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dawn-don't be afraid of the competition. It really is very freindly. We are all trying to fit in our runs and family a work commitments. It is so much easier in the warm weather and when we have more daylight so this is to just keep us motivated. I know I am more apt to run if my team is counting on me. If you miss a run or two, that's fine. We are just trying to keep each other moving this winter. I think low potassium can be causing your leg cramps. Eat a banana or drink some oj.

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No running today, but after my 3.5 miles walking w stroller this morning, I just did a little over 2 now. I am tiiiiiiiiiired. Need to motivate to make dinner.

I think I need to check out couch to 5K. Sounds like it might be just right.
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Dawn, I have also heard that lack of calcium can cause leg cramps.
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Originally Posted by dawnadelle
The Enell is $56. (Ugh!) Plus it’s not available to ship until January from that link. I will continue to double (and sometimes triple) up on my jog bras and shelf-bra tank tops for now. http://www.title9sports.com/shopping...&keyword=enell

Last night someone told me the cramps I get in my calves are caused by low potassium. Has anyone ever heard this before? What do you think?
Whoa! Maybe that's why my 2 USED enell bras just sold on Ebay for full price!!!!! What a shocker to me. They were relatively new and looked great. I just lost boob weight so fast that they were too big and chafing badly. So now I'm wearing Moving Comfort and I'm a 34DD.

I second bananas for cramping! Works for me.

Kerc, your babies are yummy.

Okay, I'm not even bothering pretending to run right now. I'm on a running vacation until I get back home. Which is just in time for joining our running team.

Welcome turtlewomyn. Where are you in South Florida? I went to college at South Florida. It feels like it was eons ago.

Hope the rest of you are okay. I still can't hang out and catch up on personals yet. Will try to soon, I promise! Great job running ya'll.
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Hi mamas!

I did 40 minutes at lunch probably a bit more than 4 miles at the pace I was running. It was actually such a nice run. I really ran hard yesterday and felt so much stronger today. I wish I had had more time. I have my 90 minute Yoga class tonight which will be very relaxing. Hopefully not too much though because between the two kiddos I didn't actually fall asleep until 1am. And up at 6am this morning. Tomorrow I am going to be ambitous and try my lunch and after work runs for a total of 7 miles. We'll see how the day goes.

Kerc- Your girls are so cute!

turtlewomyn- We love to see new faces!

dawnadelle- What a crazy schedule! I used to love working in the restaurants (and DP still does) but I could never do it with kiddos. I like my boring hours/low stress job most of time. Hope you get out soon! And pelase do join us, it is just a little frinedly competition between mamas!

Patti Ann- I just did my Yoga Abs DVD yesterday. I could also use a little help in that arena. Keep running mama, I'm sure AF is on it's way!

HollysMom- Glad to see you are feeling better. Hope you can get out soon for a few walks in that 2nd trimester!

doctorjen- 10 hours sleep sounds glorious right now. We are at sleeping bump between the two kiddos. I'd take 4 hours in a row right now. I can never seem to get both of them sleeping well on the same night.

Shantimama- What a beautiful route. I love the days I can run by lake Erie here and it never looks as beautiful as the Canadian waters. Hope you are feeling better!

moonshine- Yay for getting out there! That is a lot of walking!

Eksmom- How you doing post race?

Geo- Snuggle that baby chub for me! Hope you are relaxing!

I am so excited about the Dingo challenge!!
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Hi ladies!!

Welcome Turtlewomyn! This is a wonderful group! Glad you can join us, we look forward to getting to know you better!

Hello to everyone, supposed to be playing withthe kdis before bed, so I'll shoot for personals tonight or tomorrow.

Did 6.8 this morning on the TM in 61 minutes when I was only doing 6 miles in that time so I was thrilled.

Love to all you wonderful women!
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running bras - I wear a 30E now and wore a 32F when I was breastfeeding. I wear the "Shock Absorber" and I love it. I got it from "Secrets from Your Sister." First bra I have found that works for someone who is big and small at the same time, if you know what I mean

No run today, no time - but I did get my paper done It is due Thursday. Cutting it close, but today was the first day I really had my thoughts together enough to say what I wanted to say in the way I needed to say it. two months to go until the next one is due and I have no idea where to begin. I'll figure that out later.

