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Baby Blues

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Hello mamas, Otis is 8 days old today, I cant believe it. Breast feeding was a hassle but we are managing and that was the only time I cried but today he has been really fussy and not sleeping well and Im so tired so Im crying. Its werid, he is the one thing that I wanted all my life and now Im like what did I do? Not in a bad way, Im so thankful and happy for him but I think I just realiezed what an important job it is to be a mom. I just love him so much and its so hard to see him cry.

I dont have much of an appetite either but when I do it seems like nothing sounds good. Any other mamas not eating much? Im trying to make sure and eat so that we keep up our milk supply. I ate last night at 11pm and then didnt eat anything until just now. Seems like thats way to long to go. I am drinking though.

Thanks for letting me post, I feel better

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I went through the SAME thing with my first baby and the second and now that I have my third...well I have come to accept what a great responsibility they are. Being teary is totally normal but you still have to be careful it doesn't get out of control...kwim? I used to wonder where the baby came from and when his parents were coming to pick him up

My DS1 was SO high needs and it was very hard on me, nursing every 20min and all day and night. One thing that everyone told me to do is to take a break from the baby, bc it is hard to hear him cry all the time. Take a walk around the block by yourself or take a bath if you don't want to leave the house. It helps just to have 5 minutes to yourself. Maybe you could go for a pedicure (they're only a half hour long) near your house? Try to pamper yourself with something small each day.

Good luck, I'll keep you in my thoughts!!! It really does get better, I promise!!!!!!
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Thank you so much for the kind words, Its great to know that others go through it too, its awsome and tough being a mom
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the toughest job there is!! hope things are getting better!
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I had major baby blues with ds1 too - like jen's ds, he was very high needs - cried a lot, especially if i had the nerve to set him down long enough to wipe my butt . it was tough, and often felt thankless. we also had a lot of breastfeeding problems - i cried through nearly every feeding for the first month. I'm glad things are looking up for you in that regard.

hang in there, it gets easier, though never "easy."
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