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He's here!!

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Well, Caeden Lawrence arrived yesterday at 2:07.

It was a hospital birth, but I am really quite happy with how it went. After all the blood pressure worry I my blood pressure when down during labour. Of course...

I went into early labour on Friday night at around 10 and sex brought on more contractions so we contacted our doula and midwives at 3. Got to the hospital at 5 and things had slowed down. But things got going again. I was at 6 to 8 for quite a long time and the water bag was not breaking. I decided to let them break it because I was getting tired and the pressure was great (no urge to push though). After they broke the water hte babies head pushed agaist my cervix and brought me to almost fully dialated immediately. They were saying don't push and my body would not let me do otherwise Then they said ok to pushing and Caeden's head arrived immediately. He was born after 3 or 4 "real pushes" he had his cord around his neck and it was tight so they clamped it and he did squeak on my belly but was not pinking up so they took him and rubbed his back and he pinked up right away, and they gave him back to me. We were discharged 3 hours later and spent the long night at home with a new babe who would not sleep! The midwife came today and we are both doing great.

Oh yeah he weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 4 ounces!!

(and Mackenzie who keeps saying "my like that baby, my like Caeden)!!
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Wonderful news.
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Congratulations. So glad everything was OK. Welcome Caeden!
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Warm Squishy Feelings...

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Welcome,Caeden Lawrence !!

Thank you for sharing your great news with us!!

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Way to go!! Congrats on a nice deliver and a glorious baby boy!! I can't wait to tell my birth story soon
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Congratulations!!! Sounds like it went great. I love his name! We are considering Kaden Gunnar if we have a boy this time. Sounds like you have a very sweet big sister there! (Our dd1 is MacKenzie too - if you have another girl you can name her Rylie... we'd have matching sets - ha ha!)
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How wonderful! Congrats!!!
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Thanks for sharing your story with us (I am surprised you had time and energy to come online).

Enjoy motherhood second time round and spend your energies bonding with your little one.

Stephanie (due jan 26th
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Congratulations! I really love the name Caeden- I might have to suggest that to my df.
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Congratulations to you!
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