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waterbirth experience ??

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Hi mommies... looking for others who have had experienced giving birth in the waterbath. Can you share your experiences with me. Even if you didnt go all the way and only used it as a relaxation method, please describe how it was for you.

Many thanks.

I had hoped to give birth in the water first time but first child came too fast...was only in hospital for 2 hours.

Hopefully can experience this as I heard many wonderful things about it and here in Germany all the hospitals have waterbirthing baths.

Thanks for sharing.

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I'm interested in hearing what others have to share, as I am planning a waterbirth for our 2nd in June.
For my first I had water labor, but got out of the tub the last hour to push.
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Can't wait to hear the responses. My EDD is 4/14 and this is my 2nd baby. With my first, I did labor in the water and it helped me dialate quite quickly.


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Waterbirth is wonderful! I labored 23 hrs. altogether, the first 14 out of the water, the rest in. I don't know why my midwife wouldn't let me in earlier- if I hadn't been so young & dumb I would have just crawled in instead of waiting for her to tell me! But once I got in it, it was beautiful. I felt supported & bouyant. I was much easier able to relax into the sensation of birth. I felt much more private & protected in the water, covered, since I was modest then. It is so natural & nice. I wouldn't do it any other way. In fact, when this new babe rolls around I'm getting right into that tub as soon as it's full. If you have the opportunity or can create it-do so, it is so worth the effort. When I was on land those 1st 14 hours it was dreadful for me-I was shaking & very uncomfortable. The water calmed me, helped me relax & open. When I pushed my ds out, I was squatting, like an indian priestess, it was glorious! He wasn't crying or tramatized. He was pink & peaceful & began to 'talk' immediately-gagagoogooasthwethebub-it was like he was telling me a story! It was incredible. he hasn't stopped talking since! He is the kindest most gentle & sensitive person that I know. When he was 2 he ran after the head of a pinata donkey that someone had broke off & tried to put it back together! he's having his 13th b-day on Sat. & he is wise & funny & kind-my guppy, my fishy, my froggy! You can always get out if you don't like it! I wanted to be alone in the water even though there was room for ds dad. Any movement of the water while I was in the thick of it was distracting from my concentration & focus. I hope you & your babes are blessed to have a waterbirth.
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LOVE LOVE LOVED my waterbirth. I haven't done it anyother way so I can't compare but I will definitely be having a waterbirth with this baby too (second baby). My labor was 29 hours with posterior baby. The only place that I was o.k. was in the water, when I got out to pee I would actually run so that I could get back into the tub before the next contraction came. There are so many benefits of a waterbirth I'm just going to do a list
-lowers blood pressure if you are having problems
-you can change positions with ease because of the water, squatting, etc was easy I was able to get into positions much easier and hold them easier. I'm not sure I would have had the strength to squat, etc for such a long labor otherwise.
-the water helps you stretch and crown slowly so you are less likely to tear
-major pain relief contractions (especially during transition) that felt unbearable out of the tub were much easier to deal with with the water
-it is a more natural transition for the baby, water to water, there is less trauma. Shiah didn't even cry to floated and quietly looked around at everyone it was fabulous
-no mess! clean up after the birth was so easy we just drained the tub and threw away the plastic liner. We had some towels and recieving blankets to wash but that was it.

Thats all I can think off right now. Anyway it was wonderful. My dd loves water it can always relax her not sure if that is related to her birth or not.
take care
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I had my second child in the water. No pics of the birth to share yet, but will get some off the video. SOme of afterward and the birth story are at:

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I had a waterbirth with my dd, Violet and am planning on one for baby due in February as well.

Suffice it to say that once I got in the water, it was very hard getting me out. It cut the pain by 1/3 I would guess--taking the pressure off of my body was heavenly. It was so gentle....

If you want to see my birth pics, you can go to:


and click on the "Violet's Birth Day" album.

Good luck!

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indiegirl - beautiful pictures! Hope your next birth is just as beautiful (although not with 10 hrs of transition -- I though two was bad enough.) We're planning a home waterbirth any day now with our second babe and can't wait.
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SHoould we rent an aquadoula with a heater (just another expense) or sue my jacuzzi sized tub?? COncerned about keeping water warm!?
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Originally posted by myrhhmaid
I don't know why my midwife wouldn't let me in earlier
I remember reading somewhere that if you get into water too early in your labor it may actually slow down the progress. This could be why your midwife didn't let you in until you were further into the labor. Anyone else here this?

