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boy names

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My friend is now 5 weeks pregnant with #2. She has a boy and would most prefer a girl. However, odds are in her favor for another wonderfull boy!
She wants help thinking of names. She and her dh took 7 MONTHS coming to an agreement for the first.... William Richard.

I will pass any suggestions on to her.

dh is traditional, she's "unique"

if the child is a girl, they plan to name her Caliet Meglin.

Thanks for all your help!!!!!!
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How about Calvin Mark or Carl Matthew, if she wants to keep the same initials? Also, are there any folks in her family background that she wants to honor?

Traditional: Jonathan, Joseph, David, Taylor, Andrew, Lewis, Frederick, Eugene, James, Thomas, Edward/Edwin, Charles, Stanley, Stephen, Peter, Patrick, Benjamin, Stuart
In-between: Marcus, Davis, Ethan, Kyle, Tristan, Alden, Troy/Trey, Augustus, Aiden, Stephan, Fischer, Reed, Devon, Jared/Jarod, Damon/Damian, Horatio, Zackary/Zackaria, Jeremiah, Elias, Eliju/Elijah, Emmanuel/Manuel, Cale, Erol, Sullivan, Eban
Unusual: Rojan, Storm, Thor, Arlen, Elden, Ridge, Lazaro, Dion, Mahon, Cornelius/Cornell, Maitland, Caelan, Montana, Matty, Micah, Spyridon
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I only have a couple here but we like the names: We had Easton Alexander picked for the baby we had lost and our son is named Tracy Edward

I have friends with children named....Jarod, Trevor, Travis, Thomas, James, Caleb, Joshua, Dakota, and Talmage

Just some ideas!

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How about Samuel or Benjamin as a brother for William? Middle name after dad or a grampa.
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The names I have picked out, which I therefore like, lol, are:

Ian Andrew
Sean Daniel
Aiden James
Brian Andrew
David Richard

I also like Teagan, Sage, Quinn, and Django (pronounced Jane-go)

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There's been a lot of good names suggested already- I think I'm gonna write a few down for myself! But here's a few that my df thought of for us that you don't usually here:
Dante (pronounced Don-tay)
Brice (This is actually our 2 1/2 yrs old middle name, but I've always thought it would make a really good first name.)
Blake (We wanted this one, but his SIL used it)
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