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November Check In!

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I thought it was time to start a new thread...

Can you guys BELIEVE it is already November???? I remember thinking I would never make it into double digits (I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks), and here I am in my 8th month (out of 10 months). Very crazy!!

Had a Dr.'s appt. Friday. First one DH couldn't go to. We live very far from Dr. (1.5 hours) and DH has to take time off school on order to come. This time it was inthe morning, and he just couldn't justify taking the time off . My nurse and OB both noticed! I thought that was nice, that they "missed" him when he wasn't there.

Baby is fine, in fact, he went back into head down position! i told my Dr. that he was transverse 2 days after the last appt., and speculated that he turns for her. She didn't seem surprised at all, and said the baby knows what she wants, and he just wants to please her .

I am getting frustrated, because at the beginning of this pregnancy, she basically guaranteed that this babe would be here by the 15th (induction due to GD). Sooo... I planned Christmas around the baby. Now, she is saying that I can go alll the way to my due date (12/29) and I will be induced on that day. Now, I know that it is healthier for my baby to cook as long as possible, but the control freak in me is going crazy that the baby won't be here for Christmas! ALL of DH's family will be here, and the baby is going to be dedicated in our church Christmas Sunday!!! Okay, rant over... must stay calm... Thanks for letting me vent ladies!
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I can't believe I only have ten weeks to go. After our almost 70 degree day, I also can't believe that snow will be here before the babe. It seems so unreal and yet so close. Strange.

Anyway, this babe is very active -- much more so than my son. I have been seeing my mw but am dreading the back-up co-care appointment with a CNM. I am going to decline all tests and I'm afraid they're going to freak. I just am not in the mood to deal with any crap at this point.

A very tired,
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I also can't believe that here we are in November. The big day for me was when I realized I'd passed 30 weeks. That made me realize that the baby is coming soon!! I also don't feel ready, but when I think about it, I realize I really am. I've started to think and dream about labor, which is great, and just today I found an Integrative Medicine Dr. for baby and also the rest of us. So, that was a big check off of my "to do" list. Being new to the area, we needed to establish a relationship with a Dr.

I am having so much fun reading the birth stories on the Oct. and now Nov. boards! Anyone else? One of the best things I did to prepare for labor last time was read Ina May Gaskin's "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth." Those birth stories were so great for me to read and they gave me such hope after my very difficult first labor. Now, I am finding that reading the birth stories on these boards is also getting my mind into the place it needs to be to get ready. Soon ours will be here (but hopefully not too soon!)

Best to everyone,

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I don't have much to update, cept baby is really moving around a lot! But I wanted to add that I agree with everyone about how close it's getting!! I told dh last night that after I turn 29 weeks tomorrow, we'll have 11 weeks left! OMG! And we've hardly done anything to get ready for the baby. We have a LOT to do in the meantime! Good thing first timers usually go late, cause it means I have more time to get ready!
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I asked Dr. at my last appt. when she would not try to stop my labor (the earliest time I could safely deliver) and she said 36 weeks. You guys, that's 4 weeks away!!!!! The thought that I could possibly (but not probably) have a baby before this month is over just boggles my mind!

Melinda-- it has been hot here too. In December it will be 20 degrees at night (even the teens sometimes). We live in the high desert, so it is always warm in the day but freezing at night.

