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I am glad that AF came for you Megan! When she's done with you, please send her my way.

I gave in and started taking the EPO. I'm hoping that all this bod needs is a little push. Since November I feel like something's going on in there. I'm crampy and bloated and have all this cm, but apparently no O and no period. So, I'm hoping the EPO will help me along.

Hang in there everybody...
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Good luck to everyone! I'm usually on the diapering board, but decided to venture out this way today. I, too, had been waiting for AF to visit since the birth of my dd March, 2002. I had a surprise visit this morning! Yep, you guessed it, AF. I was happy and sad at the same time. It was nice while it lasted. :

Is the first one usually this heavy? The flood gates have been open all day! :
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Here's a tip for everybody- when you are desperately awaiting your period don't sleep in red fleece pajama bottoms. In the middle of the night when you go to the bathroom, you might see some red spots in your underwear and get all excited only to find out that it is little bits of fleece.

Still no period here.
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Am I the only one...

Am I the only one who, every time I feel *any* possible increase/change in the um... secretions down below... run to the bathroom to check?
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I GOT MY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to shout, but I am so happy. It has been 2 years, 8 months since I last saw dear old Aunt Flo (my dd is 22 mo) and I am so happy to see her!

Thank you to all who gave their support on this thead. I will tell AF to go visit you guys next!

peace, Beth
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That's great, Beth! The good AF vibes from this thread must have helped.

And Lucina3...I'm right there with you (will not right there WITH you, but doing the same thing!). :
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Beth, I am so happy for you!!!

And, yep, I too run to the bathroom in hopes of a little blood all the time...
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Re: Am I the only one...

Originally posted by lucina3
Am I the only one who, every time I feel *any* possible increase/change in the um... secretions down below... run to the bathroom to check?
This is SO ME................................ it totally cracked me up - there are days when I would go to the bathroom every 15 minutes..... people at work must think I'm really weird.

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Well, I'm dropping out of this thread, as well...no AF still, but I've been getting suspicious all week (AF is two weeks overdue), so I tested last night...and got a positive!

I'm not exactly sure when baby will be due, but sometime mid to end of September. The positive dot was very solid (it came up before the control dot did...in fact, at first I thought it was a negative test, as the control dot took awhile to come up, while the 'pregnant' dot was full on from the start, making me think that IT was the control!).

Anyway - just thought I'd let you all know! Hope AF shows up soon (or that there is soon a tiny little reason for AF not to show up for quite awhile).
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Congratulations Carolyn! What wonderful news!!
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Congratulations, Carolyn!
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LOL at the red fleece jammies Chrissy. Seriously though I know it is no fun and yes I am always running the bathroom too.
In my case I think it is a question of being careful what you wish for. I lost a twin when I was pg with ds and I was a freak the other way then. I think I wished the spotting away so hard that it is never coming back.:
Congrats Carolyn,
Send that dust to the rest of us now that you are done
So how about the rest of you?
Any news.......
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Oh Steph, I am so sorry that you lost a twin.

I was just thinking this morning that it is so funny that I am so wanting to see blood now but that once March 1st comes around (when we're really going to start trying, eggs willing) then I'll be hoping NOT to see any. Oh, the obsession with underwear!

I think this thread must be really good luck since we've had a few preggo's and periods!
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Thanks, it was a sad thing to have happen but I am thankful for the wonderful children I have.
I was thinking that this site seems to be creating some good vibes too. Hopefully some will come our way.

take care,
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Thanks...and I will definitely be sending baby dust to everyone.

I think you are right about this thread.....it does seem to be having positive results. (pardon the pun)
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I don't want to jinx it, but I *think* AF is starting. I went to the bathroom about an hour ago and there were a few tiny red spots!!! I hope this is it!!! I can't wait to start charting & see what's happening with my body! Oh I hope this is it!!!!!!!
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I'm crossing my fingers for you Andra.
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That is good news. okay I officially think we are all weird. CHrissy how are things going with you. Have you made that trek to CH yet?

Hope all of you left are not on this thread much longer.

take care
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I guess I jinxed it Still no AF.
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I am sorry too Andra.

I feel bad now but I popped in here to say guess what....

I know this thread is good luck and I am sending her your way next ladies.

I am going to stick around to make sure you guys are okay.

Now I know we can work on TTC next month and hopefully I will start to feel better.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of you.

take care,
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