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I've been back at work FT for two months now after being on leave with dd#2. The first month was HORRIBLE...my group was going through a reorg, so my responsibilities changed, I had a new boss, who was in the middle of selling a house out of state, so he was telecommuting for a month, and no one in the group seemed to know very much about what was going on. So not only did I have to be away from my baby, but I had to sit on my hands all day. It's gotten better--the job I do have is less demanding than before I went on leave, and the work is actually something I am more or less interested in, and can learn from. Best part is I am across the street from the day care center, so I can go nurse the baby every day at lunch. Also, the pumping facilities are great! So I would be giving up a lot if I changed jobs.

My heart is not in what I do, anymore, but we can't afford for me to stay home, and I'm not entirely sure that I would want to 24x7. As HollyBearsMom said, sometimes I feel like I am failing both at home and at work, but other days it works out okay. I just try to look for the other days.

On the subject of woman bosses, I've been about 50% lucky--my last direct boss was a single woman, who was really terrific. She was genuinely happy for me when I told her I was pg. On the other hand, when I told her boss, my vp, who is married with a grown daughter, that I was pg, her comment was "oh, and I take it this is good news?" I've never forgotten that comment, and have never entirely trusted this woman since then.
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I just recently cut my hours to 12 a week. I lost benefits because of it, but my dh and i decided that my paycheck now will pay for our benefits.

And because of my hours being cut i'm at the mercy of my employer to give me what ever shifts she feels she needs me. Which include every other weekend. LOL, it's worth it though, I don't care what they do to me at work, as long as i get to be with my little man more.

I'm scared for us financially because dh is self employed contractor, but you know...there are some things in life we can't control. Just hope for the best
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Yes, I bunch up my hours so I can teach all at once (thanks to my dept chair for arranging that!) and work at night and on weekends when dd is asleep.
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I work my 8-hours and then go home.. no more overtime (I used to take on LOTS of extra projects)

Consequently I am no longer tapped for high-profile or plum projects like I used to be..

And I am definitely mommy tracked.. no management opportunities for me.. and I used to be heading there.

I am still valued for what I do, though.. and my bosses.. both women and men.. are generally very supportive. I still pump for 10 month old ds at work and that's no problem..

Do I miss my more high-powered career.. well sometimes my ego misses being a "rising star.."

But I am much happier having more time for my husband and son.
And my life has become less stressful along with my work.
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