Friday night my family went out to eat at a family restaurant. I was sitting at a booth facing this cute little baby. He looked about 5-6months old. I was thinking how my baby might look like that, and then his mama started breastfeeding during her meal!!! In my neck of the woods, that is VERY unusual! I thought it was cool, but I also noticed she was slinging the babe! That is even more unusual! So, of course, when they went to leave, I introduced myself and commented on how cool her sling was and what brand, etc. She gave me a pat (but not unfriendly) answer "Oh, I got it on ebay." I told her I had a hotsling and wise woman sling at home. That loosened her up! We started talking slings and AP, etc. On a whim, I asked her if she knew about MDC. She said YES!!!!!!! That is sooo amazing!!! I told her my screen name and that we have a group of us in town that meet together. It is so nice to talk with other like-minded mamas!
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I was looking for a barfing smilie! Not because I'm sick but because it's ALREADY NOVEMBER!!! YIKES!!
We are slowly getting ready for little Gwen's arrival. We had a baby shower on Sunday and got lots of fun things to play with! Hopefully she'll enjoy playing with them too! We also got some cash, so I'm going to buying a nice diaper stash! I figure we'll use sposies for a month or so, to give us time to get into the swing of things without extra loads of laundry!
She's moving around all the time.. I think she's still transverse though, she shifts around a lot, but I haven't felt like she's in position yet. I have a midwife appt on Friday, maybe she'll be able to tell me what's what! I think after this appt I have to go every two weeks! All is great though, I feel fabulous and am getting a bit more anxious every day to meet our little bundle of joy! I still think she won't be here til january- even though my due date is 12/30! We shall see!
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Gosh, it really is November already? I have got to get my butt in gear. We have done very little to get ready for this baby. All of my DS's baby stuff is literally in a pile in the baby's room! I did wash the crusty cookie crap off the fabric of the double stroller my SIL let me borrow, and last weekend I bought some fabric so my MIL can make me a new sling. That's about all I can say that I've done! I have got to get in the nursery soon and do some serious work.
The baby is moving around a ton now, it's just seldom that I get to sit still long enough to enjoy it. I'm pretty sure he/she is head down now, and likes to lay on my left side. I'm still feeling pretty good. I like this stage of pregnancy the most - I'm not uncomfortable yet, baby moves around a lot (I love watching my belly move!), and I still have some time left to get things done.
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I'm definitely in the IT'S FREAKIN' NOVEMBER ALREADY group!!!

Between holidays and such the next two months are really going to fly by and I am soooooo not ready. I still need cloth diapering stuff but can't buy it new, have to make room in our bed for new baby somehow, have to pay midwife for birth tub, have to order the birth kit STILL , have to, have to, have to...... The list is endless!

I'm starting my every two week mw appts. now which is fun. I have baby moving around a great deal but hanging out alot on my right side and posterior which freaks me out no small amount. It doesn't help that I have a de-flexed head planted into my bladder. And of course I can't pay for a chiro visit. Time to start doing all my posture and pelvic excercises I guess.

A friend and I are having a Blessingway soon and I'm really excited!

I'm still pretty comfortable except for my poor squashed bladder but I am having clothing issues again. None of my maternity shirts will completely cover the stretchy panel of my maternity pants so I'm really making an incredible fashion statement.

That's about it. DH and I are still having trouble coming up with names and I'm just hoping baby is born with a 'Hello my name is...' tag.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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pardon if this gets long and rambly

Ah yes, it's NOVEMBER!!! Where'd the time go?? My boys were born at 38 weeks, so I have oh about 8 weeks to go. Yikes! Craziness!

We're paying our midwife next week. That'll make this birth feel really "real" (and us feel real broke LOL). Ordering thebirth kit. Actually, it's against my supersticions to do such a thing but uh, what am I gonna do? We're supposed to have it here by 36 wks. I have yet to getout anything for the baby though it's really really really tempting. I was going through baby clothes to give away and thinknng whistfully about how soon I'dbe putting someone in baby clothes. I bought (won on ebay) some baby dolls for my little ones. They are having a ball withthem. My oldest wants to be "the best bigbrother ever",so he's practicing changing diapers on the dolls. They are lifesize, anatomically correct newborns, boy and girl

Life's good here. This month will prove to be a good and busy one for me. I'm going on a road trip this weekend. In two weeks my DH and I are going away for 2 days sans kiddos. One week later is GivingThanks Day. I have one more birth to attend then I'm done (I said that last week LOL then got a new client!) and I get to focus on this new babe's arrival. I've been having birth dreams like crazy. Mainly dreams about thebaby actually coming out. Someitimes I'mnot sure I want to push out another baby. Most of thetime though, I'm ecstatic that it's gonna happen again.

I'll shut up now beofre I bore you all to sleep. Oh..someone is knitting me baby booties!! <---cuz I can't knit

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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You know Tara, as a knitting mama you'd think my wee babe would have a whole wonderful wardrobe of knitted goodies but instead I'm cranking out holiday gifts and gifts for other babies. I have made my own wee one a sweater and that's it!
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Hello Everyone!

OMG it's November already. Yikes, the time is just flying bye. I can't believe how much faster the second pregnancy goes. DS still takes up all my time so there is hardly any counting of the days like there was with his pregnancy. I finish work on November 15th so I am excited about that and about having more time to take care of myslef, I am really putting off getting all the details ready untill then. I am not due untill the 19th and ds was two weeks late, so i figure I am still ok for time, though I don't know how many more weeks I can say that.

