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May mamas - Check In!

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Hey everyone, how's it going? We've been awfully quiet lately - we're 1/2 way there!!

I am feeling pretty good, other than some nasty, hormonal hissy fits (not coping with dd 2 1/2 very well & my sister just had a baby with Down's). I have gained about 20 lbs already, but my tummy just really popped out in the last week or so & I really look pregnant now. Just had my first bout of indigestion a couple of nights ago, but it was fine after a couple of Tums & lots of water.

I have been going to pre-natal yoga when I can get out & that is so great, but I need to get a video so I can do it at home too. I'm going to ask the instructor for a recommendation on Saturday.

I'm still nursing dd for a couple of minutes in the morning, but that's it. No more nursing to sleep until after baby comes (if she still wants to) because of the awful way it makes me feel. Been having a lot of trouble getting her to nap & sleep at night without it, but it's starting to get easier, if not earlier.

Speaking of which, I'm off to bed. Let's hear how you're all doing!

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Hi Helen and everyone!
I am 20 weeks tomorrow - wild! Feeling fine. Finally starting to look pregnant instead of just plump so that is nice.
Yesterday we ordered a new loft style bed (desk underneath) for dd1 (age 6 1/2) so her twin bed can be handed down to dd2 (age 2 1/2) so the crib can be put in the new baby's room. Wish it didn't take 8-12 weeks to come in! Still should be fine (especially since we use the bassinette in our room for the first three months) but want to get dd2 into a big girl bed far in advance of putting baby in the crib - just don't want the "she/he kicked me out" issues! But it is time for dd2 to get into a big girl bed, regardless of whether or not we need the crib for someone new.
Not finding out gender until birth but trying to decide what color to have the nursery painted.... Dd1's room is pale yellow with lavender accents. Dd2's room is about to be painted pale green with pink accents. I was thinking pale blue for the baby's room (no accents until after we find out who will be living in there). Do you think that would be OK for a girl??? I could do white or yellow accents and it could be very pretty for a girl. Or navy and white or red for a boy? What do you think?
Hope everyone else is good.
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well hello, may mamas!
yes, we've all been laying low a bit havent we? glad to see you rouse us Helen!

I am also 20 wks now, 21 this Thurs. (yes, still counting with military precision- the years of FAM & conception timing training can't be broken!) Interesting to think I am "half-way"- except it's not exactly downhill from here from what they tell me.

Kirsten- I think the light blue room would be very nice for the baby & if it is a boy, I have seen the cutest chennile things- with planes & trucks etc in the red, navy & light blue. & I think for a girl the blue base will be very nice, you could almost think of it as a sky backdrop & do a flowery outdoors motif for spring!

I am starting to really feel the stress of physically preparing for the baby to be here with us. We have a bathroom to tear out & rebuild sometime between now & then! I am trusting DH & his brother & I am sure they will not let us (me-n-lil'bit) down. I hope to be done with work by the end of March, MW said she can make it happen based on my size & the type of work I do (very sedentary) so I am counting on having that time to really get thing in shape.

I am feeling very big myself & wearing stretchy pants all the time with the waist band pulled way up, just like the pregnant ladies do. I guess I'm still adjusting to being the pregnant lady! Although I don't look so different to others, the difference in how my tummy feels is tremendous. Where I used to be very soft & squishy, to use a technical term, I now feel very tight & full, all the way up to my bra. Bcz I sit at a computer all day I have to sit up very straight & push my breast bone out, or else I feel pinched, no more bad posture! As of Dec I hadn't gained any weight yet, which is our goal since I am already ample, but am looking forward to my appt next week to see what effect the holidays had. I definitely feel my appetite increasing & I am sure that chocolate milk isnt on the preferred foods list. It is funny how my food-moods come & go. For a month I ate garlic-stuffed green olives non-stop & now last nite they made me feel quite ralfy.

Anyone checking into child birth classes yet? My midwife's asst is an eclectic CBE & teaches using alot out of BFW, although she's not a certifed BFW instructor. I kind of like that bcz she doesnt have any particular indoctrination, KWIM? She has a 6 wk class in that ends March 30 that seems kind of early, but I think the next class won't end until the wk of my due date, which seems kind of late. I'm not too worried about if I have the baby b4 classes are over, I am mostly into taking it so that DH & I will have more time together focused on the baby, instead of the bathroom tile.

