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Oh Beth, I am sorry. I was really really hoping you were pregnant. What a bummer. I know the kicked in the stomach feeling of the single line all too well. Well, I think many early pregnancy symptoms are the same as pms'y symptoms so maybe you're gonna get your period. That wouldn't be as good as a pregnancy, of course, but at least it'd offer some hope, huh?

Still nothing here. Noah is 14 months old today. I haven't done any temp'ing but I've been checking my cm and cp a lot. I have no clue what the position of my cervix means- it is all over the place. I've been having creamy and/or egg-whitey cm for the past several months so that's not much of a clue either.

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Well, I think many early pregnancy symptoms are the same as pms'y symptoms so maybe you're gonna get your period.
Nope, I'm pretty sure my period is never coming back. That just seems like such an abstract concept at this point. It's been so, so long (2 years, 8 months since I last saw AF!).

I started taking flax seed oil this morning, not just in hopes that it will help AF return, but also because I'm pretty sure I'm EFA deficient. I've had brain fog ever since I got pregnant, I'm hoping to get my brain back along with AF.

Good luck to all in this support group!

peace, Beth
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I think the brain fog thing is the most annoying part of ebf. I really have had to wrestle with myself at times to continue bf'ing just because I want my old self back. I hang in there though because I know it is best for ds who is seventeen months.

I hope the brain fog hasn't become permanent

take care,
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Oh, Beth - I'm so sorry. And no...I don't think it ever gets any easier to not see that second line.
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Sorry Beth,

I will probalbly be here commiserating with you tomorrow. I am taking my monthly test. I have those aches and same symptoms you mentioned and will probably have the same result. I think that is how I keep my self sane is by "knowing" that I probably am not pg and that way it will be a happy surprise when it happens. It still stinks though cause you always let yourself hope a little

Take care,
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So, what does flax seed oil do and how do you take it? I always see it at the health food store, but I feel like it's just something I should know so I'm always too embarrassed to ask.

I am feeling very crampy today but I'm sure it's just some dread stomach virus and not my period.

I probably have completely jinxed myself and will never get another period since I have already started buying maternity clothes and itty bitty diapers. But, they were really good deals, so I just had to....

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Hi Chrissy,

Hey I just posted one of your threads. I think that if your are gettingthe right amount of Essential Fatty Acids. IT helps your body return to it's natural cycle. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Haven't tested yet dh wants me to wait till he comes home.

I hate MD's but I really feel awful. If I am not pg, I am going to the doctor. Maybe I have the flu........

take care,
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I'm not quite sure how the flax seed oil works, but I'm willing to try anything. I know I'm pretty EFA deficient (pretty common among most Americans and especially vegetarians, like me) so it will be good for me, regardless.

The standard rule of thumb is to take at least 1 Tbs per 50 lbs body weight. It is possible to overdose, but you would have to take a lot. I'm taking 4 Tbs per day, almost twice the standard amount, with my lactation consultant's blessing. It's important to ease into it though. Don't start off taking huge amounts all at once, you will feel very sick (I learned this the hard way).

peace, Beth
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Well, ladies, AF is finally here, so I'm dropping out of this thread (gladly). PG or AF vibes to all of you!
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i know that evening primrose oil has efa's and in some ways is supposed to mimic hormones, i took it a couple of years ago and it helped my skin and lessened my menstrual cramps.
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So, Steph, have you tested yet??? Crossing my fingers for you....

Do you just gulp the flax seed oil down or what?

I've got EPO in pill form and I had decided to take it, then not to take it, now I'm thinking maybe I will take it... Oh, the drama!
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I think af is FINALLY here!! Its weird though. It is so light and there are NO cramps!

Now I'm just waiting for the wanting to hurl and dizzy spells to go away....plus I want MUSTARD!!
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so, megan, are you thinking you might be pregnant?
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So the pink line didn't show. I wasn't really expecting it to....but..... well you all know. I think dh was bummed. He really doesn't understand how I can be this sick and not be pg.
That makes it more difficult. Oh well AF has to come back eventually doesn't it.

take care,
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Oh Steph... That just sucks. I am so sorry. Could be it's just too early? Maybe...
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Hi everyone! I *WANT* AF to show... so we can start a new month of trying.

I'm 26, mom to 3 girls, Dh and I are TTC our first baby together. We've been trying since June - with my first 3 I got pregnant within 2 months. I went off the Pill in June and since then my cycles have been: 30 days, 54 days, 46 days... Right now I'm on day 81 and wondering if AF will ever show. I did negative pg tests 2 and 4 weeks ago.

Is there something I can do/take to make AF show up? I don't have a doctor so that makes things harder.
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Thanks for the support but no I am sure I have been having these same symptoms every month so I am sure I am not. Oh well there is always next month.

Maybe you could call a midwife in your area. Or try the EFA (flax seed or primrose oil) mentioned in this thread.

take care,
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Originally posted by srhoffelt
Maybe you could call a midwife in your area. Or try the EFA (flax seed or primrose oil) mentioned in this thread.

take care,
I think I will try the flax seed or primrose oil. I wish I could see a midwife but the closest midwives are 1 1/2 hours away and we don't have a car.
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Steph--I'm so sorry about the neg test. It's so frustrating when you never know for sure. Even after I take *several* tests over many days, I'm never sure--there's always that nagging doubt (maybe it's too early? maybe the test is defective? maybe my pee is too diluted?). It sucks.

Lucina--welcome! I hope you don't have to stay on this thread long!

Re: flax seed oil
I just wanted to say, ease your way into taking a full dose. I took 3 T last night (all together) and felt like I was going to hurl for a couple hours. Take it with food and space it out throughout the day (like a Tbs with each meal).

I take it by pouring it into a glass and adding about a cup of orange juice. I very vigorously mix it up and down it before the oil separates. It's very tolerable that way. You can use it to make salad dressing or put it on your pasta, but don't cook with it.

peace, Beth
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Well it def is af! It's like last night the flood gates opened!

this is a little gross but.....

I woke up covered in blood! I had blood running down my legs and dripping on the floor by the time I got to the bathroom! I even had a tampon in!! You should have seen the carpet! Luckily it cleaned up but still......
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