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She had her baby on Nov 14th. That's all I know
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Wow! I'm suprised at the number of people whp were waiting to hear! i feel so special . I did FINALLY have her on Monday Nov 14th at 5:31pm. She was born at 45 weeks, perfectly healthy. She was 8lbs 11oz 21" long (much smaller than I thought she would be, which is probably a good thing). She is so pretty and looks just like her daddy . The only downside to it was that I ended up going to the hospital . I woke up at 4am already in hard labor with contractions every minute (I must have slept through early labor lol). At about 9am I checked my bp and it was really really high so I got scared and we went in. I thought I would still be ok at home, but at this point I really didn't want to take any risks. As soon as I got to the hospital, everything happened that I knew would happen if I went in. I was hooked up to every machiene they had and forced to lay on my back. It started to get pretty bad and at one point I had a contraction that just wouldn't let up, I was contracting hard for 10 min straight. I started panicking and couldn't breathe which wasn't helping anything so the nurse put something in my iv and after she did it told me it was a pain killer and it would probably make me really drowsy. I told her that I didn't want it if it was going to make me sleepy but it was too late by then. It didn't do anything for the pain but it did make me feel like I was going to pass out at any minute. I couldn't handle the pain anymore, I wanted to at least sit up but I couldn't. At home breathing through the contractions was easy and when they got hard, just hugging my husband made it very easy to deal with, but here, I couldn't do anything but lay there and cry. (my husband said later that he doesn't think that he'll ever be able to get the image of me in pain out of his head) I ended up getting an epidural which helped the pain, but not the panic. I had come in to the hosptial nearly ready to deliver, I was already at 8cm after 5 hours of labor at home. My contactions stopped doing anything though, it took a long time to finally get complete and once I was, I pushed for about 4 hours but she was stuck on my pubic bone (hmm may that have anything to do with being on my back?! ). The Dr came in and immeaditly started lecturing me on homebirth saying how dangerous it was. I just told him "Thanks but I don't need a lecture" All the nurses were quite sweet and friendly, but the Dr was a . He started threatening me with a c section and telling one of the nurses to go get a room ready for it. I said well, before you go and cut me open, can we at least try some pitocin first? He said "oh well, you've been on it for the last few hours" Umm don't they have to ASK me first before they start giving me stuff?? I just told him that there was no way I was going to get a c section and that the baby was going to come out the way she should. I kept pushing and he used a vaccum to help pull her out. It was the weirdest sensation in the entire world (by that time I was immune to the epi, I was still getting the same dose, but I had been able to feel everything for the last few hours) After her head was out, I remeber looking at my husband and the look on his face was one that I will never forget. As soon as she was born and I held her, everything up to that point didn't matter, I had a beautiful healthy little girl, despite all the interventions. The Dr said I was lucky that I came in because if I had been at home I wouldn't have been able to push her out, she would have died. I ignored him, pretending that I didn't hear him and I was just staring at my little girl. I was thinking that if I had been at home, she would have been born hours ago and without getting stuck because I wouldn't have been forced on my back. She nursed right away and latched on perfectly from the start, and hasn't let go since. The second night at the hospital, she nursed for 16 hours straight, I couldn't get her to let go to let me get some sleep. After 16 hours of sucking, my nipples were raw and very very sore and I was about ready to pass out, so I gave her to a nurse who walked up and down the hallways with her to keep her calm while I got 2 hours of sleep. She is quite the demanding little girl, she must either always be held or nursed for her to stay calm. She doesn't sleep ever lol. But she is beautiful and perfect and I aboslutely love her. I'll post some pictures later, but I have to go rescue my hubby from bouncing up and down the hallway now, lol.
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Congrats from a lurker here.
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Congrats. I am glad that both of you are safe. Many blessings mama!
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You did an awesome job holding that sOB off as well as you did.
Congratulations to you all!!

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby mama! I can't wait for pictures, and thank you for taking a moment to share your story with us as well.

ETA At 45 weeks? You go!!
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Sorry about the jerk OB...

But congratulations! :
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congratulations! enjoy your baby moon!
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ooohhhhhh.....she's just beautiful.....congratulations new family!!!!!!
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Well, that's too bad you ended up in the hospital, having to deal with all their shit. But you do have one gorgeous, stubborn little girl now, don't you? Enjoy your babymoon!
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Pretty little baby! (thanks hubby for the pics!)
I'm sorry that you had the hospital birth. Glad both of you are okay.
Enjoy your babymoon!!
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YAY! Congrats mama, and welcome to the little girl!

You did wonderfully, and I'm sorry you got such a rotten OB.

I seriously think that baby is perfectly on time, but it's really cool to think you've been waiting THIS long past what you thought was your due date. Kudos, kudos!
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Congratulations!!! She's beautiful!!!!
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congrats,Bailey228, and thank you hubby for the pix. She is gorgeous. Maybe she was tense from all the BS that doc tried to hand you! You go, girl. I bet you are absolutely right about haveing to be in the bed on your back that caused many of the problems....that wouldn't have happend at home. this is why i call most American hospitals torture chambers, and even some nurses look at me like I am stupid. But it is true. When women are allowed to go and do what they want during labor, nearly the LAST place they would be is in the bed...(Dr. Michel Odent as my witness)..you'll have your UC next time. I almost guarantee it! PS. Adjust your due date to 5 weeks from when you think it is! Congrats!
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Wow! I'm suprised at the number of people whp were waiting to hear! i feel so special . I did FINALLY have her on Monday Nov 14th at 5:31pm.

I have been waiting FOREVER for you to come post her birth story or at least tell everyone you had her!! Do you know how hard it was not to type anything? I wanted to say something so badly but i didn't want to steal your little time to shine!! But never fear, i was a good girl and waited!!!

Go enjoy your babymoon. Yayayay I can't wait to see her!
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she is sooo beautiful congrats momma! you did amazing !. be proud of yourself!
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What a beautiful baby!!! Welcome Caia!
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