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October baby chat thread

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Just thought maybe those of us with babies could chat in this thread and not leave behind our sisters who haven't given birth yet.

Well the inlaws left today...yay! 2 days ago I was scared to death but now I feel much better physically. My cold is gone except for the cough and the baby has slept incredibly well the past 2 nights...she's a milk-aholic during the day but only one feeding between 11pm and 7am the past 2 nights...mornings seem to be her wide awake time.

She is not a back sleeper...but she is so strong...I put her on her back and she immediately rolls to her side! She is really filling out and is quite chubby. She fits our family so well...definitely the baby for us!

So I am getting ready to shower...both babies are asleep right now. Do you think it will happen? I can only hope!
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I hopped in the tub with my DS today when it was his bath time and Piper was nearby sleeping in her bassinet.

Piper is rolling onto her side as well, very quickly after I put her on her back as well! She has some cute baby fat accumulating as well.

Both kids are sleeping now. I actually got my DS to bed tonite in his own bed. He will crawl into bed with me and Piper in the early morning hours but that's alright. I'm really happy I got himto take a nap yesterday as well, I need to start doing that every day again. He has been such a cranky kid at night without his nap. It just takes about an hour for me to get him to sleep for a nap.

There's not too much to report about Piper, except that she is such a little sweetheart and such an easy baby. She nurses, sleeps, poops and pees very well, lol. And she's having more and more awake time where she is just so alert with her big eyes wide open and she smiles for us so much. I love our familiy of four

I have to share two new pictures from three days ago:

Brother and Sister

Bright Eyes
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Thanks for sharing baby stoires with us...gives us something to look forward to.

And tears in my eyes for not leaving us behind...it won't be much longer!
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so, aidan was up to 9lbs and 21 1/4 inches at our WIC appointment this week. The lady who weighed him said "you mean HE was preterm?!?!?" so, that's up 2 inches and 2lbs 11 oz in the 4 1/2 weeks since he was born. he will also roll to his side if i lay him on hisback, and actually almost made it all the way over the other day. DS1 rolled over from back to tummy for the first time at 3 weeks, so nothing would suprise me!

i wish Aidan was sleeping as well as your kids at night, though. he sleeps well during the day, but most nights is up every two hours minimum. A couple of nights, I've pumped milk for DH to give him so I can get a few hours straight and retain my sanity. I was planning on him being the baby that never got a bottle (this is the first that I've been able to SAH with), but oh well - I'm very prone to depression and anxiety, and for insurance reasons I'm not currently on my meds, so when I say my sanity is at sake, I really do mean it. For the most part, he's an absolute doll though. We're getting lots of real smiles, especially when DD talks to him.

And I have to share this TMI with other mothers, who will care . Aidan has started spacing out his poops - once every few days. Well, today was day 4, and he finally went. OH MY GOD! it was the most poop I've ever seen, I think . It went right out the diaper, right out the cover, and soaked his sleeper! That's the first time in my history of CDing that I've ever had a poop escape both the dipe AND the cover. There was NO space on the inside of that diaper not COVERED in poo!

okay, that was the highlight of my day - is that sad? I'm taking my entertainment when and where I can find it!
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Hi everyone! Glad to see a chat for us here...I actually thought of doing thid the other day but didn't know if anyone would be here to chat.

So Noah is an angel. He is so easy and sweet. Today we got hand and footprints done in bronze, he's 11 days old. We got both of our other kids hand and feet done when they were 11 days old too. It's fun to see how small they are. The kids like to look at them too and see how small they were.

He also took his first bath today...is this late or too early? I have no idea, but we had the energy to give him a bath today. His belly button has completely healed...fastest ever~we used goldenseal to help it dry out. Anyway he LOVED his bath!! He just lay there in the water and soaked...so cute!

Showers will be a little challenging...DH still has a week off so I will be fine until he goes back to work...but I'll have to fight my way in there soon enough! I remember when dd was born I wouldn't have a shower for days! Ah well...such is life!

