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Originally Posted by sally Z
Me me count me in!!

I am training for an ultra marathon in July (89km) I need all the help I can get.
I'm on Sally's team!
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I have no race goals in sight right now. My goal is to get pregnant and continue running. My Dec goal is for 15 miles a week.

Sounds like this will be a lot of fun.

2babybees-Sorry about your boss.

1jooj-great job for the 5 miles.

dawnadelle-great for your for 6 miles. Are you waitressing or something that is keeping you out so late?

I ran 4 today and felt like a snail, but I did it. I really think I need to stretch more.

Off to shower and do dinner.
I took a picture, but you can't read the names. I will take another tomorrow if it is sunny. If not it will have to wait until I can get enough light so the flash won't go on. Dh would never let me pay for a site to post pictures. We get one from our internet company that he will have to help me post it to. It will be coming soon though.

Peace and love,

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whooo hoooo. 10 minute walk, brisk pace, with preschooler and dog. I *almost* feel like I have a life again. I also vaccuumed and cleaned the bathroom, that's got to count for something right? I figure by next week I need to be well on my way to some kind of schedule.
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my goal would be a 5k, but i am not sure when..in the spring, most likely.
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ohh, sorry about not putting my goal, see why I'm not in charge Okay, I'm training for a half May 6, so right now I'm at about 30 miles a week. This is fun!! Thanks for including me!!
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This is great, BBM. Thanks for starting it. It will be fun.

I'm still out of town and barely running. I'm so pathetic. I can do so much with a group and a coach, but alone, I feel like a big loser. Just can't motivate. This team thing is a great idea. So I'm a slacker right now until we get back home and I can run with my homies. Maybe I'll do something tomorrow but I've got a million excuses. And not one is a good one. Here's to all you moms who manage to run on your own - and here's another to you who do it pushing kiddos! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
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Hi there!

BBM-the team thing sounds so cool! I am going to hold off on joining until I know this back thing is taken care of.

DH went back to work today, but had to come home at 1pm since I was still in so much pain carrying K. Argh-I am such a wimp-the thing is this pain is killing me. Somehow I managed to birth an 8lb 7oz. child unmedicated and I have been whining about my back for 4 days (with meds!!)

Sally z- the ultra sounds so cool- I will do one of those some day...Good luck with the training!!

Will chat later!
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Hi all,
Sorry no posts in a while, but things are in kind of a state of flux, and I haven't been running much. No word about jobs yet, but I should hear something soon. In the meanwhile, my back is feeling better, and I'd like to join up! Put me down for a late spring 10K or half marathon. (If we end up moving soon to a place with some room, I'm hoping to get a treadmill which will really help with winter running!)
I did get to read your birth story, Geo, and loved the pic!
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Hi ladies!!

I just got caught up on the thread... we got back in town Sat. night but Sunday was busy and today DH and I took off work to try to get our basement under control! Anyway, no time for personals tonight, but please put me down for a team if it's not too late! I am planning on a half on April 15. I'm just doing base mileage (19 miles per week) until January or so, when I will start the training.

We are sickos around this house too, well, DH and I anyway... so right now I just hope to get well and get a run in tomorrow. I did run over the holiday, Fri., Sat., and Sunday.
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Hi Mamas,

I am excited about this team thing too. Now we have to come up with smart alec names

Pumpkinseed, I'm sorry about your back. Do you think you could be having a disc problem? Are you going to be able to get in to see someone about it? to you Mama.

Loftmama, don't feel bad about not having the self motivation right now. That is why you have a team right? Good for you for setting yourself up with the training style that you need right now. When I am unmotivated, I make a tiny tiny goal and force myself to do it. Like jog for 5 minutes tiny. Then it is easy to keep going. But if you don't run, don't get down on yourself, relish the slacking time. That is what vacation is for!

Kerc, you are doing great Mama Isn't it wonderful to realize that you have it under control? I am so happy for you.

Patti, way to go Snail Mama Woohoo LOL 'tis better to run as a snail than to not run at all. I post pics at a free site if you are interested. It is www.photobucket.com I think 15 miles a week is a good goal. Pretty much what I think I will be doing, though I am going to try to shoot for a little more.

Jooj, that is so cool that your friends run! I am jealous. I think it is a great idea to do social runs. Do they have kids? Are you going to trade off watching the kids?

2Babybees, I am happy that you are feeling better. Sorry your boss is such a pain in the butt. That is awful she ruined everyone's day. We have had unusually nice November weather too, and I am loving it. I hope you get more great runs in this week mama, and a hassle free work zone too.

GreenMnt. Your skiing sounds nice, even if it was just around the yard. Sorry the knee is still bugging you. I have on again off again knee issues and when it is bad it just about breaks my heart with frustration. When you have the energy and motivation to go, but the pain won't allow it. I hope that your body heals itself and you can get past this time. Good that the skiing doesn't hurt, hope the snow flies for you again soon.

Hi Holly's Mom, how are you feeling? It is so nice to see you around.

WTG Mamabeth! It is so inspiring to see how well you postpartum Mamas are up and moving after birth. So awesome

I motivated my lazy butt and got out for 3miles this afternoon. Then I had my yoga class tonight. It was a really great class and now I feel awesome. I think tomorrow I want to do about 5. I probably am going to run outside.

Talk to you tomorrow Mamas, ND
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DrJen-Just had to pop back in to say that I looked up the Fat Ass 50-apparently they are all over the U.S.-they started in California and caught on...there is one in my area in a few weeks. They definitely look like fun-only crazy runners needed!
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Hmmm, Grnmtnmama got me thinking since my shin is really bugging right now -- should I risk bringing my team down? Aw, what the heck, if the shin becomes a chronic thing then maybe I can gracefully bow out.

And I want to be on Geo's and SallyZ's team .

Kerc, yes definitely PM me. That would be fun to meet. Best times for me are mornings or after 2.
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