Went back to the doctor today and learned that I am severely anemic and have extremely low levels of B12. My doc looked at me and said, "That colour in your cheeks must come from all the fresh air you get from running - because you certainly don't have enough hemoglobin to look as good as you do!" I hate to think how crummy I would feel if I wasn't exercising. So tomorrow I start with supplements and hope the iron doesn't jam me up - I already have a very high fibre diet, don't know what I'll do if the iron causes any trouble. It would be great to start feeling better, though. He also sent me for a chest x-ray because he says that every time he sees me I am coughing, even though rarely sick. When I questioned whether I really needed it, he said he would rather do it and find nothing than kick himself later if he missed something. I hadn't noticed how much I cough until I asked dh and he said I do cough and complain about being short of breath a lot. Hopefully I won't get a call-back this time.

I will go for a run early tomorrow morning, depending on the weather and light I may go for another long run.
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Dawn, I have also heard that lack of calcium can cause leg cramps
Yes, your body needs the proper amounts of calcium and potassium in order for muscles to function optimally. Hope you get it figured out. I think as women we all need to make sure we get enough calcium and weight bearing exercise to prevent bone loss and fractures as we age.

Runningmommy- You rawk. Great mileage and great improvement.

2babybees-Sounds like you're having some challenging runs. Hope the sleep fairy visits you.

shantimama-Way to go getting the paper done. Glad the doctor came up with something. Not that I want something to be wrong with you, but glad there is a reason. Hope the supplements work wonders and you're back to your old self in no time. Hope they don't cause you too many problems either.

loftmama-enjoy the running break. You'll be back to it in no time.

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Hi Mamas,

Shanti, that makes sense, the anemia, with the symptoms you have been having. I hope that the supplements help you feel better and this is the end of it. You should definately let the Prune be your friend in the upcoming days I can't believe that you have been running with it this whole time. You are a strong woman. Just think of how amazing your runs will be when the blood counts go up........

RunningMommy, way to go on the 6.1 You have been working really hard Mama. Good for you. I hope you are gonna be on my team

2Babybees, good for you for fitting it all in. I am glad you had a great lunchtime run. Enjoy your yoga tonight. I had my class last night and it was awesome. I can't wait to hear about it.

LoftMama, I hope you are enjoying your running vacation. Don't you dare feel guilty Score on selling those bras Mama, wow.

Moonshine, Mama! It sounds like you are walking all over town! That is awesome. That is how I like to live in summer around here and I miss it when the weather gets bad.

Patti, you for getting out there and running when you are feeling sluggish. What a good focus you have. I bet Griffin's scrapbook is beautiful. I am glad that it is a healing process for you to add to it. It is and will be such a special book of memories and of moments.

Dawn, I hope you were able to get in a good nap. Whew, I feel tired just reading your day's busy agenda. How is your day to day hydration? If you are generally a bit dehydrated (this happens to me all the time : ) that can contribute to crampy feelings.

BBM, I am thinking of you. I am getting so excited for our teams. How fun.

Welcome Turtlewomyn, this is a great place to be

Kerc, the Kerclets are stunning. What happy babes.

Mamabeth, I can't believe it has already been 6.5 weeks. Wow. It is so nice to see you here

Hi everyone else

I did an hour of power yoga this afternoon and it was amazing. I felt so strong and was able to do poses that I have never been able to. Woohoo. I had to run on the TM tonight because it was dark by the time we got back home from our day's business. I did 3 miles. I think I am going to have to limit my TM time because I feel pretty sore and tight after running on it. Also it doesn't go faster than 12 minute miles. But it will do in a pinch like tonight. I was pretty grateful to have it when I realized I missed my chance to run outside.

