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FHTs: 2 = twins???!!!

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Has anyone here heard 2 different heart beats, in 2 different spots, at slightly varying rates... and NOT had twins?!

We're UP'ing, and today we found two very different heart tones, close, but not close enough to be the same tones.

So I'm just wondering from you pros if that means for sure twins... or should I not start gathering clothes like a squirrel just yet?

(I don't have insurance or a care provider, so U/S is not available to me)

Thanks for any tips, advice, or just reassurance.

(BTW- I'd love twins, no problem.... just a little shocked!)
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I would think 2 different heartbeats would be twins. Do you have a way of getting them both at the same time? Then you could tell for sure. Do you have aby other signs of having twins? I was huge way early, my uterus was up to my belly button by 14 weeks and I felt like I was 7 months preg. Congrats if you are! I am assuming you will have them at home & I read some great twin stories at unnasistedbirth.com you might want to check.
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Are you using a stethoscope or a doppler? The doppler can pick up heart tones without being right on top of it, and baby's heart rates do vary. Also you can hear them through the cord, although they sound different, swishier. Really you would need two people listening at the same time picking up two different rates to be sure using that method, I would think. Could be, though. Are you measuring fundal height?
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I don't think I have a way to hear them simulateously. I have 1 doppler, and 1 stethascope. Hmm.... don't think I have any other signs? The only unusual things in this pregnancy are/were: feeling movement around 9 weeks, INTENSE hip and rib pain, gaining more weight than ever before, measuring larger than I have ever before (this is not my first child, LOL)... ??
ETA: Oh yes, they/s/he will definately still be born at home!

I am using a doppler, but it has never been our experience to find 2 distinct heart tones before... in any pregnancy. I do recognize the difference in maternal blood flow, cord flow, and fetal heart tones. I also realize there is a natural fluctuation in all heart rates. These are a good 6 inches apart, one is more "northwest" in comparison to the other. Also, it takes a bit of patience to find the other. It's not like I can stick the doppler on my belly and presto! With all of these things combined, it does make me wonder. I have only had midwives in the past, and even when it took a bit to find my babe's FHTs, there was never two!

Hmmm....??? Keep the suggestions coming, I appreciate it!
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If you continually get two different rates in 2 different places, I would definitely think it is likely twins.
You can hear a babys heartrate from different angles, and a baby's heartrate can go up and down, so if you hear it at two different rates from two different angles once it doesnt mean much.
But if the rate is one place is almost always lower than the rate in the other, after a few checks I think it is reasonable to assume this is not a random fluctuation. If it varies which is higher or lower then it might be random fluctuations on the same hearbeat.
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Is there any way you can get your hands on another doppler? I think hearing both heartbeats at the same time would be the best way to diagnose twins without an ultrasound. The heartbeat does sound different when you hear it echoing through the amniotic fluid. It is possible to hear one heartbeat on both sides of your belly. Have you tried palpating your belly to see what you can feel? My best friend had surprise twins this summer, and even though none of her midwives ever picked up on it (she was seeing a cpm and an rnm for backup), she often would palpate her belly and say stuff like, "okay, so here's the baby. . . and then, what's this BUMP over here?" BUMP ended up being baby #2! Do you feel movement in two very different places at the same time? I think, for the most part, twins actually move LESS in late pregnancy than singletons do (less space), but I would still feel little movements in way too many places for it to be one baby.

Since you say you first felt movement at 9 weeks, I would also wonder if maybe your dates could be off? That would explain such early movement as well as why you feel bigger now than you did in the past. Just a thought.

Good luck!

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