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2cnd time around, POP!

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Holy cow. Is this normal? Last week, at 9 weeks, I was so pleased I had sprouted a tiny little bump, low, so I knew it was probably uterine growth. Now, one week later, My entire abdomen is sticking way out, and I feel like my stomache is being shoved into my ribcage. Is this just because my uterus is shoving intestines and organs around, and my stretched out ab muscles can't hold them in? I've always heard you pop faster after your first, but this seems ridiculous. I mean, I'm only 10 weeks. Could I just have massive gas and not know it?:
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I have seen woman that you could tell she was pregant by 8 weeks but I would ask your care provider to check you out
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This is my 3rd and you could tell I was pregnant by the time I was 7-8 wks. I don't know why, but my sister says that we unconsiously hold our stomachs in and tighten those muscles, and upon finding out we're pregnant naturally release those muscles. Who knows?! If it is gas, give it a few days and you'll return to normal. If not, then be sure to flaunt your cute pooch
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Sadly enough I was in maternaty clothes by 8 weeks with my 3rd. I don't remember with my second but I am sure it was earlier than my first.
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I guess you just never know what's 'normal' until you look back on it. I feel a little smaller today, but I'm definately 'showing'. Not in a cute way, just kind of bloated looking. Good thing is, it's starting to take up some of the skin slack that I have.
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With my second pregnancy, I was in maternity clothes at 9 weeks. I popped out FAST. I got to deal with all of the stupid "Are you sure you're not having twins!?!" comments. :

I looked a whole lot further along that I really was. It finally evened out around 6 months and looked like a normal-sized pregnant woman.
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Yes! I feel like a fraud!

I'm 16 weeks and I look the same as I did at probably 22 weeks--yet, I've gained virtually no weight yet. Wierd. Can't say "it's-all-baby", more like ..."it's-all-internal-organs-and-stretched- muscles"
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Ya, it's just not too poetic at this point to rest my hand on my bloated belly, and think, "Wow! I think that's my liver". I hate reading those fetal size charts...Your baby is now the size of a lima bean. Great. A lima bean...I'm the size of a large cantalope. I like being big when I'm supposed to be big. Rubbing a butt or head is so much more fulfilling than say, a spleen. Well, time shall fix all, eh?
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It's the darndest thing. I went to bed last night with a half watermelon in front of me, and today, it's gone. I think my organs figured out where to fit for the next week or two. I feel like I'm going through all this for the first time. What a trip.
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I have the opposite problem.. I am 12 weeks and don't look pg at all still.. I wish i did a little.. I didn't show with the 1st until after 25 weeks ,and the 2nd at about 22 weeks.. it takes forever for me to "feel" pg after the morning sickness wears off.. One of my best friends however, started showing at about 9 weeks.. She looked like she was 4-6 months pregnant... I guess it's all in how you are put together in there....

Warm Squishy Feelings....

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I'm 10 wks today and my belly sticks out too. I don't remember having this w/ either of my other two, but I can't wear any of my reg. pants anymore. It's all athletic pants (oh, so comfy!) and my "big" jeans now. I spent the last year losing the weight from both of my other pgs, and it only took me one week to look like I gained it all back! I accept the fact that I'm going to get big, but I just didn't expect it so soon! My df is having a field day with it!
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