Can't wait to hear how everyone is coming along!
blessings, maria
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Hello all
Glad to see updates!

I'm doing well, 20 weeks now and feeling wonderful, no more puking I have energy and have been feeling the baby moving since Dec 9th. This is the best part I love it. Shiah still nurses 3 or 4 times a day which I'm o.k. with she has cut down so much in the last few months I was actually worried she would wean last month but she seems to have found a happy medium.
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the projects I need to get done before the baby comes. I need to sew 36 diapers and 8-12 covers. I have a blanket halfway done, 6 diapers for a customer and I promised I friend I'd make her a mama coat. Yikes what was I thinking. I'm also watching a 6 month old 3 days a week, though I have asked the mom to try and find another caregiver I really want to spend my time with Shiah. Does anyone else feel like they are racing against the clock? I'm so excited to have another baby yet on the other hand I'm so sad that it won't just be me and dd. She needs me so much right now and I want to be able to devote 110% to her in the time we have left alone.
Has anyone travelled (flying about 8 hours in the air 10-12 hours with layovers and all that fun stuff)? I really want to go home but am wondering if I will be up to 12 hours of stress pregnant and with a toddler.
Take care all
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hi Janessa-
hey, I am dreading getting in the car for a 8hr drive to MI to see family. Have rescheduled it 2x & need to get it out of the way soon. It's not so much the travel, it's being away from home, I just want to stay here. Period. I do feel I have so much to do & not enough time to do it in. On one hand I can't wait for the baby to come, on the other, yikes! the time is gonna fly by!
take care- Maria
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We've had a whole lot going on lately... we're moving to a smaller apartment (in the same building) at the end of the month to save money, it will be a hassle but oh well! I can't feel too sorry for myself because I have friends who have moved/will be moving when they are farther along then I'll be.

I am 23w 2d today (yeah, I am countin' em down). Spawn has been kicking lots and I am looking *rather* pregnant. I've got more energy now (did'nt I say the middle was the best part? ) which is a good thing! I can still sleep 12 hours at a stretch if I get the chance to though... my appetite is ramping up, which is almost funny. Where I used to maybe eat 2 pieces of pizza and be stuffed, now I can eat three plus a huge salad. I'm assuming the baby is jacking the extra slice of pizza for itself

Since I have been having such a hard time finding a job we have decided that I should be a WAHM, so I have been selling some of our extra stuff (to downsize for the move) and am going to start sewing baby clothes. I will sell them online or at the Fremont Market with a mama friend. Eventually I may move into sewing diapers, but it's spendy to get started with the right fabrics. I am still hoping to find something PT a couple days a week so we can budget on it but I'm happy that for the most part we have found a solution that will work for us (and for baby).

Kirsten, what if you went with a periwinkle color for the walls? That would be easy to make into a boy room with darker blue accents or pink and lavender accents for a girl room.

We're not doing birth classes this time, BTDT... but I am buying McCutcheon's Bradley book, it is a masterpiece! I could really use the review. Mike still has his Bradley Coach card in his wallet from last time, he was so proud of it... he was an awesome coach and I can't wait to do it again!

Anyway, I need to pry myself off the boards and get something done today...

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Hi guys,
I seem to be stuck - all I consider re: the baby coming is what color to paint the room and what to name him/her. Haven't given a thought to anything else in regards to getting ready....
Sky blue as a background for spring flowers if we end up with girl #3 is a good idea! And I do love periwinkle also! That color is one of my faves. There are also some cool colors in more medium (less pastel) tones but the room is SO small that I worry about going with a darker color.
I have never been one to "know" which gender was in there. Some people say they just knew but I had not an inkling either time. This time I am thinking girl for some reason (hmmm... our track record maybe?) but had a dream the other night that an acquaintance's sister (WTH?) told me she talked with our ultrasound tech (again WTH - we don't even get ultrasounds) and heard we were having a boy. I was so mad. Not to have a boy but to have the surprise ruined. I woke up with my heart racing and almost shaking I was so mad. Dh couldn't believe it. So I guess we put that one in the "dreamt it was a boy" column. So far this pregnancy is close to the same as the first two but not exactly so who knows...
20 weeks today. Having lots of fun wearing maternity overalls - I like feeling preggie instead of just overweight.
What names are you guys considering???
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Hi Ladies!