We have had a rough couple of weeks, dh is in an education program, so because they are student teaching in Nove/Dec he is in the throes of mid terms and papers right now. And of course DS picks this week to get sick and really clingy and whiney. I am at my wits end with him, his nursing and cuddling is like a newborn agagin and he doesen't want to DO anything, just whine. Yikes. Oh well hopefullly he will feel better soon.

Otherwise I am doing well, I feel pretty well and my hips have stopped huting so much, whether thanks to the chiro or just the baby moved I don't know. But it is so much easier to function without the chronic pain thats for sure.

Its getting colder here and I am geting excited about the holidays. I figure once I hit 30 weeks, next week, things will really start picking up, what with the holidays and dh being off school. Hooray for the home stretch!

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Ahhh you guys are all making me panic Still nothing done in the area of baby prep.

Got back from my two week visit to Nova Scotia last week.
It was so nice to have some downtime...handed the care of my DS over to my parents and just slept. DS learned a million new words and seems more like a little boy and not a baby.
My BF's wedding went well and I looked great in a $8.00 bridesmaid dress.Yup $8.00!!!
The plane trip there and back was hell!!! Traveling alone with a active 19 month old and almost 30 weeks pregnant nearly killed me.

We had a naturopath take a look at DS just before I left to see if she could help us deal with some of his issues and started treatment while I was away what a difference..he is like a whole new boy still high needs but toned down considerably.
His sleeping was going well but the last couple of nights it has been getting worse for some reason.. Bummer I lost all that good sleep I caught up on.

Finally found a playgroup in my tiny town..and a Mama I met on MDC takes us What a wonderful thing it is to get out at least once a week and my son is loving it.
Trying to get motivated to call around to some local day cares to see if there is one that can take him one day a week so he gets some fun time without Mama and learns some social behaviors. Also Mama would love that one day a week break, well at least until the new one arrives that is.

DF recovered well from his Hydrocele repair and Vasectomy of a few weeks ago..its hard to believe that it means that this is our last baby.

My next midwife appt is the Nov 17th as well as the 32 week U/S to see if the kidney situation is under control, no fears about the kidney but am hesitant to see what else they can try and find wrong and try and bring gloom and doom to my life.
I really regret having the initial U/S this time and if I had it to do again wouldn't.
I have some fears that this will be a breech baby but nothing founded...been feeling around and can not for the life of me figure out what is what. I have researched what steps to take in case of it being breech...can't be too prepared.

DF and I are both praying that the baby holds out for Jan 1st as this would mean he would have 5 paid weeks off rather then 5 days...yeah big difference edd is Jan 9th but for some reason Jan 4th has been standing out in my mind.

Have a bit of a housing problem...downstairs neighbors are saying its either them or us but someone has to go..guess they can't hack living below a 19 month old.
Landlord has offered us a full month if we decide to leave(he would rather keep them as they plan on being long term tenets)and he knows that allow we like the place and it meets almost all our needs BUT it does not have a yard or is ground level, biggies when you have kids.
I told DF if and only if we happen to find a place that meets all our needs and is available now or the 1st of December will we move.
Otherwise my butt is staying put..imagine moving 40 weeks pregnant in the winter with a toddler or even worse with a constant BF'ing newborn and DF's valuable time with us is spent unpacking...Nope No Thanks

We know for a fact that the downstairs neighbors have been looking for another place with the same requirements as us most likely, and me thinks they decided to give the landlord this choice because they did not find anything that meet there needs..so if they didn't find it, we aren't either.

If they decide to leave we plan on taking their apartment Its ground level, two bathrooms with a semi-finished basement and nicer floors cupboards etc. Plus DS would not even blink an eye as its the same layout as our place so no problems adjusting to a new room etc. I am actually drooling at the thought of getting in there... all that extra space. We told the landlord straight up that if we decide not to move and they do don't even bother advertisting we are taking it. And the move would be so easy..bunch of friends and one room at a time..easy as pie.

A bit stressed out that we still don't have the money for our Doula's the extra money we were planning on using towards that won't be here till the new year and that is a mite too late for a deposit..thinking about asking DF if he can do a few extra days 2 or 3 should do it) at his Father's job to make it.

DF also blessed me with a lovely cough no cold just a constant annoying cough which TMI ensures that I am peeing myself with every one :
Nothing like peeing oneself to make one feel sexy.