Worldshakerz~your kids are adorable!!!! Love the pics!

Jeri~I love the poop story!! DD was just like that too (holding her poop in for several days at a time). Congrats on the great weigh in!!
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ok...so two baby monitors.. confusing! I hear a noise and have to try to figure out which baby it is. I left Martina in my bed...she is very noisy...grunts and snorts and "talks" in her sleep. Otherwise she is the happiest, most contented baby ever...She had 2 full days of crying like she was in agony...I was at my wits end..never had a baby cry that way like she ws hurting...thought of taking her to the Dr.(yes, this is baby #4 but I still worry) now she is so quiet I am thinking something is wrong with her ..Us mommies will figure out some reason to worry!

So she's here in front of me in a baby seat...figure it's my last chance to type today...kind of hoping she stays in there and settles for me to grab a shower. Hubby gets home tonight so all is not lost...I can shower later.

Martina's belly button stump fell off but it looks bad. not red but kind of yucky with a green spot. I have golden seal powder..is there a way to use that to dry it up? infuse it and dab it on?

World Shakerz...your kids are adorable. I actually took a pic of Sophia and Martina that came out nice but my camera died so when batteries are charged and I have a few minutes I will upload.

I am hoping to get a pic of all 4 of my girls...but with school and my oldest having a job it's kind of hard to get them all together and in a good mood. Maybe tomorrow!

So yesterday was completely on my own and I consider it a success! No yelling, crying etc. The only glitch was when hubby called last night and mentioned that when I am ready there is some work I can do at home for the company(we just started our own trucking business) and explained it to me and I started to get a little upset. I am 8 days pp....can we just wait a little before we get into this. The thought of it is overwhelming right now but I am sure I can do some things when things settle down. It would be research on computer and contacting where loads would be dropped for directions etc. Easy peasy, maybe a few hours a week.

Of course right now I would be happy to do it as long as the money I earned goes for a cleaning lady!

Mamas2atti~I think we should keep this thread here until all our babies are here and then move to LWAB...I was wayyyy overdue once and felt kind of abandoned at the end. So we will be here to cheer you on! And you are right..your babies will be here soon!
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what a beautiful little baby! I love the first picture with your two girls, so sweet
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allgirls they are adorable!!! kids are so sweet
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Oh, what a cute baby girl . I love the picture of the both of them too, it's so sweet.
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All these babies are so beautiful!

I actually got my DS to bed tonite in his own bed. He will crawl into bed with me and Piper in the early morning hours but that's alright. I'm really happy I got himto take a nap yesterday as well, I need to start doing that every day again. He has been such a cranky kid at night without his nap. It just takes about an hour for me to get him to sleep for a nap.
April, your home sounds just like mine. I think our toddlers also both weaned around the same time, didn't they?
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hey girls! we finally got the internet at our place so i can talk to you again...hooray!

haye is doing really well minus the thrush...does anybody know any home remedies for either of us so i can take him off antibiotics?

as for rolling over, the day we got him home he rolled over and it freaked me out...we got it on video.

here's some new pictures of haye!

haye's new toque

haye and grandma

deadwear haye

future revolutionary

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antibiotics for thrush? sweetie...antibiotics cause thrush...um...you need gentian violet (or a yeast cream or diflucan...if you go the medical route) but gentian violet works for me...it's cheap and lots of drugstores carry it...a wee bit messy though.

i put it on my nipple before bedtime and baby would coat her mouth by nursing...treat both nipples and wear old bra or nusing pads...it can stain clothes so use something older for baby as well. I have never spoiled anything with gv but can see it could happen.

I hope it clears up soon!

