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shantimama-Sorry about the bum purchase. No advice for you.

kate-sounds pretty fast. You go girl. I'm sure you'll fly on Saturday. Both dawnadelle and I are in Hunterdon County, not too far from you at all. A race would be a great idea.

Po6-Glad you are joining the fun.

BBM-Thank you again. Will we start tomorrow and go through Saturday for this weeks total and then start a new week on Sunday, or will we do Saturday to Friday. Not sure what you had in mind.

Geo-A girl after your own heart. So nice that BBM made your day.

saskiasmom-Nice to hear from you. I missed you. I hope F does better at the Y next time. Don't be ashamed for liking the gym. Exercise any way you can get it mama. Please consideer joining us. It will be fun. Thanks for the insight on your relationship with your mother. I hope this is Af starting for you.

mamabeth-Great job for getting out there again. Sorry it was so hard with juggling the kids, but good for you for finding time for yourself and for your health. Good luck with the LR on Saturday.

Kerc-hope you got your work finished.

turtlewomyn-Godd for you for getting out there

eksmom-Cute dd story. Don't you pet your friends?

No run for me today. A rest day before the big competition starts. Seriously it was a needed rest. I slept wrong last night and my upper back and neck on the left side is so sore.

Team 1:
Patti Ann (15)
Mamabeth (15)
Hollysmom (10)
Kerc (18)
Lucenamama (20)
Naughty Dingo (15)
Kate~emmasmom (18)
Athansor (20)
Runningmommy (30)
1jooj (20)
loftmama (25)
Moonshine (10)
dawnadelle (15)

We need to come up with a name girls. I'm not very creative. anyone have any ideas? Let me know. I was thinking Kerc or ND might be able to come up with something good. Put your thinking caps on.

Off to have dinner with a friend and do some Christmas shopping. Wish me luck because I really dislike shopping. I can never decide on anything. I think I am too practical. I'm also trying to simplify-I know loftmama and saskiasmom can relate.

Hi to everyone else!

Get a good nights sleep everyone. And let the games begin.....

Peace and love,

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shanti -- try the molasses. seriously. cheap and easyt to absorb. was your doctor's recommendation for a supplement or for the easy to absorb stuff? Meaning was that what he might suggest as an iron pill?



and I think someplace I have a recipe for a iron-rich toner -- like a tea. Maybe in my pg cookbook? I'll look if I remember when i get home.
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Good point Patti - how about Thur to Sunday for the first week and then do Monday to Sunday for the remianing weeks until the end of the month which will be a monday to Saturday. Sound good?

Team 2:
Babybugmama (20)
Geofizz (10)
Poppywise (18)
Doctorjen (18)
kpinny (18)
eksmom (19)
Shantimama (18)
2babybees (24)
sallyz (35)
kanagamitroo (20)
Party of six (35)

Okay my compadre's what can our name be?
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Shanti, I don't know about the Floradix. I personally have never taken it. I just know it was talked about when I was pregnant and the midwives recommended it, or some other health conscious people did . I am sorry it might not work for you. Hmm, yeah, as I am recalling when I did look into buying it, a big bottle was like $18. Could that be? I never did get it and tried to up my iron intake from food sources and nettle tea. You could check out the nettle pills, which I have heard good things about. Those can't be that pricey, I would think.

Saskiasmom, I so get the looking at your wrist and seeing your mom. I can do that too, with both my wrist and hands. I even see my aunt, my grandmother... I try to see it as a cool thing, although it freaks me out a bit too. Losing weight and getting in shape are things I am doing in part not to look TOO much like my mother.

No running today, but did walk 4 miles. Good thing walking can contribute to the team total, since some days that is all I have time to do. But DH is off tomorrow, so I have no excuse not to get out there!

Gotta run and tend to the kiddies.
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No running for me today, though it was a beautiful day and I had no commitments otherwise... something very strange happened at 3:30 am. I got up to use the bathroom and felt an overwhelming nausea. I tried to splash water on my face but I needed to get back to bed quickly because I felt so dizzy and nauseous. I snuggled into DH and said I felt sick. A moment later he reports that I started gasping for air/choking, then went completely out – not breathing, turning blue, lips white, then a gray color, heartbeat slowing to almost stopped. He screamed for our daughter to come in and sit with me while he called 911. She said I looked dead. I think I actually was for a moment. My eyes were rolled into the back of head and I still hadn’t resumed breathing. In about 5 minutes I came ‘back’ but didn’t have the strength to speak or keep my eyes open. EMTs arrived and reported my temperature at 107 degrees, but it quickly returned to normal. At the ER everything came out fine; EKG and blood work. They gave me 2 different anti-nausea meds which helped a little, and two bags of fluid though IV. They discharged me with little more than saying “Perhaps you drank too much last night, or maybe it’s a virus”. My family is traumatized from seeing me basically *dead*. I’m still wondering what it could be. While I did drink too much last night, I couldn’t imagined that “passing out” would look like that. Who stops breathing from passing out? Who spikes a 107 temperature from passing out? It just doesn’t add up right.