Should go now and do some housework while DS naps SIL and her BF are coming over tonight. Her BF is going to set up my Mini-Shower DF is so not handy adn I have been waiting since July to have my Min-Shower back.
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Oh mamas, I can't believe we are nearing the end of this journey! It is amazing to me how time has gone by.
Had my 33 week appmt yesterday. Baby girl is breech/transverse. Her head is up near my ribs on the right side, but unlike a regular breech, she is transverse and laying sideways. My midwives will deliver breech, but there is no way to deliver transverse. I will do some research and hopefully find a way to have this little one turn.
I gained a good deal of weight and otherwise baby is doing great!
My next apmt is in 2 weeks and 2 weeks after that I will have my homevisit.
I need to have all my birth supplies ready and they will bring my birthing tub!
All of this and Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner!!!
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i am looking forward to the end of this week, and its only Monday!!! We have a three day holiday (DH has an inservice on Monday, so no kids for 4 days ). We will be heading down the hill Thursday night. We have a Dr.'s appt on Friday, and Saturday is Baby shower and Mother Blessing! I hope those will be fun! Not many ppl have RSVP'ed, and I invited 40 ppl! I don't know if the invites for the Mother Blessing have gone out yet, but I know we will have at least 6 women there (and me, and possibly DH).

This stuff makes it all real for me. My Bridal Shower put the reality of my wedding in my head, and I think these will put the reality of the birth and being a mom in my head .

My mom already bought our car seat!! I asked her to buy it before the baby shower if possible, so that if this baby comes early, we will have it in time. Also, I wanted to give DH plenty of time to mess with it, and get it installed perfectly!

I think Michael is head down. He is not engaged, he is chilling on my right side. This whole pregnancy he has favored my right side over my left. I can hear his heartbeat (with my Bebesounds) down near my pelvis, which is good .

My last Lamaze class is Saturday at 9:am. I think we will go to the first hour, and then skedaddle to the baby shower. The class and the shower are on the same side of town, so it shouldn't be a problem.

My mom really wanted to be a part of the shower. When I got married, she said she didn't want to be a part of the wedding: just wanted to attend, and then at the dress rehearsal dinner she started crying saying that she felt like she wasn't welcome at my wedding. then, at the dinner, she yelled at me, and basically ripped me a new one. Soooo... to prevent that this time ( and to help me keep MY cool-- I seriously thought about disowning her, and uninviting her to my wedding at that point), we put her in charge of the (very minimal) decorating, and renting the helium. I will help her blow up the balloons on Friday, and she will put them up on Saturday morning, at each point on the map (Turn left on this street--3 balloons; turn right on this street-- 3 balloons, this house-- several baloons). Well, she has been totally freaking out about this, and wanting my friends who are hosting the shower to put them up!! They are making brunch for everyone, and doing games, etc., they will NOT have time to do this very simple (but time-consuming) task. I volunteered to put them up at 8:am before my class (I really wouldn't mind-- I love setting up for showers, and it seems like fun to put up balloons). She won't have it, but is still griping about it! she has NOTHING else to do that morning, AT ALL. She has already spent over $300 on this baby, and will probably bring a small gift to the shower. She doesn't have to decorate, except to put the centerpiece on the table, and to tape the "Baby Shower" sign on the bar in the living room. <Sigh> This is why I didn't want her involved in the wedding (which was 4 years ago... I hold grudges)! She wants to be involved, and then wants to bail out at the last possible minute. And, I have talked to her. She wants to be a part, but she doesn't want to be responsible for anything . I am glad she didn't throw the shower (like she wanted). I am much less stressed this way .

Sorry for the rant!!!! I hope everyone is having a good week!
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Hi! I don't think I have ever really posted on one of these update threads before.

My last midwife appt was pretty short and uneventful. I agreed to do the GTT after all my talk about refusing it. She gave me a meal "prescription" to eat instead of the glucola, so basically it was just a blood draw, witch I would have had for plain old bloodwork that they do mid-pregnancy anyway. But it really does confuse those lab workers though. I had to explain numerous times that I didn't need the drink, just my blood drawn at x o'clock. I agreed to the test because for me it just wasn't a battle I wanted to fight. With everything but this my midwife is always saying that I can refuse anything, so there must be pressure on her to make sure that this test gets done.

One thing I am tickled about is that she located two fetoscopes, one to keep at the clinic where I have visits and one to keep at the hospital. So, hopefully no more dopplers.

