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Originally Posted by Patti Ann
dawnadelle-great for your for 6 miles. Are you waitressing or something that is keeping you out so late?
Thank you. 6 miles every other day seemed to be better for my ankle after the 1st sprain than 3-4 miles every day. I read an interesting article about that too - the running 'every-other-day' as opposed to every day and the benefits of having some healing time. I'm still split as to what works best for me.

I started bartending about 6 weeks ago. I am kicking myself for ever getting a degree. What use was it!? Bartending pays double what social work did, plus it's a good schedule for me as a mom. Of course I reek of smoke though - bluck! LOL!
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Can't wait to start, when is the big lauch day BBM?

BBM if you pm me your postal address I will send you a postcard of the jacaranda trees in bloom. I live in Pretoria and it is so beautiful when the trees are flowering.

I ran a slow 5k today just to loosen up again after my half on Saturday. Dh rode is bike with me this time and I think looked less suspicious than when he drove. LOL

Geo- great that you are getting out there already

1jooj- I also want to get a treadmill so will go and look at your thread for ideas.

Happy running everyone
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Patti Ann - Group 1 team lead - ~15 miles a week; training to get pregnant (me too)
babybugmama - Group 2 team lead - 5/10k training
Poppywise - 5k
Kerc - 1/2 marathon late feb
Lucenamama - 10k/ 1/2 ? Undecided
doctorjen - fast 5k's
Naughty Dingo - 5/10k (sounds about right)
kpinny - sept 1/2
Runningmommy - 1/2 May 6 ~ 30 miles a week
loftmama - jan 1/2
1jooj - spring marathon
moonshine - 20-30 min
mamabeth - 1/2 in 2006
Geofizz - 5k late march
2babybees - 1/2 late march
Hollysmom - 30 min most definitely you are welcome!
kate~emmasmom - 5/10k - 1/2 in late april
eksmom - half in April ~ mileage about 19 a week until January
athansor - 10k in spring
sallyz - ultra marathon 89k
Shantimama - Shoreline 10k

No more *; I'll keep adding names and we can start on the first. I'll keep adding names and divide them up maybe tonight or tomorrow. If new people join after we can just tack them onto a team.

lucenamama - the whole idea is to spread the talent around! Actually, I'm going to assign a number to people 1 (just starting, low mileage) 2 (medium mileage - 5/10k people) and 3 (half/full marathon people) and then randomly put them in two groups. Sound like a good idea? Okay I just read Sally's post...she's going to be in the number 4 category...crazy ass runner who's running across Africa ( just kidding and I'll pm you!)

pumpkin - take your time it sounds like we're going to do this again in january.

Okay I think I have it updated. Can everyone look at their info and tell me if it's right/wrong? Thanks!

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Whew! I miss one day and I have three pages to catch up on!

I went for a 7km run yesterday, my longest one yet. I ran a new route, along the shore of Lake Huron and it was gorgeous - the water was turquoise yesterday. If it weren't for the remnants of last week's snowstorm and the bare trees everywhere, I might have thought I was in the Carribean dh,dd and I walked into the post office for our mail yesterday - 4km round trip - and my legs and feet were tired by the time we got home. I think I am going to be needing new shoes soon - I hope these ones can hold out until the New Year.

I had an allergic reaction to something last night - the best guess I have is the new kind of papadums I bought to go with our curried chicken and dahl - they were imported from India and looked delicious but there was no list of ingredients on the package. There must have been something I can't tolerate because as soon as I ate one my lips started tingling and by the end of the meal my tongue was buzzing too. It got worse for a while then my body started to spontaneously rid itsef of the ofensive substance (read :Puke ) I feel better this morning but my tongue and lips are still kind of buzzing. I should probably go to the pharmacy and get some antihistamines.

Sign me up too. My goal is to run in the shoreline 10K next spring. I know that I could do a 5K right now, so that seems like a fair goal - If I ever do a marathon, it won't be for a long while yet. I like the idea of using minutes to convert to mileage - like sallyz, I only know metric and find multiplying my kilometers by 0.6 annoying - but converting minutes to miles would be easy. Just tell me the ratio and I am on. And for those of us who live in deep snow land for most of the next few months - can we use cross country ski time as running time when we can't find a road to run on?

Have a great day everyone
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Good Morning,

BBM - 15 minute = 1 mile is fine for me. Thanks for organizing this. I am so going to need the motivation.

Shanti - I am lucky I know metric and imperial because I grew up so close to the US It is kind of like speaking two languages. I don't convert from one to the other I just know what they mean...isn't that weird. Sounds like a great run. As I have said before you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

ND - I am starting to feel better. Thanks for asking. I find I feel okay in the morning, but still feel sick in at the end of the day and in the evening. I assume that is because I am tired by then and the nausea is always worse when I am tired. The good news is if this pg is like my last one I should be feeling like myself (only fatter ) in the next couple of weeks.

loftmama - Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone is motivated in a different way. Some people do best with a group, others on their own.

