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UC Support Thread #23 November 2005

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roll call

Unoppressed MAMA Q UC (9/02 & 9/03)
andrea -- UC 8/03 story
Whit -- UC 11/03
2much2luv -- UC 1/04
thechrysalis -- UC 1/04
Mothernature -- UC 1/04
indigolilybear -- UC 3/04 pics
(first UC 5/01)story )
citizenfong -- UC 3/04pics
7kiddosmom -- UC 3/04
Carrieanders -- UC 4/10/04 story
Chaka Falls -- UC 4/04
rajahkat-(Kat)-- UC 5-7-04 (1st UC 9-6-01) story/pics
amyamanda -- UC 5/04 story
Karenpl -- UC 06/04 story
bookwormmama -- UC 6/04
wildthing -- midwife-attended 6/04 story
grnbn76- emergency cesarean, 7/04 story
Hathor -- UC 7/04 story
majazama -- UC 7/04 story
gr8fulmom -- UC 7/04 story
luna13mama -- UC 7/04
Chandar -- UC 7/04story
Klothos -- UC 7/23/04 story
madrone -- UC 8/19/04
TinyBabyBean -- midwife-attended 8/04story violet -- UC 8/19/04
Oshunmama -- midwife-attended 8/04 story
lovemygirl -- UC 9/9/04story
mellie-bellie -- UC 9/27/04 story
fourlittlebirds (formerly blueviolet) -- UC 9/04 story (first UC 7/01story )
JesseMomme -- UC 9/21/04 story (first UC 11/02 story )
StacyL -- Hospital transport 9/19/04 story
4xmamamia --UC 9/30/04story
DancerMom -- UC 11/12/04story
Ame -- UC 12/9/04 story
laurata -- UC 12/10/04story (first UC 3/02 story )
Lula's Mom -- UC 12/12/04 story
AmyD -- UC December 04 story
nikirj -- mw assisted 12/04 story
Asheville Mama -- UC 1/3/05
zonapellucida -- late January 2005
Chiromom -- 2nd UC 1/23/05story (first UC 2/03story )
Dandylion -- UC Feb 1 2005story
Mama2Lennon -- hospital 2-8-05
Hayliesmom -- UC 2-16-05
mehndi mama -- UC 2-12-05
KateSt. -- UC 2-17-05story
Kinsey43 -- 3-10-05
hawkfeather --unhindered w/mw 3-24-05story and pics
jenniebug -- mw 3-26-05
sprinkle pocket --UC 3-23-05
Mamagaia (Rebecca) --UC 4-1-05
liamandpipersmama (Laura) --UC 4-17-05 story
FreeRangeMama -- UC 4-22-05 story (first UC 9/03)
june'smom -- UC 6/3/05
cresorchid -- UC 6/29/05story
SunflowerMama (Lisa)-UC 6/05 6/05story
amandaanne -- UC 7/14/05story
Devaskyla -- UC 7/15/05
Skim (Kim) -- UC 7/18/05 story
ecurlycue (Elizabeth) -- UC 7/26/05story
heldt123 (Jamie) -- hospital 7/29/05
Binah Yeteirah-July 29, 2005story
moonlightinvt-UC 8/1/05 story
rainbowmoon Hosp trans. VBAC 8/10/05story
Quickening- UC 8/17/05 story
ChildoftheMoon (Brandi)- UC 8/25/05 (1st planned uc born still 7/19/04 peacefully at home with mwstory)
shell024-UC 8/30/05 story
hoppytoad (Karen)-UC 8/31/05
NoworNever (Stephanie) -UC 9/21/05 story
Worldshakerz (April) UC 9/30/05 story
teachinmaof3 (Heather)-10/05 story
Tuckersmom(Brianna) UC 10/10/05
movingon(pyra) hospital transfer 10/15/05
riceMomma UC 10/26/05
Oetien UC 10/30/05 story
littleteapot- cesarean 11/1/05
brandybehr 11/05
Mama to 4 (Joy) Cesarean 11/1/05
bailey228 hospital transfer 11/14/05
milquetoast- Cesarean 11/18/05story

