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support group for those who *want* to see AF!

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I am currently nursing a 22 mo dd and have yet to see AF. I am getting really anxious to start working on the next baby! I had originally wanted my kiddos to be 2 years apart, but obviously that is not going to happen.

I am constantly paranoid that I am pregnant--I take HPT's just about every month now. Anytime I feel a little nauseus, crampy, moody, etc I start suspecting. It's really starting to stress me out.

So, who else is in my boat? I feel a bit guilty and greedy, as I already have a perfectly beautiful little girl. I'm just so anxious for her to have a sibling.

peace, Beth
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Beth I am in the same boat... my ds is 15.5 months old and still nurses quite a bit. I wanted to have children close in ages... At least once a month I buy a test and every day or two, I seem to become convinced I am pregnant....

I am with you
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I'm there, too, although I haven't been waiting as long as y'all. My babe is almost 10 months old and I have yet to see a real AF. Unfortunately, I get some light bleeding every month, but I can tell by charting that I am not ovulating, although my body shows all the signs. It gears up and tries to O, but then doesn't. On Friday, I had stronger signs (more ewcm, stronger o-pains) than usual, but as I am on a charting break, I'm not sure it I o-ed ot not. We'll see.

I'm eager to TTC our third and last child.
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I'm joining this support group, too! I'll need it since I'm the craziest and I could (G-d forbid!) be here the longest! LOL! I'm only 6 months pp!

I can't wait, though. I thought babies 2 years apart max! Well, I can't choose, so I'll just wait.

May you all see PPO/AF soon!
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I'm waiting too. My son is almost 14 months and he doesn't nurse all that much during the day anymore- before naps and maybe one other time- but we co-sleep and he does nurse varying amounts during the night. Also I had the Depo shot (stupid me!) 3 times post partum. My last shot was June though.

For the last couple of months my body has been trying to ovulate. I've gone from no cm to a LOT and I've been feeling lots of twinges and pokes. Today I'm feeling crampy and hope hope hoping it's a period but I doubt it really is.

Like you all I've taken bunches of pregnancy tests and am always imagining symptoms.

Thanks for starting this thread Beth. Here's hoping we all get our eggs back soon!

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Sending TONS of AF/O dust to you all!!!
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I'll join in as well. :-) My youngest is 20 months (oldest is 39 months, so I clearly didn't have a problem getting pregnant after dd1 was born!).

My period came back when dd2 was 13 months old, but it has been VERY irregular and all over the place ever since. I'm due a period now (2 days late), but I haven't bothered to test...I know what it feels like to be pregnant, and I definitely am not.

I don't even think I'm ovulating at the moment, and I'm finding it so frustrating. My first two are close in age, and I really didn't want a huge age gap between the 2nd and 3rd.

Anyway...it's so nice to know that there are others out there like me. Thanks for starting this thread, Beth!
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Well... it looks like AF is going to stay away for at least another nine months!!!! I just found out I am pregnant! Somehow I managed to get pregnant without any type of period...


Baby dust to all - I am sending you all hugs

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I'll join too......My babe is 8 months old. Af returned for me about 6 or 8 weeks after he was born. I know I'm ovulating cause I got pg again in October but we lsot the baby in November. Tracy bf's pretty much only for naps but I'm still waiting for af to come back after the m/c. So, yes I am waiting too. I wanted to go 20 or so months with no af after Tracy was born but now I know what a "joy" it is for her to show up on time or late!


Tracy 4/26/02
Sweetpea 11/19/02
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Congratulations Emma!! I guess you caught that first little egg.

So, I was very crampy all day yesterday and then last night I was very bloated, but still no period. At least these are signs that *something* is going on in there. I wish it were possible that these signs meant pregnancy but no such luck.

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Hi everyone,

I will join in too. Ds is 17 months old and still no sign of AF. It is hard not to think about being pregnant. Dh and I are pretty "active" and I am afraid I will be like Emma and all of a sudden be pregant so I test myself every so often just in case. Insane isn't it?
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Congratulations Emma! That's very happy news...

I'm still waiting for AF, but not a single solitary pregnancy sign, so I'm not even tempted to test (well, only just a little bit - and that's saying a lot for me!).

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Thanks everyone... I am sending babydust. I still feel a bit in shock - I always thought I would see a period before getting preggers again!!

Hugs to all
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feeling very new and clueless here... what is AF?
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hey bluebird, "AF" stands for Aunt Flo, which means your period. Pretty dorky, huh?
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So has anyone lucked out and had af show up??

Congrats to Emma!!

I'm still waiting for af. It's been just a little under 2 months since the m/c...I'm starting to doubt shes coming back. Did I scare her away??
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No - still waiting. That's almost a week late, and very depressing.

What about everyone else?
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Woohoo! I finally ovulated! I've had 8 high temps since my last O-pains, so it looks like my body finally got it right this time! TTC, here we come! (well, next month).

I've been having ewcm and o-pains for months and months, but had never actually ovulated.
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New week....any new af'ers??

Not me!! Its been 11+14+31=56 days since the m/c.....still waiting!

I have developed an unsatisfiable need for MUSTARD!!! last night i even had it on a chocolate chip cookie!!!!

Not to mention by the spoonful....I htink I'll go get some now.....

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Well, I was really sure this time that I was actually pregnant. I had all the symptoms--queasy, yet starving, crampy feeling, moody, etc but took a test this am and it was, of course, negative. I took another test (also negative) last week, so I'm pretty sure this one was accurate. It really sux because this would have been perfect timing. I had these visions of announcing our pregnancy at Ava's b-day party (in March) and traveling to London next Christmas with our newly expanded family. If I don't get pregnant by mid February, we'll have to use birth control for several months so that I'll be able to fly overseas in December (they won't let you fly in your 3rd trimester).

The neg. test was even worse this time because I was so sure it would be positive. I even told my dh that I thought I might be pg. He got all excited too.

Does there ever come a point where it's easier to see the absence of that second line? Do you ever become jaded about the whole thing or will it always be like a big punch in the stomach?

peace, Beth
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