I am 23 1/2 weeks right now. And I feel just great! I have been busy trying to stock up on dipes. I just snagged two Sugar Peas on auction today -- want to see? Of course you do!

http://www.sugarpeas.com/diaperport.htm I got the Carter's Frog print near the bottom of the page and Fishy Fishy. Cute!

Kirsten, I agree that blue will be cute, regardless of gender. Our bedroom is blue, and did you know that blue is a color that promotes healing and relaxation? Besides which, Pottery Barn Baby has the *cutest* accessories to go with blue!!

It sounds like you ladies are liking your pregnany bodies. I have never felt prettier. Which is funny, because I have never weighed so much!

I just love my nice, round belly!

Maria, we have been going to Bradley classes. We went to our fourth one last night, and they are only now starting to be interesting (labor topics). I am really not interested in discussing breastfeeding and stuff like that. (Of course, I am going to BF). If the class just talked about labor, birth (esp. water birth) and cloth diapers, it would be PERFECT!

I don't know whether I told the May mamas that we have decided to have a home birth. We are really, really happy about it. A nice bonus is that we are saving about $2000. That's a lot of DIPES!

I hope that you ladies are looking and feeling great!

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hi again, I am posting like crazy here on my days off & you probably won't hear from me again for a week, but anyway...

I am all baby crazy right now, some days not so much, but today I've been researching car seats, diapers, birth classes. All of a sudden I feel like I need to get a lot done, like the baby will be here tommorrow. Maybe reality is finally starting to sink in, I don't know.

So, Jean- my sister gave me a bunch of diaper covers & the regular 3 fold dipes that you use inside of them. The one piece diapers on the link you gave looked really neat. How many do you figure you'll need? How much laundry do you think you'll be doing? I was looking for a diaper service to use the 1st couple months & unbelievably I can't find any- I am in shock! So it looks like I will be doing laundry!

XM- your WAHM ideas sound great! Maybe you can get things going & take orders without putting too much $ up front in finished inventory, people do like the "custom" option. I have been wanting to sew some of our stuff, mainly really simple things, like we have all these old tshirts of Tony's that I want to make into 2 ply reusable wipes. I know, more laundry!

Kirsten asked about names- we have got a boys name we really like: Griffin James, James is DH's mother's maiden name, so that's a lock & I find Griffin to be a nice meld of unique & traditional. Plus DH's heritage is Scottish & we think this has a nice British Isles sound without going into something people can't spell. We're pretty set on it.
Now girls is a whole other thing. Right now I like Marissa, but DH is sort of ambivalent about it & no decision on a middle name. I was seeking thru my family for a good middle name, but can't find much. One family name was Meredith, which I have always liked, but it is already my sister's middle name & again, DH is not thrilled about it. Also, I keep going to Rose as a middle name, but it ends up sounding so country: Marissa Rose. I like it & don't like it, kwim? Now if my grama's name was Rose, it would make sense, no such luck. Irma & Helen & my niece already has Helen as a middle name.

Anyway, that's where I am with names. I am tempted to go on ahead & find out the sex @ our appt next week, that way if it's a boy like I think it is, I'm set. But I don't think we will bcz we would like the surprise & I'm sure I have enough time to get a girls name ready if needed. Also, I suspect that if I find out now, then I will spend some time missing the one I didnt get, like if it's a boy I'll miss the girl, if it's a girl, I'll miss the boy. Whereas if we wait it'll be more like "oh my god- here's the baby- it's a ___" and then we will be too busy to have any regrets. Does that make any sense?

anyway, MMs2B, that's enough from me! take care & feel good, maria
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Only have a sec so this will have to be quick (yeah, right, when have you ever known me to be quick!)
I think Griffin James is very nice. Love MN after people and ITA with you on Griffin being not too common but easy to spell, etc. Perfect! Nice that you and dh agree. Bummer you are having trouble with girl names. That is how we are too... I really like Meredith a lot - maybe it will grow on dh? I don't think that just because a sister or neice has a MN that you can't use it too. I feel that maybe you shouldn't repeat first names within close family or friends but MN don't strike me that way.
And I completely understand what you mean about not knowing the gender before the birth. We were surprised both times (dd1 and dd2) and will be this time too. Everyone assumes we are trying for a boy but I almost hope for another girl. Boy would be great too though (my family of origin is G,G,B so would repeat in my kids if baby #3 is a boy - kinda cool). Anyway, I vote be surprised!
OK, this did get a little long! Got to get dd2 and myself to her little musikgarten class...
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I almost have DH talked into buying me a sewing machine! When/if that happens, I want to make lots more fitted dipes (like the ones I showed you). For our newborn, though, I am going to use prefolds and wraps/covers like the kind you have. I don't want to buy a bunch of fitted dipes that the baby will outgrow in just a few weeks!

