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They may induce -- HELP -- weight gain, natrual induction

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I have an ultrasound in two weeks. If there is not sigficant weight gain inteh baby my midwife will move to induce based on rec of doc. Baby is 5 pounds 6 oz now and fluid is low normal at 9. I measure 6 weeks behind; according to US baby is maybe 2 weeks behind. Due date is 22.


I know i don't want to induce, and induceng because the baby is small seems silly anyway.

I know i am "ok" and "Normal"

but I also know this is what i have to deal with.

If they move for induceing i have already requested 24 hours to induce natrually.

castor oil and reflectology.

Starting evening of prmierose today to get ready for either 2 weeks from now to be incuded, or my due date 3 weeks from now, or the past due induction in 4 week.....

I need thoughts on natraul induction at 39 weeks -- if it comes to that.

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I think that you providers have a lot of fear.

#1 small babies may be normal for you esp if you or your partner are small people
#2 ultrasounds are notorious inaccurate for sizing

Has your baby been on a steady growth, ie your stomach has been growing at a regular rate?
Even that is not totall accurate. One month I measured 6 cm ahead then the next month I measured only 1 cm ahead
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there in lies the problem.

I am 6 weeks behind; I have been 8 weeks behind at times. Baby growth is not "steady"; though it has never really stopped -- it lags a lot and will routenly grow 2 weeks in 4 weeks or whatever. Last week -- we are on weekly appt -- it did not grow.

My weight gain has been just as bad. I started pg under BMI; and have gained roughly 22 pounds. Many many weeks i didn't gain anything; and lost about everyother appt up to month 6.

I AM eating enough, so much i feel like i will pop all the time -- and drinking enough -- again I might as well live in the bathroom.

I know that 5 pounds 6 oz at 37 weeks is ok, small but ok, but the fear is -- i guess -- if it doesn't get bigger in teh next two week then there is a plancenta problem.

not happy about it

i am eating more, doing les and drinking more, to try to help it,

but we will do what we have to do.

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i was in the SAME positon as you, low fluid and all.
All i can say is put your feet up, drink and eat as much as you want to(dont over eat, but if you are hungry, CHOW DOWN!)
They told me the day before I went into labour the babe would be around 5 lbs 2 oz. She came out at 7 lbs exatly, so short and fat her face was swollen!! She was totally meant to be a small baby, and that is ok!
I think the U/S makes more prob. than they are worth. I know you are worried about low fluid, but the fluid naturally decreases when you are ready for labor!! Just keep relaxing and dont stress, I bet you will have the baby in a few days!!
Is it the same health provider measuring your uterus?? I have many problems with my three MWs measuing just different enough to throw the fundal height off alot!
I hope your fears get eased in the next few days!!
Healthy baby vibe for you!
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there are a lot of "side issues"

my body --- I am very tall and long wasited -- so the baby doesn't need to pop out. I have alwasy been small; maybe 110 before prgancy at 33 and five foot 7.

family history -- Mom measured way behind with me the whole time too -- and went on leave my due date 9she is a nurse) and 2 docs asked her where she was going for 12 weeks. Mom is over 6 foot and was 130 before having me, and only 145 when i was in HS.

I am trying to do my best -- i think the wrost part is people doubting me, which makes the rest harder to take. (I have been accused of dieting and all sorts of stufff).

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I am not a professional, but I don't think that there is an accurate way to know the exact size of your baby in utero. It sounds like all of this is stressing you out, which is a bad thing. I know it is hard, but please try to relax. It sounds like you have the natural induction thing down, EPO and then when the cervix is ripe use castor oil. There are also accupressure points, sex, and all of the old wivestales to try. You can also try blue & black coohosh. Doctors always try to tell me that I measure big, and that I am probably going to have a big baby. My last baby was 6lbs. 4oz. at 39.5 weeks. So, 5lbs. 6oz. is not bad for your stage in pregnancy. Now the doctor is saying that my current baby is big and I am about 1 week ahead. I just nod and think to myself "yeah, yeah, whatever". Maybe you should try eating higher calorie meals and/or protein shakes if you don't want to eat. Good luck!
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