I’m working on getting hydrated. We’ll see where a good night’s sleep lands me tomorrow.

Sorry if I’m freaking anyone out. I figure sharing this might bring up some new ideas. I know Patti is a nurse and maybe has some ideas about it.
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My goodness, Dawn! How scary for everyone. Please take care of yourself.
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Does not sounding like "drinking too much" or too little. 107 temp is suspect? Dawn this episode should be thoroughly evaluated. I would NOT accept the "suggestions" of the ER folks. You should see your doctor and ideally be seen by a Cardioloigist. Young people do die suddenly from previously undiagnosed heart conditions.
Don't shrug it off...check it out!
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I have to agree with sunnybreeze - I would go to your regular doctor and ask for a full workup. That is odd and frightening for sure!
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Dawn I wonder if you either had a seizure or an arrhythmia that is at root of this episode. I would get in to see a doc and have an evaluation that includes a neuro and cardiac workup. How scary. I am glad that you are OK today.
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omg how frightening!!!! take care of yourself!

patti - how about dingo et al.?
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Dawn - : Can you get that checked out further?

and 25 miles for me? oh, my. have i come that far? i'm being encouraged and enboldened? is that a word? it should be. or something like that. maybe i'll get my wimpy b-hind out the door and run before my scheduled saturday long run. you do inspire me ladies.

names? hmmmm.....let's get our thinking caps on and throw them out there.

mama jocks
mdc dingo-babes
mamas on the move

don't flame me for being lame.

i don't want to leave out those who aren't moms yet, but we are all women. aren't we?

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Hey, anyone heard from JenLove lately?
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Originally Posted by Geofizz
Hey, anyone heard from JenLove lately?
No! I have been missing her posts. I'm hoping it's just end of the semester stuff keeping her away...

I ran 4 miles on lunch again. Felt worse than yesterday but was faster. I am going to try try try to run at lunch and then again after work. It gets dark so early these days I can never get more than three miles in after work and it is driving me crazy. So between the two I am hoping for 7 miles tomorrow. I think I am a complete running right now.

Hope everyone who is ailing is feeling better...pumpkinseed, Patti Ann, Poppy, EKs....

dawnadelle-make an appt with your doc!

Alright I have to get back knitting. Why oh why do I wait till a month before Xmas to start these projects??!!
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Dawn, whoa, that is scary... please get it checked out pronto!

OK I am going to try to take my hacking self out and run 3 miles. If I can only do 2, so be it. I am not sure what to expect, whether I'll cough the whole time or if it won't bother me. I guess I'll just have to give it a try to see what happens. I am not feeling much like a runner these days. Got to get back in the groove.

Team names... I will think on it while I run, but...

Bipedal Excursioners? couldn't resist
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Hi there Mamas,

EK, I hope the hacking on the run was good hacking. I find that at a certain point in my sickness the run is really good for clearing everything out. I sound like a freight train gone off course but I sure feel better when i am done.

2Babybees, WTG on the running motivation. I split workouts one summer and it was really cool. The second run of the day had a totally different feel. Didn't start of as wired and fresh, but my muscles felt more relaxed. I hope it works well for you and you don't feel totally crazed

Loftmama, love the names. That is so cool that you are seeing how far you have come. That is the best.

Moonshine, all I got to do today was walking too. It still felt good. We had the most perfect snowflakes flying during our walk too. So pretty.

BBM and PAtti thanks for getting this together. BBM I love your nerdy categorization. I was stressing for a few minutes yesterday thinking about how to do it LOL Very well done!

Patti, I hate shopping too. I always get or make stuff that can be used up or consumed. Like art supplies, wine, soaps, or food items. Otherwise people are stuck with some clutter they never wanted from me in the first place. Oy.

Poppy, sorry about the wart I can't believe it hurts you. I thought they weren't supposed to hurt? Ow. Hope it feels better soon. You deserve a break so you can run woman!

Shanti, so sorry about the purchase. Can you return it or did you open it already? I love hearing about your studies. I agree the second paper is huge. I would love to read more about this topic historically and then compare to current day. Hope you got degrumpified by the time you and DP got some time to yourselves.

Hi Po6 it is good to see you

Kate-emmas Mama, good for you for your race. I can't wait to hear what your time is. It sounds like you really will fly. Woohoo.

Hi to everyone else :

I agree that nobody should stress about this "Competition". As Mamas, our lives aren't completely under our control We do what we can, when we can. We are all coming from the same place, so no pressures

I walked a couple miles this morning with a friend. We walked fast because it was cold and the babes were cranky. I did an hour of really intense yoga this afternoon too. Little DD slept until 5 this afternoon so no run for us today. I think I will try to get out first thing in the AM tomorrow. We shall see.

Gotta go, have a great evening.

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Well, I just did 2.25 miles because my nose and throat were burning like crazy. No coughing, really... but I just didn't feel like pushing it beyond that. It was at a pretty good pace for me though, so maybe I'm maintaining and not losing my fitness.

