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Okay, I am rarely sick, but now I am feeling just miserable! It is 2am and I'm awake because this ear pain is not allowing me to sleep.
It's behind the ear itself, up high on the neck, and it is a little swollen.
I thought I had an ear infection for sure, but went to a walk in clinic today and they said the canal looked fine.

It hurts worse when laying down. It sends pain down my skin as well as inside down the throat and around ear and behind it (although not too much IN it).

I did get a dose of antibiotics after 4 days of lots of vitamin C and it getting worse. It is only a 5 day dose. I haven't taken any antibiotics for a couple of years (since mastitis).
Should I worry or is this no big deal?! I don't have a fever, but it hurts and I tend to worry anyway?!