I will probably do laundry about every other day if I have, say three dozen prefolds. I just am not sure what our "system" is going to be. Also, we are going to try elimination communication, but I don't know whether that will cut down on dipe usage or not! We'll just have to wait and see.

I really like the name Griffin James. Very distinguished. We sorta have some boy choices picked out - Quentin, Simon, I forget what else... And what do y'all think about Lucy Jane for a girl? Lucy Jane van Zyl. Dunno. I guess we'll see about that too!

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Just chiming in regarding diapers. With Shiah we cloth diapered from day one (she was born at home) I had 3 dozen prefolds, 4 newborn and 8 small covers. I washed diapers everyother day and it worked great. Babies make so much laundry that an extra load everyother day really wasn't noticable. Washing breastfed diapers is really easy we just threw the dirties in the pail (no need to use a wet pail) then throw them in the wash when full.
With this baby since I love sewing diapers so much I'll be making 3 dozen small fitteds but will probably need to use prefolds for the first month or however long it takes for baby to hit 10lbs. Be careful sewing diapers is addicting
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Hi There,

This is w22d4 for me. I feel lots better. It took a while to recover from the surgery, the worst part being the constipation, and that's finally passed :mischeif - and it's so weird to go to the toilet w/no blood on the tissue, and such a relief. Going to see my gyno-surgeon next week to peek at the polyp site, but everything is great.

Felt so good, I got into a prenatal yoga class. It's really cool.

Unfortunatly, my birth attendants are starting their birthing classes and it'll be on the same thursday night as yoga. there's a saturday class, and i'm going to that, too, but thursdays have fewer people and it doesn't get in the way of dh and i hanging out. birthing class is 8 weeks - sounds like it'll be mostly BFW-esque. And it'll only be people who are their clients, so it's not a huge load of strangers, not that i've meet any of them yet, but we've got our docs in common...

One of my boobs keeps leaking. Not a lot, just a few drips. I don't notice when I'm wearing a bra, but it just leaks a little all the time. I think the other one leaks a little, too, but not as much. And boy-howdy are they "ample". I keep showing DH my belly, and he thinks I'm showing him the boobs. He only mentioned it once, so he usually gets the point and rubbs the belly - which he wants to do, anyway.

Getting all sorts of kicking going on. It's nifty!

And about traveling, I'm not going any-damn-where. I've moved on avergage once a year for the last 10 years or so, I was in England at weeks 5-6 and last year we were in Cal when we lost our little guy and I said - I'm not moving from this spot! I'm setting down roots, nesting, I'm a ROCK! People can come to ME. My mom came to visit me right before I went to England, and she was going to come back around xmas, but there was snow in the cascades and they didn't make alternative plans... Now she's saying "she doesn't travel well". Bummer. Cuz I'm not moving!!!

I was going to take a university class, but decided it wasn't gonna work out. DH was totally supportive. I'm just sitting here growing and that's what I'm gonna do.

Best wishes to all, warm tummies

ps: I've got a stash of dipes, but I've been too intimidated to go thru them. Got a selection of used ones from ebay. I'm thinking more and more about them, so I'm almost ready to get them sorted out and decide what else I need and what I can resell or donate. I htink I've got too many covers, not enough "stuffing"...

Also working on a list of stuf we'll "need" for the kiddo, for budgeting purposes. Want organic fabrics and such, so I'll prly post my wish list on my own website instead of bothering to reg. anywhere.
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Wow! This is the first time I have seen a thread for May mommies! I was beginning to wonder if anyone here was due at that time! LOL I am due early May, around the 5th. We just might have a Cinco de Mayo baby! (doubtful, we're more likely to have an April showers baby if he's anything like dd#1).

I am 24 weeks along and feeling great in my second pregnancy. At 20 weeks I had gained about 6.5 pounds and unfortunately I think I about doubled that in the last month (what with Christmas and all). My 24 week appointment with my midwife got delayed b/c she had a birth the morning of my visit so I'm going in at 25 weeks. Fine by me, maybe I can curb my eating frenzies and not gain any more and 7 pounds in 5 weeks won't look quite so bad.