2babybees - Sorry your boss is being toxic, I hope it gets better. Glad your stomach is feeling better.

sally Z - Ultra marathon At my very fittest I can even imagine trying that. Good for you!!

Patti Ann - Missed this in my last post, but wanted to say you Dad sounds amazing. If you're a snail...what the heck am I??

kerc - Glad you had a good walk and are starting to feel like things are getting back to normal.

pumpkinseed - Hope your back is better soon.

Well, my personals are not perfect, but definitely getting better

Have a great day everyone!
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21 people! Fantastic!!
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Just had to pop in this morning and say this is so exciting!
I was grumping to dh about not being able to find something to train for in the winter to keep me motivated, and then hear comes bbm with a great idea!

No run last night, as planned. I actually nursed dd to sleep, sat down in the recliner to read my Runner's World, and promptly fell asleep myself. Dh woke me up to go to bed when he went. And then dd slept ALL NIGHT! So I had like 10 hours sleep last night - on a week night, yet. So at least I should be well rested for starting our competition!
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I am new to this thread. I used to be a runner, not fast, but somewhat dedicated (I ran the Twin Cities Marathon twice in 2001 and 2002). I really got out of shape though after meeting DH in 2002. The last time I actually ran was on the day that I found out I was pregnant. DD is 8 weeks old, and I am trying to get back into shape for exercise (I was back at prepregnancy weight at 3 weeks pp, probably due to nursing, I didn't try to get there), because I think it will help with some mild depression I have been having. We have been on a few walks (DD and I, with her in a sling) since the doctor gave the OK (I was c-sectioned so healing has taken longer). I am trying to get walking on a regular basis though. I then want to ease back into running but am not sure how to do it.

How big do babies have to be to be safe in a jogging stroller (we are buying one this week as my Christmas present). I have heard 6 months, with good head control. DD is currently 12 lbs at 8 weeks with what I think is better than average head control for her age. Would it be possible to put her in a jogging stroller sooner? Like maybe around 4 months?

Also not sure about breastfeeding breasts and exercise. I was a 34D prepregnancy and am currently a 36F. None of my old jog bras would fit. My bravado bras are pretty sturdy, and I might be able to use those for exercising, does anyone have a better recommendation?
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Welcome Kristen! We have babies who are just about the same age, and you have the same name -- even if you do spell it the wrong way

bras: the larger chested folks here talk about an enell bra. I think at www.titleninesports.com it is called something like the last resort bra. But the folks at title 9 are really good about bras and chatting with them on the phone is always helpful. Plus their exchange is quick and cs is great.

Post- Csection running -- mamabeth had a section a few weeks after I had my baby and my first was born via csection (as were a number of other babies here). The best advice I can offer is listen to your body. Many many of us try to follow a program called the couch to 5 k program at coolrunnings.com (I think. I always google couch to 5 k and end up there).

Babies and joggers -- I think head control is the key issue. Each baby is different, each jogger is different. Some people have those joggers that the carseat snaps right into -- I think I'd use those on a smooth road earlier than my chariot brand jogger (~6months). Also babyjogger brand has an adapter you can use to put your carseat right into the baby jogger stroller. Never used it, just seen it on the web.

My baby is 13 lbs 8 ounces at 8 wks
and just woke up...
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Hi Turtlewomyn
This is a great group of women who will keep you motivated! I just joined them a little while ago and love the motivation and support.

Most of the jog strollers you shouldnt use until baby is about 5-6 months old. I started at 5 months, but was constantly checking her head as I was running...You could probably wedge a towel in there for some support as well. I wouldnt start at 4 though, unless you have one of those three wheeled strollers that the "bucket" attaches to-I forgot who makes them. They arent true running strollers, but I think they would do fine on a sidewalk for short runs.

A few women here have talked about really good running bras-I, ahem, don't have any issues! A champion bra is good for me.

I did my two marathons the same years you did yours-but I did the Marine Corps both years. I have since run half marathons, but nothing more than that...I want to get back into marathon shape-I am thinking a fall marathon next year.

There is also something called "couch to 5k" training that a few of the women have done here pp-not sure of the link-but I am sure someone can come up with it for you!

Welcome, again and jump right in
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Originally Posted by doctorjen
And then dd slept ALL NIGHT! So I had like 10 hours sleep last night - on a week night, yet. So at least I should be well rested for starting our competition!
no pg mamas?
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Goodness, I just walked 3.5 miles pushing a stroller. Somehow it felt much longer. Guess it would be faster to run it, now wouldn't it?? I have another 2 miles to walk picking DD up at school later today, so that will definitely do it for me today. I should have worn my sneakers to do all that instead of my Dansko clogs. Can feel a bit of shin splints.
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turtlewomyn - Welcome! I am a 34 E/F when not pregnant/nursing and I wear a size 1 Enell to run. It is the best bra I have found for athletic activity. Comfy and awesome support. I got mine off ebay. Hope that helps.
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hi turtlewomyn--I think I recognize you from the c-sec support thread, right?