I've always thought the idea of laboring and/or birthing in the water seemed calming. I am hoping to make use of the birthing tubs in the hospital this time around. We'll see.
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My dd had a waterbirth in a large tub. Everything went beautifully and since it was my first, I can't really compare it to anything else. My labor was so fast that we barely got into the tub in time to push her out

The only thing I would change for next time is to get a bigger tub. All my pre-birth visions of the birth were of me squatting and the tub I used was just too small to squat in. I was mostly sitting with dh sitting behing me holding me up. Next time I'll get a bigger tub, either an aqua doula or a horse trough

So, LukesMum, to answer your question, just be sure your tub is big enough to be in any position you think you might want. The water can be kept warm by just adding hot water from the stove if necessary.
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dotcommama - I've heard that too, but my mw didn't seem to think it was a big deal. She said, "well, if you get in and labor slows, just get out." Makes since to me! I don't think it's much of an issue.

BTW - we rent water birth tubs locally and one woman who recently rented one said then the one time she tried to get out the tub she totally felt like an elephant! That the weightlessness of the water was invaluable. We recently set up a tub at home for our 'trial run' since I'm due very soon and I know exactly what she meant. You literally FLOAT in the tub -- how can that not be relaxing. BUT, when I got out, I had to be really careful and go very slowly. It might be hard to manage if you had to get out for some reason during active labor. My mw does lots of waterbirths and said that rarely is it necessary for the mom to get out after active labor.

Janessa - did you deliver the placenta in the water? My mw prefers that you get out. Just curious about your experience. Thanks!

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my friend told me that if the water is too warm it slows down the contraction. She says try to have it around 30 degree or something. Also one doesnt want it too warm since your body is releasing lots of heat to begin with. That was a good tip to hear.

(although another person told me she didnt stay in long since the water got too cold). interesting variation.

Thanks everyone for sharing your tips with me. Loved reading them. I hope I can do the water birth this time.

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Originally posted by marchmom19
She says try to have it around 30 degree or something. Also one doesnt want it too warm since your body is releasing lots of heat to begin with.
LOL must be degrees C. 30 degrees F would be below freezing!

I had mine at about 100 F and it was too hot (and I love hot baths). We got it down to about 96-98 F and it was fine.

You'll know if it is too hot. You won't be able to tolerate it for more than five minutes.

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I will NOT labor on dry land! Why...when there's a better way??!! My midwife calls the tub the "aquadural." I have two little ones....an almost two year-old and a three week-old; both times I labored almost the entire time in the water. With my son....I had a hospital birth with a midwife and was "made" to get out of the tub when I needed to push by the L&D nurse. This last time, Esme was born in the water at a local birth center. It was so much more mellow and relaxing. The water was kept at 100 degrees....much cooler and I would start to feel chilly. Esme emerged in her sac and when I lifted her out of the water, she did not cry.....just looked around with amazement at everyone. It was pretty incredible I highly, highly recommend it.

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Hi GB's mom
I got out before I delivered the placenta. After Shiah was born 5-10 minutes I didn't want to be in the water anymore. So we moved to the bed and the placenta came about 20 minutes later. My midwives prefer that the placenta's delivered on land so they can judge blood loss more accurately but if I hadn't wanted to move they would have been fine with it just watched me more closely.
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Thanks. I have a feeling that after the baby is born I'll be ready to get out too and be ready to lay down and snuggle.

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I agree with all the wonderful things written by all of the waterbirth mommas so far, but just want to add something about the temperature of the water. It is important to monitor the temperature of the water and keep it fairly warm (I don't know exact temperature offhand, but I think it was in the Mothering issue a few years ago that focused on waterbirth). If the water is too cool, it may prompt the baby to take it's first breath while it is still underwater. The way I understand it, temperature change is the major thing that will prompt the baby to take it's first breath - whether it is temperature change when the baby is taken from the warm water to the surface, or when the baby is born from the warm mommy to cool water. The water should be approximately the same temperature as the mommy.

I speak from experience - I had a wonderful waterbirth with my second child, and intend to birth all future babies this way, but her first moments were a little tense because she breathed her first breath underwater, and then would not breath once brought into the air. She had to be "bagged" by my midwife, but after a few moments of heavy stimulation, she came around, although much slower than a new mommy likes to see! I know that the water had grown pretty cool by the time that she was born, and I am sure that played a role in the problems. After all, who doesn't gasp when suddenly placed in cold water?!?! Needless to say, I will be carefully monitoring the water temperature at my next waterbirth! But that said, even with the "underwater breath" problem, I never felt that she was in real danger - just made those first moments more tense that I would have liked.

Waterbirth is a great way (and only way, in my opinion!) to have a baby. I never intended to have a waterbirth, but once I got in the water, there was nothing anybody could do to get me out. I've had babies both in and out of the water, and I have to say weightlessness is the way to go. Makes contractions much less intense, and pushing a breeze!

Sorry so long, hope I've been helpful...

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