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Well that hurt! Wow. Ouch! My abs are just starting to hurt and I know by tomorrow it will feel like I was pummeled in the abs by a professional boxer! Imagine a 6ft+ tall, 250lb doctor pushing on your belly with all of his force. He was out of breath!

OK, that said, it didnt work. Oh well. We tried. I had a feeling we were up against odds, since this babe has not budged one bit with all of the home turning techniques I have tried. She likes being right side up, or upside down if you will.

And now the details for the curious: I went in and had to go through full admissions to the hospital since I am not preregistered there at all. Then had to sign away my life in the form of medical waivers. DH had been freaked by the Vag Breech Birth consent form we signed because it had the "cardiac arrest, brain danage or death" line as possible outcomes. I was able to show him today that the Csection, Vag birth and epidural forms all had the same line. Lawyers....

Then it was all the fun I am trying to avoid by having a homebirth. EFM, IV, BP cuff, laying in bed. Blech. It all brought back way too many memories of my induction with my son. And the hospital smell...its still on me.

Baby looked great. After the shot of Terb, the doc did his thing. He tried both ways. I did my best to breath and relax, but come on...when someone is pushing in your belly, your abs just tighten! It was very tough and I tried to be strong, thinking ctx would hurt too!

Afterwards, DH and I asked a bunch of questions about the vag breech birth and they monitored the babe some more. Babe looked great! HR was always normal, great variables, good movement. Butt is more engaged in the pelvis, so the risk of cord prolapse is lessened.

DH feels more comfortable with the birth. I feel very at peace. I feel like we have tried everything and that I have a say in this birth. I am no longer being propelled to a decision I dont want to make. Even though I am fully aware of the fact taht I have a good chance of having a Csection. If it happens, I can deal much better than if I had been backed into a corner, forced to comply.

The doc is supportive of most of the things I push for as a doula - mobility, intermittent monitoring, hep lock as opposed to full IV drip, baby to mama right away, delayed cord clamping, etc. I am going to go ahead and get the GBS test tomorrow, so if I am neg, its one less battle with the hospital.

And now I need to worry about someone taking care of Ben, packing a bag, etc. Its a whole mind shift from planned HB to planned hosp birth (possible section). Anybody need a birth kit and a fishy pool?
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im sorry it didnt work..

ive heard that babies like to be breech because they are closer to your beating heart i think thats nice.. though tricky if you want a homebirth. wishing you a beautiful birthing experience despite the hospital atmosphere.. it sounds like you are keeping in good spirits despite it and thats rad.. i know i would feel pretty sad.
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Jenn, been thinking of you all day. Glad the experience is over and you're planning ahead for your breech birth! There is NO reason why it shouldn't be successful! From what you've said, all the odds are on your side so I would totally visualize having a wonderful, peaceful birth surrounded by your husband and wonderful doulas! You can do it!
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sorry baby didn't turn
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Jenn, I, too, have been thinking of you and your version today. First of all, I can only imagine how much it hurt/will hurt. I know my baby has a very bony butt that is always in one spot and whenever I have bumped myself there it hurts so bad, like the worst bruised feeling. I can only imagine how terrible that must feel over your whole belly -- hopefully it will go down in a few days.

Well, like many have said about birth, all we can do is stack the cards in our favor as much as possible, what ends up happening could be out of our control. It sounds like you feel this way, and I think that I would feel that way too, that you have done all you can and found the best people possible to help you through this, so that's all the stacking you can do. I'm sure that having all these support people, and knowing that you gathered all the information and took all the actions that you could will help you accept whatever outcome happens. As you (I think) and others have said -- there could be a good reason why baby is breech and she may be smarter than us all already.
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Sorry about the no-go on the version. Are you opposed to taking a little bit of Tylenol for the muscle pain?

The good thing about babies is that they have little butts. I am really rooting for you on the vaginal breech route!
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I know exactly how you feel. With DD they tried a version. She went halfway and then flipped back...went halfway again...and flipped again. All I could visualize was her poor little face saying..."Mommy! That hurts make him stop!
So I did.
I remember how it was with the pain too. My stomach was bruised and Red.
It's definately an experience.Telling someone about it just does not do it justice.Though I don't recommend it to anyone.

Good Luck with your decision to try a vag breech birth. I will be sending you all the best vibes a mama can on the day your little one decides to be born.

That's awesome what Fern said about babies wanting to be near mamas heartbeat. I've had two breech so far and never thought of it that way.

Huggs and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!
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You are so awesomely inspiring. The way you handle this huge change and adjustment to what you wanted is really incredible. I am just awed by your flexibility and strength.

Your baby is so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring mother. Thanks so much for sharing your journey thus far with us b/c it's really powerful.

I have this sense that things will continue to go well for you b/c you are so courageous. And you will have the confidence about the birth results b/c you know your options and are willing to advocate for them.

Wow. Just so cool to get to share this journey with you even if it is via the internet!
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I'm sorry that didn't !! But it sounds like you are handling it well, and have a good Plan B lined up for a vaginal birth. I know that it sucks to have to change plans and birth in the hospital--I am disappointed for you that you are not getting to have the home birth you wanted, I know that I would find that terribly disappointing. But it sounds like you are dealing gracefully with the change in plans, and I am wishing you an awesome birth experience and beautiful healthy baby whatever the particular circumstances of the birth turn out to be!!
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Sorry htat the version didn't work. But it really sounds like you have a lot of good stuff on your side and your plans all sound wonderful. Your baby is lucky to have you.
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Oh, mama, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you've found someone who will help you birth vaginally though.
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