allgirls (Carolyn) EDD 10/16/05
Loriana (Dana) EDD 10/31/05
Folkymom (Kelli) EDD Nov/Dec 05
DreamsInDigital- EDD 11/20/05
Viritidas (Amy)- EDD 12/5/05
Mamaperk- Due 12/05 (1st UC 6-03 story)
Arora the Explorer-EDD 12/03/05
kynd mama-EDD 12/13/05 Planning UBAC
InnieTurnedOuttie EDD 12/27/05
hottmama-EDD 12/28/05
IamIris (Angel) -EDD 1/2/06
Rockies5 (Carrie)-EDD 1/17/06
KathleenRay EDD 02/06
feebeeglee - EDD 02/06
yvonnemlv-EDD 03/06 (1st planned uc-mw 9/03story)
amyjeans -EDD 03/06 (1st UC 10/9/04)story)
rachel -EDD 04/06 (first UC 10/25/04 story)
djinneyah(andi)-EDD 5/14/06
rajahkat (kat) EDD 5/06
Anakna4 (emily) EDD 5/21/06
nursinmamaa (Jill) EDD 06/20/06
Aurora -- EDD 07/06 (1st UC- 10/03-story

Please PM me for changes and additions
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Good to see you back, Amyjean, and that you're busy unpacking in your new home! We're looking to move too, only it'll probably happen weeks before baby arrives, LOL. That's how it is supposed to happen, right?
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Anyone else hanging out growing their UC baby? Our thread is soooo near the bottom here!

I'm getting close to my EDD. I feel really good though. I don't think i'm "miserable" enough to go into labor anytime soon. Perhaps I'll change my mind tonight though! I'm 37 weeks.
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Tee hee... are you having fun ... er exploring and feeling baby's head? Wow 37 weeks, so close! Excited for ya! 23 weeks here. Have a cold right now as does my son.. makes traveling sucky.. beyond sucky. We catch a plane this afternoon to go back to my mom's. Whee. (we were visiting my dad for a week). Then this weekend we're doing this lil family weekend getaway at some hot springs. I am excited. I love hot springs.
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Checking in...I'm about 17 weeks, (my edd above is a little off and maybe someone could just make it say April, since I'm usually 2-3 weeks early anyway!). I'm looking forward to feeling more of the baby's movements.
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I'm 37 weeks (+1 day) too! But like you, Arora, I don't feel like I'm going to give birth any time soon, and I'm okay with that. I feel fantastic! No back pain, no heartburn, no bad symptoms of any kind. I have settled into this place where I'm totally content and ready, though! I feel so dreamy and strong and sure of myself. I feel so close to my baby and I am just sure everything will be fine and I can handle anything that happens. It's a great feeling.
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Hey UC mamas! Just popping in to give love and belly rubs. Arora, I can't believe it's getting so close for you! I'll be watching.
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I think I should join you guys. I had my accidental UC a couple weeks ago, and for my next kids I'll definitely go UC all the way!!
You can read my birth story here!
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34 weeks, 1 day.
Cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday.
Bought hose for pool Sunday.
Ordered supplies (vinyl mattress cover and a few random things) yesterday.
Checked my cervix today, and have gone from 2 to 2.5 cm in the past 2 days- had gone from 1.5 to 2 in the week before that. Kind of nervous worrying baby might come sooner than expected, but I feel safe birthing at home at this point. It's definitely a big baby (or two?), I've been measuring 3-5 wks. ahead since 22 weeks. I was 3cm with my son from 37 wks. (first internal) to his birth at 39w4d. So hopefully it'll be at least a week or two, but I doubt I'll make it to my EDD.
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Well, it's less than 2 weeks before my EDD now. It's interesting to think I'll be meeting this baby sooner than later! I'm not convinced that I'll have a baby before my EDD though. My others were born a week or more before my EDD, but I was pretty uncomfortable. This time, I'm not uncomfortable yet, so I'm thinking, I might just go longer? Any guesses?

Viriditas - How are you doing? Still complaint-free? I'm feeling really pretty good still. As you said - no heartburn, no back pain, etc. I do have patterned B/H right now, but that seems to be my late pregnancy thing. I figure, it's just less work I'll have to do during labor.

Yvonne - I feel like you just announced your pregnancy and now here you are at 24 weeks now! Wow, time flies! Sheesh, I'll be reading your birth story before I know it!