BBM, I think I want to change my goal to 15 miles a week from 20. I think I was being overambitios

Take it easy Mamas, ND
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hi there mamas,

I am psyched about the mileage game too (although I only managed ~1.5 miles walking between 2 walks yesterday and today - it will go up I swear!)

shanti - is this coughing thing seasonal? I get a slight exercise induced asthma from running in the cold. It doesn't bother me while I run, just the whole rest of the day can be peppered with coughing fits. just a thought, I certainly hope it is nothing. If you end up getting backed up with iron - and you're the bread making type - I'll get my mom's "bowel bread" recipe. I had terrible constipation while pg w/ dd and she would mail me loaves of this bread she made - whole grains and ground up flax seeds were the key, but I'll check if you want me too!

turtlewomyn- welcome! While nursing dd, I wore one underwire (yes, underwire, even though you're not supposed to while nursing) and my prepregnancy jogbra over the top (it is a runners world something or other). I was a 36G while nursing and 34DD-DDD pre pregnancy and I strapped the girls into the too small jogbra and I think I only had 1 plugged duct in 18mos and it had nothing to do with running. I never ran more than 6 miles, mostly only 3-4 miles at a time and the set up came off as soon as I walked in the door. This was also my prepregnancy running set up - I've never tried some of these others (enell etc), but after trying all the ones I did, I just got fed up and came up with this. Works for me.

well shanti has her paper done, but mine is due tomorrow and is not yet done, so I'm off. kathy
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i am back from a week in new england, and my first really really cold run.
i got an ice cream headache from breathing, and my ears felt like they were bleeding. ouch! that's with a hat. i am a little worried about being able to get out there. i promise myself one outside run, even a short one, as long as i am able to handle it.

i'll never catch up on all the personals...

babybug--can you add me to the list of goals? i'm planning a half marathon in april, and hope to do 2:40. then, a november marathon!

shanti--i'm glad you got some answers about your health. and, wow, you still have a whole day before the paper is due. plenty of time!

see you all in the december thread.
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Just a quick note before I collapse in bed after all my walking today (almost 6 miles, OMG ).

Shanti ~ just wanted to put out there, if you are worried about what iron will do to your GI, you could try Floridex iron supplements. It is all herbal, so my understanding is that it doesn't have the same effect as regular iron supplements, re constipation. Also, nettles (tea or pills) is also an excellent way to get iron.

Ok, sleepy sleepy.
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Hi Runners!
No running for me today, but I was able to pick up K today I have missed that the past 5 days...so I am feeling much better tonight and am continuing my stretching. I am definitely going to look into some Yoga DVDs-and will hopefully start walking toward the end of the week.

Shantimama- on the paper!! I am glad you have figured out what is going on with you.

Patti-i am glad that you are getting a lot out of the scrapbook-that has to be so hard to do, yet so healing...

2babybees-so cool that you are able to run at lunch!

kangamitroo-your body really does adjust to the cold as long as you do it slowly-you might want to ease back on the mileage and build back up in the cold-your lungs will thank you!

kpinny-good luck on the paper!

dawnadelle-wow-you are busy! definitely keep the calcium - potassium balance up for the cramping.

runningmommy-have you always run on the TM? Just curious-every time I have tried my knees get really messed up-not sure if my gait changes or if I am just uncoordinated? But with the cold weather and darkness looming, sometimes the TM at the Y is my only chance to run...

kerc-the girls are beautiful!!

ND-way to go on the power yoga-that sounds like fun! I need to incorporate more strength training into my workouts to hopefully stave off any more back issues.

moonshine-way to go on the walking! wow!

BBM-looking forward to reading all about the challenge! i will be joining you for the january one!!

hi to everyone!! I am off -i am procrastinating writing thank you notes-yes K's birthday was a month ago : I have already sent half of them out-the other half are just lingering. I used to be such an etiquette freak before she was born-now I am lucky if I return phone calls!
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hi everyone!

don't have a lot of time to catch up - i am on the road again, just arrived in ORLANDO of all places! here for 2 days then heading home.

