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Mommy dies, baby needs EBM!

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this is the saddest story! Mommy dies shortly after birth, daddy has given baby EBM from donors since birth and now the insurance company after appeal still won't help.

Who the heck can we write?
I wish I still had enough to send....
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I have an overabundant stash in my freezer (probably 300 oz.). I work and pump, but my DD never takes more than 4-6 oz. while I'm gone! I wonder if there is a way I could get in touch with him...I'd be happy to send him whatever I can (I don't know how I would do that - FedEx and dry ice, I guess).
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I emailed the author of the story and offered...I asked her to forward my email to him. Who knows if I'll get a reply...
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If you do get a reply, let me know. I have excess (fresh- I pump every day to keep my supply up) that I will never use.
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Wow, both you ladies are so generous! I hope you get an answer. Keep us posted
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Morgan's Mom - I also have a good freezer stash built up, so let me know what you hear. (BTW, hi stranger from WC!)
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I saw this story a little while ago here..

and contacted the author of the story.. she said she talked to the father and he said thanks for the offer, but he is going through the milk bank (i guess satefy issues?)

after checking into the milk bank policy, i found out that the donor's baby has to be under a year old for them to accept b-milk
dd is 14 months, so I was bummed out.

I wrote her back and asked her to forward my info to the father in case he ever changed his mind seeing as how i can't donate to a bank anyway. I wouldn't mind sharing whatever dr. files on me and my family.. I got another "thank you" and that was that.

I think he is probably flooded with requests.. and I can see how he would have to worry about the 'safety' issue.

what a heartbreaking story!!
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interesting, yes I suppose the milk bank has to charge so much to assure some safety of the milk.
So sad that breastmilk is by Rx only and formula is litterally free....says so much....
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Oh well, that's ok...I bet I can find a couple of adoptive mamas to share the wealth with around here....

I hope he is successful in taking it to the insurance company. There's no love lost for BC/BS in my house!

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just fyi--
the san jose milk bank is not accepting new donors
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Reply from story author:

I will forward this email to Tom. He is not accepting milk directly from donors, but encouraging them to donate to local milk banks. Thanks, Dorsey
I know there is a milk bank in Austin. I would donate to it, but I *believe* they require that you use a particular kind of pump, a particular kind of storage system, etc. It's obviously too late for me to do that with respect to my current stash. Hopefully I can find an adoptive or low supply mama who needs it!
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I am planning on contacting the local LLL and LC to find anyone who needs it but figured I would wait another month so I'd have a ton to give.
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morgans_mom - that is my problem, too. what to do with the stash I've already got.

I will definitely look into a milk bank for my ongoing surplus, though. I think there's one in NC. Does anyone have a link for that one?
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its triangle mother's milk bank -- http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/5816/tmmb.html .

seems like read something one time about a milk bank occasionally accepting a one time large donation like a freezer stash, but i can't remember the details. i've never been much of a pumper myself though i did try for a friend who had true supply issues.

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I have donated to Colorado Springs and San Jose and neither had any requirements as far as storage container or pump. They did prefer bottles to bags (but were more than happy to take my bags) and wanted m e to sterilize my pump everyday, but didn't ask if I had. It also wasn't hard for me to find adoptive moms who wanted my milk. If you have some to give but can't go through a milk bank I recommend going to www.breastfeeding.com. I was denided this time so will have to donate directly this time.

Just a note on the cost of going through a bank. I would ship about 200-350 ounces at a time and each time I did it would cost the milk bank about $100 in shipping cost. Then they would process it and ship it to someone else. Not to mention screening and blood work.
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beanma - thanks for that link. I called the NC milk bank and got an answering machine. The message said something to the effect that they are only accepting limited new donations at this time. But I left my name and number and dd's age, so hopefully they'll get back to me.

Meanwhile, if you know any adoptive moms, etc., in NC or coastal SC who need milk donations, feel free to pm me. I'm going to a LLL meeting this weekend and I'll let them know also. Some of my freezer stash is going on 2 months+ (I've been trying to rotate it, but when I have so much more fresh than my little partial reverse cycler will take I sometimes get lazy), so I really need to donate it soon.
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I received the following email from the dad today:

This message is a response to the many emails I've received regarding my son and our quest for coverage for breast milk.

First of all, thanks for your support of Wes and me and of breast milk in general.

Many people have offered breast milk directly. Due to the risk of infectious diseases, I'm afraid we can't accept milk from outside sources. I certainly appreciate the offers, but I can't take any risk, small as that risk would be, when it comes to Wes's health. Mothers can, however, donate through a milk bank. (More info, contact MothersMilkBank@hhs.co.santa-clara.ca.us)

Some of you have also expressed an interest in donating cash. Any donations should be made to the fund we set up in Sarah's name.
The Sarah Forslund Fund for Environmental Leadership
c/o The Sierra Fund
409 Spring Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

In terms of our fight with Blue Cross, it looks like they've won another round. And I'm not sure if we'll pursue it further -- it takes a lot out of me, including time I'd rather spend with Wes. Hopefully, we've achieved at least one of goals: promoting the importance of breast milk as a resource.

Most importantly, Wes is doing great.

[cute picture of Wes]

Wes Forslund-Mooers
Tom Mooers
[email address]
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