I participate in a local MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) group and organize the crafts that we do once a month. I am busy now trying to plan ahead and have preparations done for the first couple of months after the baby is born. Also working on a Sunday School Christmas program at church. As if the holidays aren't busy enough, I always seem to agree to more things than I ought to. Dh tries to help me "just say no", but it doesn't always happen

I still have (hopefully)three whole months left, but am starting to feel the time crunch. I think this time I am focusing much more on being prepared for when the baby arrives, rather than the birth itself. Taking care of a baby AND a toddler almost seems more daunting than the first time around.
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Well, my shower was Sunday. I was happy to be home and see my friends, and I got to bring Tara and her son with me, which was nice. I'm glad she got to meet my family, and they got to meet her.

The shower wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. (Especially after how late my mom sent out invitations-- my friends started to think the shower wasn't happening!) And how difficult my mom made it for people to get the things I needed. (Yes, you have three days to order and ship something from online, but only if you have the website, and know what a chinese prefold is. *rolleyes* The woman frustrates me so much!) But, I didn't get a lot of useless stuff, either. I got mostly clothes and bath stuff, and a few baby albums, which I'm sure will be filled quickly.

And the baby is moving around so much lately! I don't have anything technically to report, cause I haven't seen the midwife in a while. (She's on vacation- I guess she's entitled. ) Nothing much left to do now, but nest. Oh! We did figure out the carseat, and installed it in the car today. But I still want to take it to a CPS techician to make sure everything is just right. Anyone know how to find one? Other than that, I've got a HUGE load of baby clothes to wash, and a dresser to arrange (wondering where I'm going to put my summer clothes...). Most of the big stuff is still left to get.
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Back from a trip to UT

I’m there with everyone feeling kinda freaked out that it’s already November? We’re not feeling very ready yet either but I’m being forced to think about it more since I have to finish registering for gifts for my baby shower which is coming up in December. Luckily friends are giving us lots of used goodies so we don’t really need too much. Plus, BFW within class starts soon.

DH and I just returned from a week long fitness retreat in southwest UT. The daily hikes, workouts, and vegan diet did the soul good. Baby loved it too. We’re just joking that we’ll have to invest in a high powered swing after all the climbing/hiking we did. I even did the zipline across a canyon and the Angels Landing hike in Zion (although DH forbid me from doing the last part of the hike which involved hanging on to chains to climb to the very top). Overall the guides were great and supportive and frankly I thought I was doing pretty well keeping up with the group but now that I see our pictures I notice that there is almost always a guide in front or behind me. I don’t think their used to having pregnant women who are 7 months along in the group. I will say that my pelvic area was sore most of the trip. The interesting thing about this trip was that the town we were in is mostly Mormon so I got to talk to a lot of women younger than myself who have had 5 kids or more! Now these ladies are experts in childbirthing and love to talk about it.

I’ve been learning how to sew after buying my first sewing machine. I’ll admit that straight lines are harder than I thought they would be. I managed to make about 30 super cute flannel and terry baby wipes and a few changing pads. I am going to move on to curtains and then maybe attempt to make some cloth diapers. We’ll see about that.

Been getting bigger. My MW says that according to my measurements the baby is in the 92nd percentile!!!! I’m not so pleased about that since I’m looking forward to delivering a smallish baby at home.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
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I'm headed in for my 3rd ultrasound next week because the OB is concerned with my weight gain. I did not dissapoint! At my last appointment a few days ago I gained yet another 5 pounds in two weeks. They upped my thyroid medication again, and doubled my iron supplements because they didn't like the results of my bloodwork. I'm also measuring 2 weeks ahead. So they want another ultrasound to measure the babys size, placenta, and bloodflow to it. Everyone else is glad for the extra u/s because they want to be sure this babe is really a girl. I'm a little excited. (I know, unnessasary u/s are not on everyones happy list... but I figure I can be sorta happy since they find this one nessasary) I've never had a late ultrasound, so I think it will be sorta neat to be able to see the baby as she's big and active.

My back pain hasn't gotten any better and my current chiro has sent me to someone else for awhile. He doesn't have a clue either and nothing much has changed. I have a feeling they just want me to birth this baby to get my pain to go away.

No where near ready for labor at almost 31 weeks. Still tossing around whether I want a water birth, or if the back pain is just too much for me right now. I would feel like an absolute chicken.. but I just not sure what I'm going to do yet.

I still need to register at the hospital : and uh... find the hospital. Yes, thats important too.
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We haven't registered yet. We are planning to do that after our Dr.'s appt. Friday. I like that my Dr.'s office is located in the hospital complex
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