Time to hit the showers... speaking of... I always struggle w/ dry skin in the winter, but the extra showers from running are making it worse... does this happen to anyone else?

Good night, you wonderful running ladies!
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dawnadelle - wow, what a story. I agree, cardiac and neuro work up asap!

eksmom? - It may be a few days on the recipe - I'm sure my mom doesn't even have an actual recipe so pinning her down will be tough. give me some time, but I'll get it.

shanti - I looked up the Floridix last night but had to work on my paper instead of posting info - sorry if this is a day late and a dollar (or several) short. It looks like it is ferrous gluconate, which is the iron salt considered least constipating, however, I always understood that the reason it was least constipating was because it had the lowest amount of elemental iron per mg. The following is the elemental iron content of various iron salt preps, so for every mg of ferrous blah blah, you get the below percentage of elemental iron.
Ferrous fumarate- 33%
Ferrous gluconate- 12%
Ferrous lactate- 19%
Ferrous sulfate, hydrated- 20%
Ferrous sulfate, desiccated- 30%

I found the following link to have good info (including a brief section on vegetarian athletes requiring more iron than the general pop): http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/iron.asp

The ad I read for Floradix said nothing about treating anemia, only for preventing iron deficiency.

Personally, I'd go to the pharmacy and get some ferrous sulfate and use it, but that's just me and I'm a pharmacist by former career.

ok, I'm cooked for the night - what a day. DD home sick again today and SOOO whiny (me too), trying to get this paper finished (it is done!), DH out of town and when he got home he spent about 30 mins in the house before he went to the office to grade exams....argh! I swear if I wasn't so pregnant, I'd have PMS!

thanks bbm for the teams - glad I've got sallyz to pick up the slack for me! I too loved the geek factor involved in splitting us all up.

you mamas rock getting out there in nearly December!
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eksmom - YES on the dry skin!!! My hands are peeling off in chunks, and yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds. I try to overload on the lotion, but also find that olive oil feels really good.

ND - great ideas for gifts - thanks My other aid in gift giving is to try to think of someting the person would like but would not get for themselves (like a massage, or movie passes/tickets to something

Shanti - how interesting!! I have my MA in education, and what I particularly loved about working with teens was the psychological inroad I had as an english teacher. The spiritual angle is also very compelling for me. And now that I have kids, its so interesting to see the same stuff manifesting at a less mature stage. Spirituality and social justice - sounds fun (and big).

Patti - when you said "i hate shopping..." I thought "me too!" and the you mentioned me

BBM - is it too late - its still 11/30. Id like to join. My *goal*; I think Id be pretty happy with 10-15 miles/week at this point.

I walked 3 miles today with the kids in the double, after they both failed to take a nap and were literally falling down and bouncing off the furniture. After a week of dry head cold, high temp, and now chunky nose and lungs, turns out F has a "raging ear infection". He has been crying A LOT the past three days, so that I couldnt put him down without him screaming, and not sleeping much and falling down a lot. he tugged at his ear twice today and i thought 'ear infection' so called Dh to bring a child sized otascope home from work, but later second guessed myself b/c I thought I was just looking for something to be wrong that would be cured by a pill So we didnt get around to checking until tonight, and then the "raging" diagnosis. Poor baby - no wonder he keeps falling down (I though he was just over tired) So hes on antibiotics (nice to have a doc in the family sometimes )

Dont know what team Im on yet, but ill do you proud
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Dawnadelle - you need to see a regular doc and possibly a cardiologist ASAP. I'm not sure about the temp (and if it was an ear temp, it might have been wrong anyway) but the rest of your symptoms sort of sound like a cardiac arrhythmia. Please don't wait to get it checked out. It's already 10 pm here, or I'd say call your doc today, but please call tomorrow and don't take no for an answer.

Kerc - I forgot to say before, but your kerclets are absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how you ever get anything done other than snuggling with that beautiful baby!

I ran hard tonight, so I'll have to apologize to my team for starting off tomorrow with a short recovery run. I'll try to pick it up after that! I ran 4 miles, alternating 1/2 mile at 9:30 pace with 1/4 mile at 7:53 pace for a total of 5 sets (3.75 miles) then ran 1 last slow 1/4. I walked 1/2 mile warm-up and cooldown, too. Halfway through I didn't feel like finishing, but I talked myself into it!

Have any of you ever used a belt type thing to carry your water or other supplies while running? I was thinking of getting one for ds's coach for Christmas as a thank-you for all the free coaching, but don't really know what to look for. Any ideas?
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dawnadelle - how scary! hope you get to the doctor ASAP

ND - hmm..now i am wondering if that is what i have? i was basically describing it to people (work colleagues, i am not going to show them my feet for inspection! ) and they said 'oh, it's probably a plantar's wart.' whatever it is - it HURTS! maybe it is the universe telling me to get out of the footwear biz!

anyway - flying home tomorrow, will go to the foot doctor or something and tell them to fix it so i can get runnin'!!

BBM - thanks for setting up the teams!! well done!
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