I am 6.5 weeks from my c-sec and just started running again, and although I have only gone once my outlook has improved dramatically. I wear an Enell and it's really tight right now, so I'll probably get a size up for the heavy-duty nursing year.

let us know how it goes, my babe's waking up too. And kerc, I doubt he's as big as miss thing you got there! wow. new pics?
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kerc your girls are beautiful!!!
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soooo cute kerc!
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Wow, this thread does move fast.
I will look into the Enell bra and the Couch to 5k program. I am signing up for the race for the cure in January, but I am going to do the walk, and DH is going to do the run (since we will have to split babysitting duties). Last year I did the run, and found out that evening I was pg.
Mamabeth - yes, I have been on the c-section support thread

I want to go for a walk today, but it has been raining all day long
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Kerc – very cute pictures!

Shantimama - I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat papadums after your story. Not that I was ever seeking out papadums anyway. The name itself sorta’ scares me off. LOL.

bbm – I’m not sure exactly what the team thing entails but I am shooting for a 10k this spring. Ideally I like to try to run 15 miles per week. Do you have room for me anywhere? Though I feel very uncomfortable with both competition and commitment – this might be good for me to break out of that.

The Enell is $56. (Ugh!) Plus it’s not available to ship until January from that link. I will continue to double (and sometimes triple) up on my jog bras and shelf-bra tank tops for now. http://www.title9sports.com/shopping...&keyword=enell

I didn’t run today. I worked till almost 3 am, then went to bed about 4. I was up at 9 in order to get to an appointment by 10, then another commitment at DD’s school from 11:30-12:30. At that point I needed to check in on my neighbor’s 3-legged-1-eyed dog (as funny as it sounds, the poor thing has truly lost a leg and an eye in 2 separate incidents). Then home for a nap with an agreeable 3 year old. I still don’t feel like I have myself back, but tomorrow is another day. I’m just sorry I missed out on today’s beautiful weather.

Last night someone told me the cramps I get in my calves are caused by low potassium. Has anyone ever heard this before? What do you think?
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Kerc-What a sweet picture. I love the bathing suit one. What a little porker Leah that is.

dawn-I hate the smell of smoke too. We go to Finnagels for dinner and dh likes to sit in the bar area to eat because it has more action, but I come out of there smelling disgusting(hair and everything)

turtlewomyn-welcome to the thread. This is a great place for support. You've gotten some good advice. I too wear an enell bra. Got mine from breakout bras. What a difference it makes.

mamabeth-glad your outlook has improved. You will get there soon enough. Enjoy that little boy.

moonshine-good for you for getting out and walking.

pumpkinseed-Hope your back is getting better with each passing moment.

grnmtnmama-Sorry the knee is still bothering you. The skiing sounds like fun though.

doctorjen-good for you for a great nights sleep. Sounds like you needed it. I am excited too because I will need motivation to keep running in the cold and with the Christmas crazziness.

Hollysmom-glad you are starting to feel better. I don't think you're a snail. I really don't consider myself a snail either. Yesterday and today I have just felt so sluggish on my runs. I don't think I ate enough protein for lunch.

lucenamama-you better stick with the teams. I don't think the competition is going to be that cut throat is it. This is motivation for us all.

shantimama-sounds like another beautiful run. Scary stuff. I hope your lips are not tingling anymore.

BBM-Thanks again for organizing this. Hope your day is going well.

Sallyz-you are one dedicated mama. I can't even fathom running that far. When dh's sister was training for the Olympic marathon she would run about 140 miles a week. I used to joke about how that was further than I would drive in one week. We'll be here to keep you going. When dh's sister was training for the marathon dh would go on her long run with her on his bike and be her water boy. Something to think about with your dh.

Geo-still have your exercise spread sheet do you. Hope you reach your 2005 goal. Hope Elliot is doing well.

athansor-hope you get good news about a job soon.

jenlove, schatz, saskiasmom-where are you guys? We miss you. Come and chat even if you haven't been running.

loftmama-hope you have a safe trip home and get back to your old routine soon.

ND-you always make me feel so good. Hope you are doing well. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

runningmommy, po6, eksmom, kate, kpinny, poppy, 1jooj, 2babybees = :

Ran 3 miles today. The weather has been mild. Still feeling sluggish though. I think Af should be coming soon. I got a beginning yoga abs video at the library today. Maybe that will help the flab that doesn't seem to be going away.

I've been working on Griffin's scrap book and that has been very theraputic. I have the picture, still not the best but I think it will do. As soon as dh has time to help me I will post it.

Have a great evening. Count down to Dingo Running Challenge Dec '05-everybody start stretching.

Peace and love,

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