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Hi! I agree with Cathi. With her figuring method, it should take you out to 42 weeks, or so. (If I understand it correctly) It sounds like you are 42 weeks + a couple of days. NO big deal!! So far, I've had babies born between 44-46 weeks and all were fine. The largest was 8lbs. 4oz. Your little one will come when the time is right, only the Good Lord knows when that will be. He brings them forth in His own good time. Relax and enjoy the nesting/quiet time you have right now.it will soon be over!
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Originally Posted by folkymom
Maybe Caia just wants to be a Sagittarius - speaking as one, we are very cool people, so I wouldn't blame her.
ITA... we are cool. You've got a week & half Caia to get your chance!
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Just another supporter here - I'll keep checking back for your birth story! I'm inspired by you, mama. Keep hangin' in there. . .
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Hoping baby Caia (love the name!) makes her entrance very soon.
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I'm keeping tabs on you, too. Since you and I were due the same day, according to the original date you thought you were due, you're simply amazing to me! I went four days over (I won't go into a lot of detail, but I'd only dtd with dh once in many, many months - it was a make-up session from a long period of bad relationship stuff, and knew my dates) this time. I was just about 2 weeks overdue with my first - and had a full chart to prove the conception date. Both times, I ended up crying, exhausted with my own impatience. You're my hero. I can't imagine if I were still pregnant, a month later. I can't wait to read your birth story!

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thank you all for the good wishes! Now if I could just get her from trying to claw her way out the front of my stomach....
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Thinking of you and hoping everytime that I load this thread your birthstory will be waiting!

Best wishes to you for a peaceful happy birth.
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Any news?
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nope all quiet. LOL my grandma is gonna be upset if this little one isn't out by thanksgiving! She's comming up to IL from FL just to see her. hehe I wonder if Caia is gonna be that much of a punk and come after grandma and grandpa leave. I think she'll be here before then though. Although she's gonna be so young, I really don't want her being passed around from person to person to person just a week or so after she's born, espically in cold/flu season. I'm not thinking there will be any way to avoid that though without having my entire family disown me forever. I'll just try to limit contact as much as possible. Ugh, the thought of about 25 people passing around my newborn. : I'll just try to "feed" her as much as possible (ie go to my old bedroom every 20 min with her ) My dad sent me a rather irritating email today. He said "well since you're not adverse to trying alternative medicine like chiro and acupuncture, maybe you could try something a little crazy, go to a REAL Dr. They just might have an idea of how to induce labor" : I just replied "induction of labor is very dangerous for both me and the baby. She is much safer waiting in there until she is ready to come out. Induction not only has problems in it's self, but it greatly increases the chance of c section which doubles or quadruples my chance of dying and can cause many many problems for the baby, including breathing difficulty even several months after the delivery. I won't harm my baby just because it's uncomfortable to be pregnant for so long. She will come out when she is ready. " I wanted to say that I won't harm my baby just because some family members can't be patient : I told my husband, just in case I forget about all of this, next time I'm pregnant, make sure I pad my due date by AT LEAST a month. Mabye 2. That way everyone can be pleasantly suprised when the baby comes "early"
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sneaky thing, you! : I am with you wholeheartedly....That is what i did with our second, cuz the family drove me nuts with the first. Not to mention I was NOT going to be induced under any circumstances....had a nice argument with my OB on that one...I won....
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"Now if I could just get her from trying to claw her way out the front of my stomach...." I'm right here with you!! Have you checked out www.spinningbabies.com ? There's some interesting ideas on how to get the posterior baby to turn, and theories on how proper positioning can hold up labor. I wonder if that's not why all my babies have been late... maybe there wasn't enough pressure on the cervix to get things started earlier. just a thought. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're not alone on the "clawing baby" syndrome!! When it gets bad I get down on all fours and wiggle! (I know! Bad picture!! ) Take care, and let us know what 's happening!!
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DD was "only" 10 days past her due date. Well, we actually had no idea when her edd was, so we were just going by my u/s (both predicted the same) and I was measuring pretty much on target. But from mid-Dec until her birth I was an emotional roller coaster!!! DH was a student and didn't get any time off so I was so praying for DD to be born during his winter break. Didn't happen. Anyway, just saying that I feel for ya and really admire you, esp. w/ the BP issues. You sound like the smartest, most self-informed, confident 19 yo I've known! You're gonna be an awesome mama to Caia.

I'm so glad that you have MDC for support since even your "hippie" sister isn't being so supportive.

You're almost there! Belly rubs to you!!!

Oh, and I totally 100% agree to splurge and get an awesome massage by someone experienced w/ preg. mamas. It will really really really really REALLY help w/ the swelling! You'll be peeing for hours after!!

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Yup, I tried every trick they mentioned to flip a posterior baby, plus some chiro work too. She just loves sitting backwards. Maybe she just wants to come out and see daddy's face first, rather than my butt . (hey I don't blame her!) Yup, between MDC and my awesome hubby, I can deal with my family's comments. I'm so lucky to have him as my husband, he supports everything I do. (plus he gives really good massages )
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lurking here and checking on you just wanted to say a great way to avoid the passing-baby-syndrome is to keep dd in a sling. my last two babies started in the sling from about day 2. newborns sleep most of the day anyway, and you can just say you don't want to wake her up to take her out. most people wouldn't *dare* wake a sleeping baby, even pesky relatives

positive thoughts your way
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Hoping there is news
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Bailey, I wish your wait to be almost over. You're doing such a beautiful job of giving your baby just what she needs right now. What a loving mother!
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Well, you sure have been quiet here the last couple of days. I'm guessing you have more important things to do! Looking forward to hearing about it!
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I'm betting you had her in the last 2 days sometime! I hope!
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Originally Posted by DesireeH
I'm betting you had her in the last 2 days sometime! I hope!


everyone is waiting for the news
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