Speaking of birth stories -- oetien -- your story was so beautiful! Wow, what a great inspiration. I hope to cling to your story as I birth. Mmm, I think I need to go read more UC birth stories!

Kate, it's great to know you'll be watching! I hope to be able to post when I'm in labor, if I can figure out when I'm in labor. Sometimes I just don't know until I'm too far into it. Plus, there's something nice about just me or just me and my DH knowing. But, if I feel the urge, I will certainly post! I'd like to know UC'rs are sending me warm vibes.

Rachel, have you felt movement yet? That will be so exciting when it happens!

Mandy - I'd feel comfortable with UC at 34 weeks, too. But, goodness, you're 35 weeks now! I should note, there's just no guessing when it comes to when babies come. This one could come later for you. It's just so hard to tell. I've never gone past my EDD before, but I can imagine that it might be even more of a challenge if you think you'll go early. I always like to plan for a later baby and then be pleasantly surprised if it comes early. But, you have to do what you have to do! If you need to be prepared mentally and emotionally for a baby at any moment, then so be it.
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What an amazing story, oetien. Congratulations.
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hey there all- just checking in-
Welcome newbies/babies and the lot!
Still in boxes and suitcases here- seems there really is not enough time in the day to unpack.

remember to PM me if changes need to be made!

lots of love
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Originally Posted by Arora The Explorer
Viriditas - How are you doing? Still complaint-free? I'm feeling really pretty good still. As you said - no heartburn, no back pain, etc. I do have patterned B/H right now, but that seems to be my late pregnancy thing. I figure, it's just less work I'll have to do during labor.
I'm fantastic! I can't believe how fast the time is going. I'm in super nesting mode now, though, and really tiring myself out trying to do so much.

Today I got a burrito at Rubios and I was at the salsa bar. A man told me to eat some chili peppers and they would make me go into labor. I laughed and grabbed one. MAN was that thing hot! About 5 minutes later in the car I had a REALLY strong, achey contraction. Maybe there's something to this 'spicy food' old wives tale... Of course, I haven't had any activity since.

oetien- what a fantastic story!

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Arora, 2much2luv, and Viriditas.. Thanks for reading my birth story!
Amy (viriditas) and Arora, I can't wait to hear your birth stories after you give birth next month! (hopefully next month, hehe)
Amyjeans, thanks for putting my name on the list!

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Arora - yep, I feel the baby moving more and more each day!

Oetien - Congratulations!
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Oetein, Congratulations, and what a beautiful birth story!

I am pregnant! Due with another sweet babe this July. We are planning our second UC.

I am so excited that viriditas and Arora are due soon!
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checking in! m/s finally let up a few days ago, and today is the first day i've been on the computer in weeks!

oetien - what a beautiful story!

Aurora - i just got done reading your first UC story congrats on baby #2!

looking forward to reading a couple more birth stories (arora and veriditas) soon
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hey there everyone!

What's cookin?- oh yeah, our babes he he he

So you mamas out there about to birth- how are you feeling? Any news yet?

Wishing you happy birthing vibes!

Please PM me for any updates corrections, etc!

love amyjean
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ohhh Congrats Aurora! moving you to the expecting list!
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Oh! Aurora!!! Sending you warm growing baby vibes right now...

Well, I think things might be getting closer to me. Shall I count the signs? Let's see...
Ctx that are getting really frequent. They're like "false alarm" quality - coming frequently and more and more intensely, but then petering out with the sunrise.
Diarrhea (no such thing as TMI when it comes to labor, right?)
HUNGARY and then TIRED all in rotating order throughout the day no matter how much food or sleep.
My cervix is now flat and beginning to open. That's just changed in the last couple days.

Ahhhh... perhaps I'll meet my baby sometime in the next couple days... or at least by Christmas!!!! I'll try not to be so convinced I'll give birth soon. It could still be a while. But, goodness, I've had some nice signs that point to sooner than later!

An odd observation -- as I get closer to my EDD people seem to want to KNOW things. Like, what room of my house will I birth in, when do I want to go into labor, do I want a boy or a girl, will I sing during labor, etc, etc, etc. I truly have no opinion on any of that. I'll just go with the flow. I'm not sure why people want to know these things.
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