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Questions about PPD

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I hope my questions don't sound really stupid, but is PPD limited to a certain amount of time after the baby is born? Is it always related to hormonal changes? I ask because although there were hard times after DD was born, I feel like it's been a downward slope since maybe 15 months or so. Like, I held it together till then, but the toddler stuff has made me gradually slip into a funk that I feel maybe was there waiting for me all along, but now I can't seem to get out of. Hope that makes sense. I just wondered if that has anything to do with PPD or if it's just run-of-the-mill geez-it's-rough-with-a-strong-willed-toddler anxiety/depression.

I went to the PPD website someone mentioned and my score on the self assessment was pretty high, but most of the questions seemed like they could apply to any age of child. I'm in the process of finding a therapist to work with, so hopefully things will get better. Thanks!

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HI EllasMamma,

I don't think there are any time frames on when PPD can start, when it can end... there are so many variables. I dn't htink your questions are stupid at all
Some people start slipping down the slippery slope quickly after the baby is born. Mine took a few months - it started soon after I had my first and we were home (aside, he came home three weeks after he was born) and took more time with my second. With my first it lasted a year and with my second it lasted around 8 months but was more severe.

Good luck w/ finding a therapist
Mommy to Kieran, Donovan and Liam
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I agree, there are no real time frames. It is soley hormonal? I've done some research and the answer is no. Some people have the hormonal side of it and others have the stress of raising a child can be a trigger to send them into depression much like the stress of losing a job or getting a divorce can send someone into depression.

I hope you can find a person to talk to. The stressed of working with a mild-mannered child can be insane and a strong willed one must be terrible!

HUGS and please keep talking. That helps.
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Yup, to the time frame being pretty open!! I was 4 mo pp before we figured it out. And also to the not purely hormonal. I forgot to add in my introduction (see the other thread) that we came home from the hospital on a Thurs. with dd#1 and on the next Monday my 40-something unmarried, childless professor in charge of a graduate assistantship that I had was emailing me wanting to know when I would be back to work. I think that contributed greatly to my ppd--along with the stress of trying to do it all, and do it all well.
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Thanks for the replies! AM Mom, that is crazy about the guy wanting you back to work so soon, but in a way I'm not surprised. I had a head honcho from my old job pat me on the shoulder and tell me something like hurry up and squeeze that kid out 'cause we need you back here. (I worked as a customer service manager with several people who did my same job, so I was no huge loss). He also told me he was on the phone securing PGA tickets while his wife was in labor. Makes my husband seem like man of the year!!

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It was a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I recently read somewhere that PPD can show up anytime in the two years following the birth of a child.

Mine started roughly when my ds was a year, but continued to get worse and went undiagnosed until two weeks before his second birthday.

My suggestion would be to see a psychiatrist and if he deems that you truly do suffer from clinical depression, discuss your options -- medication, talk therapy, natural therapy. Just don't let it go too far, like I did, to where you are physically sick and can no longer function. Meds may be scary, but they have literally been a lifesaver for me.

Edited to add -- roughly 20 percent of women who suffer from PPD will not come out of it on their own and it will continue on indefinitely. Just something to think about.
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My OB told me it could show up anytime bewteen birth and 2 years of age. That time frame is when they will diagnoise PPD. After that it goes into other types of depression.

Good luck with finding your therapist!

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Originally posted by AM Mom
It was a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: That makes me really sad, or mad, or something. Disgusted, I guess. At least with a man I can fabricate some kind of excuse based on a lack of cultural teaching, hormones, and maybe sense.

I'm interested to hear that PPD can hit anytime 0-2 years and still be considered PPD. Not sure if what I have qualifies, but I think maybe it's part of the whole equation.

I met with 1 therapist today for a 30-min. free session and talked to another on a 20-minute phone session. I have 2 more to interview in person before making a decision.

As for meds, I started taking St. John's Wort about a week ago b/c I took it 5 years ago and it helped me feel less bleak. It's too soon to have really kicked in yet but I'm hoping it works this time around, too.

Thanks for all of your replies and support! I was just telling the therapist today that at least in today's age most of us have access to books and the internet, which past generations didn't have. So as isolated as we may feel, it could be a lot worse without forums like this, Mothering mag, Dr. Sears, etc. I just hope in future generations there is a little more respect for the incredible and challenging job of mothering.

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Kudos to you for getting some help! This is good!

Don't worry about the meds yet. Some people can go with herbals, others need the meds. Do what is good for YOU...

On the woman thing... I have a female boss and she's been a pain since I had my dd. She gave me grief about going PT so I could be with my dd some days and then threatened to take away my office because it's too nice for a part timer. And she has taken away some of my work projects and given them to less experienced people because I am part time (not to say I could have done the work)... One of the higher bosses (male) asked if she might be jealous of me?

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That is so sad that you're being treated that way. I can only hope those women have kids one day and finally "get it." Even a mama who's pretty uninterested in her kid could understand that you don't just get back to work a couple days after having a baby! As for the part-time situation, good for you for finding a balance. I wish there was more understanding of the need for those options.

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