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looking for QUAD advice!

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I know a woman who just found out she's carrying quads. I'd love to be able to direct her here for advice/support if there are other quad moms lurking around. Or if anyone knows of any web sites or anything, that would be great!
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Hi, I can't recall if anyone here has quads, but there's a Yahoo AP multiples group that might. Also, some major metropolitan areas have LLL groups for moms of multiples, which might be a great support to her if she's interested in BF'ing.
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If she's AP or wanting to be direct her to apmultiple yahoo group. Someone there can probably help with more specific information.

Definitely read Barbara Luke's book - what to eat when expecting twins, triplets or quads.

Most provincial/state parents of multiples organizations have a Triplets, Quads and Quints offshoot or extra support group b/c the experience of triplets etc far outstrips the experience of twins. I have a girlfriend w identical triplet girls - it amazes me what she goes through every day and they are SEVEN now. She nursed and co-slept w them all and got them to 34 weeks - amazing.

Good luck to your friend
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A woman I know has quads. I sent her this book http://search.barnesandnoble.com/boo...60542683&itm=1
It has so much wonderful advice on pregnancy nutrition, activity, etc. She managed to get her quads all over 3lbs and they are doing wonderfully. Good luck to your friend!!

I used it with my twins also. Love the book
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