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it's a.....

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We had our ultrasound this morning!

It was so amazing!
I usually can't tell in ultrasound pics what is what, but I could see so clearly- she is perfect!

She said 90% chance that it is a girl... she wouldn't flip around and show her bits, and kept her legs all curled in (she was breech at the moment), but the peeks we got were little "lines" and no little "fuller area" where boy bits might be...She said though- that she could open her little legs and become a boy when something sorta plops down haha! But 90% sure is good... right???
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I think OBs/techs like to cover their butts when it comes to saying "girl.".... I bet there have been several angry moms who write in with a baby boy in a frilly pink nursery!

90% IS good, though. Welcome baby girl!
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CONGRATS, Kellykins!

Awww, you mamas are making me want to find out what WE'RE having . . .
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CONGRATS & WELCOME BEBE GIRL!!!! When we had our girl they were 75% sure...and she WAS a girl...so I am sure she is!!!! YAY!!!!
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: : Congrats!! : :

I'm cracking up about the frilly pink nursery...
A friend of mine had her ultrasound tech say "buy boy clothes, but do not cut off the tags."
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