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How about Mileage Mavens? Can we each have individual team nicknames? If so, I want to be "La Shorty" .

Speaking of the team -- oh my, 20 mi/week for Lucenamama? Yipes, hope I make it. Especially w/this bum shin! My Coach is having me take a 3 day break from running, but I can bike. In fact, I biked for 7 miles this evening (at a 24 hour Fitness and I'm afraid I'm just not feelin' you on the gyms, Saskiasmom!). I'm fearful that this shin thing is chronic and I will disappoint my mileage homies. Oh well, onward Buddhist runner....

BBM, thanks for all your efforts! You really are a geek.

Dawnadelle, wow, so scary. I go w/Drjen on this. Please take care. Poor you and your family.


Kerc, you're babies are too adorable. I hope I get to meet them (or just Leah?) next week!

Shanti, glad you got a workable diagnosis from the doc. I did Floradix during pg and it was pretty tough on the wallet! I actually liked the taste :. Congrats on getting the paper done!

Kangamitroo, brr! Ice cream headaches from breathing!

Have fun in Orlando, Poppy! Sorry about the plantar's thingy.

Saskiasmom, good to hear from you! I enjoyed reading what you wrote about your mom, parenting, and healing. Hope your little DS feels better soon. Any chance you'll make it out to the 510 anytime soon?

to everyone I missed!
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Originally Posted by lucenamama
BBM, thanks for all your efforts! You really are a geek.

I'm honored
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Team 1:
Patti Ann (15)
Mamabeth (15)
Hollysmom (10)
Kerc (18)
Lucenamama (20)
Kate~emmasmom (18)
Athansor (20)
Runningmommy (30)
1jooj (20)
loftmama (25)
Moonshine (10)
dawnadelle (15)
saskiasmom (15)

Mileage = 231

Team 2:
Babybugmama (20)
Geofizz (10)
Poppywise (18)
Doctorjen (18)
kpinny (18)
eksmom (19)
Shantimama (18)
2babybees (24)
sallyz (35)
kangamitroo (20)
Party of six (35)
Naughty Dingo (15)

Mileage = 235

Patti - note saskiasmom has been added to you all!

Yay more people

hmmmm a little imbalanced. Okay ND got shifted...

Is this okay everyone? After today I'll still add people, but I won't shift members around. These are the final teams.
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Hi ladies!

Gettign ready to hit the TM! Hoping to start off with some great mileage today for the TEAM!! Go team, go team, go team!!

Thanks BBM for doing this, you rock!!

On Runner's world, the women have a Christmas Card exchange. Everyone turns in their addresses, and then it's privately emailed out, and everyone sends cards to everyone on the list. I know it may be a little late this year, but thought it was a fun idea. MOre cards to look for in the mailbox, and more people that you care about to send a little love.

Kerc~your kiddos are ADORABLE!! thanks for sharing!

Sally~what's your mileage have to be for your 86K and how many miles IS that?? you rock!

doctorjen~open the present!

Dawn~ hope you are feeling better, please call your doctor and get checked out further!!

poppy~I had a plantar's wart once in high school, they hurt! I then sprained the other ankle, walked only on the plantar's wart for two weeks, and wahlah! it was gone hope you are able to heal quickly

eksmom~dry skin-YES! Eucerine or olive oil on the hands (the second is cheaper) and humidify the house if you can, drink lots of water, and cut down onshowers if you can

Good morning to everyone, 2babybees, 1joooj, kpinny, kate, po6, ND, loftmama,sakiasmom, jenlove, sschatz, anthansor, geo, shantimama, hlucenmama, grnmtnmama, pumpkinseed, moonshine, mamabeth, turtlewomyn, and everyone I missed!

Got to get moving, check in later!
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No time to run this morning but I have to check in her anyway

kerc - your girls are SO beautiful! What a great picture!

Another night of big dramatics in our house last night. dd is still struggling. Her French teacher isn't expecting enough of her and so she is bored/frustrated and her English teacher is putting on too much pressure - for every affirming comment she makes in dd's homework book, she has three "suggestions" for improvement. dd was beside herself last night trying to keep track of everything - perfect printing, how many words per line, punctuation, what to write about, etc. She is in grade TWO for goodness sake! I was under the impression that they didn't start formal English instruction for French Immersion kids until grade four, and here she is doing a book report, several pages of spelling work and a test every week - and that is just the English homework. I think we are going to have quite the parent-teacher interview with the English teacher tomorrow. : I will be nice but strong. My 7 year old is ready to break from all of the pressure.

We also realized how we are all struggling with having moved this past year. This is a great house and town, but it is still new. Adjusting to summer life in a beach town was easy, but we have all been "off" since we started getting out Advent and Christmas stuff. I guess it is just another layer in the grief/transition process since none of us really wanted to move in the first place. dh and I taked with the kids about how our first Christmas in our last city was hard for us because we didn't know many people and everything was so new and different - but that because they were babies it didn't bother them as much. In a few years this place will feel like home too. dh and I have had to deal with so much crap the past three years and I guess we just have to work through some of the remaining anger about that - and the kids are old enough (6, 7 and 9) that it all affects them too, even if only indirectly. I never want to move again!
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Good morning ladies. I have to issue an apology to my team, because as I sit here hacking my head off, I don't think I'll be running today. I am afraid that my run last night did me more harm than good. My night in bed started off with a coughing fit (while still nursing DD), then sinus pain and stuffiness in the middle, and ended with another coughing fit just now (started while nursing DD : and still hasn't stopped). I am not sure if I am going to work or not. This is ridiculous.

Personals later.
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Good morning everyone! So, I ran a gorgeous (and slow as always) 5.5 last night, all by myself around town, at and after sunset. I actually really love running in the cold, after the first 7 minutes. It's getting out there that sucks. For the first time, my right instep hurt. I have flat feet, and I think the very cold weather affects my shoes. Anyway, today I plan to run a short 3 or 4, after dh gets home. Works great if I get dinner ready ahead and meet him with my layers on. I also have to shovel snow today, so we'll see.

Dawn, I think you should definitely talk to you doc before running, especially alone.

And poppywise, I had plantar warts as a kid. On the balls of both feet at one time. Kicked the doctor in the face as he dug at them before adding acid. Youch. Dr. Zorba on the radio recommends duct tape for warts. My Peace Corps medical officer, a wonderful Italian nurse named Marina, recommended wishing. good luck, whatever you do.

And I am probably jinxing myself by saying this, but I think I am about to slide off this plateau I have been sitting on for WAY TOO LONG! Size 10, here I come. Oh, and lucenamama, if you're La Shorty, I am soooo La Stumpy.
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Come join us on the December thread...

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