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Where Is My Mind?!

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so, i just sat here on the computer playing around for the past couple of hours and completely forgot my appointment with my midwife this afternoon.

this is the second time now!
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Oh, no! I saw my mw yesterday and we barely had anything to say to each other. She was like, "well, you're ready." Yeah.
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Oh no! I can totally see me doing that. What did she say? I guess she can understand preggo brain!

We have been late to almost every mw appointment- because of traffic, even when we leave way early! We keep saying that she will now be late for our birth to pay us back!
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she was really nice, but instead of my nice late afternoon appointment, i now have a crack of dawn appointment on friday. bleck.
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Oops...I could TOTALLY see myself doing that! I have a hard enough time remembering things when I'm NOT pregnant!!!
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