i would go for a really sunny nice weather run while i am here, but i have the WORST blister smack on the very bottom of my foot! it hurts to even walk gingerly.. : [don't ask how i got it..i work in footwear. nuff said.] :

peace ladies!
orlando / nice! partly cloudy
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I planned to run 4 tonight, but got home so late I almost didn't run at all. Decided I had to at least get a little run in, so ended up running 3 on the treadmill, finishing at 10:30. Had a very frustrating day at work - nothing patient related, just all the goofy people who work in my office. Have you ever noticed that no matter what, if you put a bunch of people together day in and day out, stupid conflicts arise? Had to have a meeting with my 2 partners after work about something stupid, which ended with our head nurse in hysterics crying, and I still not even sure what she wanted in the first place. Why do people who are sobbing "You just don't understand" never want to tell what the problem is to begin with? So I didn't get home to 8:50, and poor little dd was so happy to see me and so anxious to nurse I definitely had to deal with her first.
You know, I'm looking forward to our little competition, but I just want to warn my future team that I do have 6 clients due between 12/20 and 12/29, so anything could happen. I have 1 due 12/15, and then the six later, and that's it for Dec. So nobody between now and 12/15 anyway.
Now off to do some situps with dh (it's a long story) and then to bed!
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So what size do bras actually go up to? Ive seen a G mentioned. Is there such thing as an H? I? I have no idea what a G would be. I dont mean to be rude.... I cant imagine running with boobs that size, I think Id have to convert to another sport. As it is, I wear 2 bras post-partum and Im only a 36C then, and its uncomfortable! (although maybe if the bras were made in this decade...). Anyway, wow, who knew....well, apaprently many of you

walked 3.5 miles today (to and from the park ...where both kids' hands got so cold they cried - oops). Im with you Moonshine on the Dansko walks. Speaking of wanting AF, I thought I got mine today - had some cramping and *damp* sensations and a little dark discharge (sorry TMI). I dont think it actually was (then what was it?!??? I DO have very good hygiene, and dont have cooties, I swear!) It would have been amazing, and also very fitting with where my head has been lately. Ive been thinking a lot about my mom, feeling more understanding of her than ever. My theory is that DD is the age that I have some of my earliest memories of my mom, so Im starting to remember her parenting me, whereas for so long Ive remembered life after she started drinking. Anyway, understanding her more has made me feel much more like an adult, not to mention that my body is looking soo much like hers, such that every time I glance at my wrist, for example, I see hers. Its like Im me as a little girl looking at my mom (seen in my adult self) again but knowing all the things about her that I know now as an adult woman and a parent and wife. I havent talked to her for months, as per usual.... I just feel like Ive taken another turn around the bend toward healing such that I can see the child in me as more whole than ever, and that lack of wholeness is one theory I have about lack of AF. Parenting is incredibly therapuetic, no?

I havent really been running or caring that I havent .. ok, caring a little, but I sure enjoy reading up on you ladies. Im very tempted to join the competition and get things going again - Ill sleep on it; I have until ThUrs, right?

Late for me - off to bed
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I went for a brief run last night - just a couple of kilometers, but it felt good.I didn't streych well enough afterwards though - my legs ache this morning.

Thanks for the suggestion of taking Floradix. My diet is already high in fibre and used to it, so I don't know how much more I could up it if I run into GI trouble. Is the iron in Floradix readily absorbed by the body? I haven't been a purist, but when I look back over my diet of this past year, I have become mostly vegan, just because those are the foods that have appealed to me. I have made sure that my kids have had a good balance that includes dairy, eggs and some meat protein, but I have been eating mainly fruit, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds, whole grains. Great healthy diet that has me feeling

saskiasmom - I believe I saw a J bra when I was in "Secrets From Your Sister" last spring. Something tells me that running would not be a comfortable sport if that is what you wear! I love the Shock Absorber because it offers support/containment from above as well as below. Nothing is moving anywhere in that thing It is neat to hear your reflections about your relationship with your mother.
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saskiasmom, That sounds like a period to me.

It's weird. As I move away from the time spent nursing, my boobs are turning into little tiny things. On their way to B, it seems. They are so different from 5 years ago. I don't mind them small. Nice for running, really. I'd like them to be less stretched out, but I'd like that about most of me.

Confession: I'm a Biggest Loser fan. I wanted Suzy to win. Everyone won. They have all gone from obesity to athleticism. I relate, OK?

All right. I failed to run yesterday, but today I will run at least 4.
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totally a "biggest loser" fan!! I agree that they are all winners!! Wow, they are amazing in what they have accomplished, especially after going home and to the people that didn't get as long of help at the "ranch" . I would love to see a follow up at one year or more to see who stays with it as their new lifestyle.

Okay, go to get son to school!

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So who actually won????
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