I'm not a weight-nazi or anything, it's just that I know I have been eating BAD (read LOTS OF CHOCOLATE) so that's why I feel bad about my weight increase.

Anyway, I have been working out 3x a week (low impact aerobics), which is something I did not ever get around to with my first preganncy. I was working full time then. I had a great first pregnancy as well, gaining about 30 pounds, but I was so worn out after 3 hours of pushing--for about a week I had some very sore muscles all over my body--that I decided I was going to be more in shape this time and ready for the rigors of labor. Also, this time I am not going to do self-supported full squat for 3 hours while pushing! Someone's gonna have to get in there and help me balance and support my weight a bit more so I don't kill my triceps and thighs.

I'm expecting a little boy. We didn't find out with dd#1 (who is 2.5) but figured what-the-heck with this one. I'm glad we found out so we can prepare for the differences.

I'm feeling some good movement but nothing painful. Belly's seriously popping though!

No decisions on names yet. It will very likely be a saint's name and we will make the final decision after we see and hold him.

Okay, I'm off to read everyone else's updates!

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Hi everyone! Kinda new here and was wondering how many May mommies were out there!

I'm going to be 24 weeks on Wednesday and i'm sooo ready for her to get here! This is my 3rd daughter and i'm just very anxious to get my whole family here!

I've had indigestion for weeks now and I think that i've become addicted to Rolaids! My belly is huge and my warbrobe is strinking.

Hope everyone is having happy, healthy pregnancies!!

Jessica 24, mom to Kayla Mae (2-14-98), Meghan Marie (7-29-01) and Taylor Grace (Edd 5-7-03).
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Hi May Mamas!

I was wondering where everyone was... It sure has been quiet.

I'll be 24 weeks on Thursday. So far everything is going just fine. I'm also feeling kicks, but not the karate kicks yet. He's been very active
I'm due May 7th. I hadn't thought about a Cinco de Mayo baby... That would be kind of cool...

We spent the weekend installing bookcases in our living room so we can transition the music/library into the baby's room. Slowly but surely we are getting ready.

Is anyone thinking of banking their cord blood? What are you thoughts on this? I'm not sure... I've been doing some research. My DH's dad died of Hodgkin's at age 50, but other than that we both have healthy families.

I gained 8 lbs. during the holidays. Oh well. Couldn't have been all of those cookies and such.

I need to start reading BFW. I have the book. I've been reading so many books, all at the same time, that it seems a bit overwhelming to start yet another. KWIM?

Glad everyone is doing well. Just wanted to say hello and catch up.

Oh, btw, we have decided on our boy's name: Cooper Gage. If it was a girl, we were thinking of Addysin Nicole or Sydney Grace. Maybe next time...

Jenn L.
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Originally posted by nexxjenn
Hi May Mamas!

I need to start reading BFW. I have the book. I've been reading so many books, all at the same time, that it seems a bit overwhelming to start yet another. KWIM?

Quick question, what does BFW stand for? Probably something I am familiar with but I can't figure it out.

I'm always starting new books here and there and rarely finishing them! I rechecked a book from the public library today called "Three in a Bed." I'm learning a lot of interesting facts and theories from it.

Also checked out "So That's What They're For!" a book on breastfeeding. i gave it to a friend last time after reading snippets to make sure it was good. I have successfully breastfed so I'll probably skim it, more for the humor than anything. Once I found out LLL recommends it I knew it was a good source though.

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BFW is the book called "Birthing From Within".

Jenn L.
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Ah ha! Thanks. I've heard that title around here a lot but have never read it.

One of my favorite birth books is Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. I'm guessing BFW is more philosophical though, huh?

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HI, i just wanted to chime in here.. I'm a May mama as well.. due May 14th. I have been reading these boards since i found out i was preggo...it's been fun going thru the same symptoms as you all. I am getting very anxious to see this little one, my second. My dd is 10, will be 11 when babe is here. We didnt plan this, but i am so excited i just cant wait!
I am getting so big, people cant believe i have 4 more months! i get sick of all the remarks and such..i had forgot all the "advice" and comments that people just throw at you
Take care ladies.. we're gettin there!!
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