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Neat eating

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At what point in time can I expect my 30 month old daughter to use a spoon or fork to eat with. I'm about to rip out my hair! She'll use it fo the first three bites then use her hands for everything from rice to yogurt.
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sure, if you keep giving her gentle reminders to use her fork, or if you get some cool looking fork and spoon set maybe she will use it....

30mo children sometimes lack the hand muscles though, to be able to carry out holding a spoon or fork through an entire meal....maybe give her lots of finger food options as well as say, yogurt, then explain that she needs to use the spoon for the yogurt...

just an idea
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Yea, it's kinda embarrassing isn't it. Our ds at 39 mos still prefers hands, though he is skilled with a fork. He finally gets it that rice really works best on a spoon, but noodles are always by hand. I think he likes the feel of his food and likes the speed in which he can get it into his mouth, so we don't bug him too much. We always keep a washcloth at the table to wipe hands after meals. Really messy stuff, like syrupy things, he will use a fork. Patience, patience. A good eater, which mine is not, to me would be worth having over a messy eater. If he is interested and interacting with his food, my hope is that he will eat better. he is still a bare noodles kinda kid (no sauces). We also make a lot (we... I mean my dh) of our own stuff (pasta, bread) so that he sees us handling it a lot with our hands before we eat it. He likes to touch all the stuff we cook. People learn all sorts of ways, tactile is a key one.

What about playdough to help get the feelies out before dinner? We also let our ds set the table and use any fork he picks for himself (he likes the adult sized ones).
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