Eta...went back and looked at pics...he's gorgeous!!
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ryleeee your laundry is adorable!! welcome back!!

we are doing good. today is my oldest's 4th birthday and my youngest is 2 weeks old. we are having a party for him and everyone is coming to meet little Noah . should be fun.

noah loves to sleep these days. i am getting a lot of things done. i had this big rush to do things before he was born and now that he is here all he does is sleep and nurse and so i can get some of the other things done. good thing bc the projects are endless!!!
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Rowan is now 2 weeks old - sometimes it seems like ages ago that she was born and, at other times, it seems like just yesterday. She is eating well and was back to her birth weight this past thursday. She is a bit of a lazy latcher which has been a bit frustrating for me - i have to wait for her to open wide enough to get a good latch and sometimes it seems to take ages. I know she is hungry and she hasnt' been crying so i know it isn't because of that.

My husband is home still which is great - we both are off from work until january actually. we are starting to get out of the house a bit more which is really fun. life is good!
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gentian violet..i'll have to get that.
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Fitmama, it looks like your DS is just a month younger than mine. My DS was pretty much weaned in the last 2 months of my pregnancy since my milk went away and I couldnt' stand it anymore. I tried tandeming for about a week and then cut him off again because it was very hard to juggle for me, especially at night when he was nursing like a newborn again...like for like an hour and then as soon as I would try to get up he would wake up. I consider him weaned however in the last few days he has gotten (in his own words) "Just a little sip, and the rest a baby's". He's been sick and it's been once a day the last 2 days for about 10 seconds. I don't mind giving him some once in a while if he really truely needs it...like if nothing else will distract him. It's definitely just for comfort at this point if hugs/cuddles etc won't do it.

ryleee..good to see you around again. Little Haye is looking cute as ever...sleeping in the laundry basket, so cute!
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I have been tandem nursing and it gets a bit overwhelming at times....my dd had almost weaned and with this delicious new milk wants to nurse a lot more. Fortunately she is in her own room at night and never wakes to nurse.

Baby has settled into a pretty decent pattern...2 - 3 hours for nursing and at night only 2 feedings between midnight and 8am...she does cluster feed for about 3 hours in the evenings though which helps her through the night.

I went to the mall today...my 15year old had a gift card that was burning a hole...she bought proactiv for her acne...very expensive...I hope it works. I chipped in 48bucks for it as well..but it's a 6 month supply.

I am exhausted...time to get off my feet
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Hi, just thought I'd check in. I looked at life with a babe for an October thread, but I guess not yet!

My baby is three weeks old...doing great. He is sleeping pretty well, but I think he's having a growth spurt or something because he was sleeping a five hour stretch (!!!) but now he's down to maybe three hours at the most. Still, I feel lucky because I nursed dd every half an hour for the first few months, so this is heaven. He is just so easygoing and will fall asleep for dh if he jiggles him or walks him, which is also a miracle for us.

Dd is sort of a terror right now, but that's normal, right? i feel like I am saying "stop that!" or "don't!" every five seconds, even though we try to not say that too much...it's hard when it's pretty much dangerous stuff like smacking the baby's head.

but generally things are going fine. My dh is home for a few more weeks and I am sooooo glad!
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Maybe you second time (or more) mommas can let me know what you think of this -

My son is 16 days old today, and for the past 6 or 7 nights in a row, he has slept for about 7 hours straight through the night. Usually it seems like he sleeps from about midnight to seven, but once he slept from 9 pm till almost 6 am. He sleeps in the bed with his dad and I, he breastfeeds very frequently throughout the day, he has the appropriate number of dirty diapers, and he's gaining weight slowly. He was a big baby when he was born - 9 lbs and 8 oz.

So I'm kind of in a pickle here because I know he should be feeding throughout the night, but I also kind of believe that babies know when they need to eat and they'll let you know. He's by no means shy to let me know when he wants to feed at 7 am. Should I be waking him up after 2 or 3 hours to feed him? Should I let sleeping babies lie? I talked to my lactation nurse about it, and she kind of said that I should feed him during the night, but she didn't make a very big deal about it and left me feeling that maybe she didn't think it was something to be too concerned about.

TIA October Mommas,
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