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Originally Posted by Bex80
I could use some pecan pie. And persimmon pudding! Oooh, and STUFFING!!!! I am ready to feast on Thanksgiving fare. :

Oh, and I have started taking to smelling dh's beer before he drinks them now. It smells so good and....hoppy? Yeasty? :::
PERSIMMON PUDDING?! omg omg that sounds sooooooooo good. what is it? i havent had anything w/ persimmons since i was a little kid in cali!
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Does anyone else find it an incredibly evil twist of fate that all of us are still going to be recovering from giving birth right before all the holidays? I've gained 85lbs I really need to loose! (did I really just admit that?!) And with all this pecan pie and turkey and all the other massive amounts of food I'm guaranteed to consume for the next few months after birth, it's just going to make it so much harder to get the weight off. I agree with Plagio as well, a bit of wine won't hurt the baby, but I need to get every contraction I can! I don't want the wine to take away a single contraction, even if it's not labor.
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I find it to be an evil twist of fate the possibility of me having to interrupt my FAVORITE meal of the year, AKA Thanksgiving, to birth this child! I've already had a couple of talks with him in advance...he now knows how many people, mommy included, he would upset if he picks that ONE day out of so many to choose from to be born! He also knows we'd all still love him very much regardless...
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Mmm, thanksgiving dinner!! And I told myself last holiday season I had all spring and summer to work off the holiday weight I gained. Well baby, you had something else in mind for me huh I'm really excited actually-I love spending time with my family over the holidays, and what better way to enjoy a new life! I guess I'll just do overtime on the BFing and hope Finn gains all the weight for me!!
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(This is where Canadians get to feel smug about having Thanksgiving in October. )

But Christmas/Solstice/Winter Holiday is as much of a pig-out fest for us as it is for everyone else. I figure the physical challenge of dealing with food preparation, presents, holiday visiting and whatnot while learning how to breastfeed and care for an infant will burn up any excess calories that find their way into my gullet.

I do feel a significant amount of sympathy for any US mamas who have their Thanksgiving dinners interrupted by labour though. I hope it doesn't actually happen to anyone here! The nerve of some babies!!!! That's not something you're ever likely to let your kid forget. Thirty years down the road, you'd still be reminding him/her that she made you miss pumpkin pie in order to be born...
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Hadn't thought of that yet -- to tell you the truth, I am getting sick of cookies, sweets, etc. since during the pregnancy I have eaten more than I usually do. I had thought it was good to give birth at the begining of winter so that we have all those months before spring/summer to get into shape. Hadn't thought of the holiday stuff. I wonder what my appetite will be like when BF -- who knows?
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Sarah, persimmon pudding is really tasty! It's a family recipe that my father has always made and I'm not sure what all goes in it, I know 2 cups of persimmon pulp, coconut, and other stuff. I can post or PM you the recipe if you'd like. Where are you now? I'm sure there are persimmons around somewhere! I am in TN and there's a tree in my neighborhood that I have been harvesting from, and I have a girlfriend in MO who has trees near her.
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Bex80: I will gladly trade you a labor cd for a persimmon pudding recipe!!
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mmmmmmmm. that sounds SO good! i'd love the recipe! I'm in Omaha, and haven't seen them or thought about them in years, although i haven't actually looked, so maybe they are available. when are they in season?
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They are in season now! I have seen them in Kroger stores and Farm Fresh too. However, I have only seen the large ones. My friend in MO. says you need the little ones (sbout the size of a large or small cherry tomato). I would check you local Whole Foods or HFS. Also, search to see if you have any orchards or local farms nearby. They may have trees. Here's the recipe :

Grandmother Trexler's Persimmon Pudding

2 cups persimmons
3 eggs
1 3/4 cup milk
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspooon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup grated coconut
1/2 stick butter or margarine

Put dry ingredients in mixing bowl. Add eggs, milk,
and melted butter, mixing as you add them. Finally
add persimmons. Bake at moderate temperature (350
degrees, plus or minus, depending on your oven) about
1 hour. (PS I suggest watching it carefully from
about the 50 minutes time in the oven and baking it
until it is beginning to brown, even if this takes
more than an hour.)
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A couple of days before my due date dh took me out on a date (got a babysitter lined up and everything... very impressive for him).
And we had dinner at this real italian restaurant... and when dh ordered a bottle of wine, the server brought two glasses. He still asked before he poured for me and then snickered something about the baby having a party in there. He was all laid back about it even though some of the people in the dining room just kept looking over horrified. I drank 1 1/4 small glasses of red wine. I knew when I was done... wasn't trying to get drunk or anything. It's just really hard to have steamed mussels in white wine garlic sauce and lobster ravioli with a brandy cream sauce and arugula without having a glass of wine!!!
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Yes, let them be horrified. I'm sure that those same people would be horrified at many of our habits here at MDC.
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Originally Posted by plagio
Yes, let them be horrified. I'm sure that those same people would be horrified at many of our habits here at MDC.
isnt THAT the truth?

you should have seen the last time i went w/ dh when he played a club....this must have been about two or three weeks ago. i had a glass of wine, and this lady across the bar from me sat there and shook her head all disgusted, and shot me nasty glares until she left. i just smiled and minded my own business......like SHE should have.
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Thanks Bex80!!!!!
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