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Not sure if you'll see this before your test but be sure to drink plenty of water! Not just for the test but in general if you are losing weight for any reason. Between babies 1 and 2, I was on a diet called Prism and lost 60 pounds (186 to 126 over six months - boy was I a hot little number by the end! unfortunately, half of it found its way back to me...) Anyway, they talked a lot about ketones then - I remember very little but seems it was not so good but a byproduct of losing weight and important to drink plenty of water to flush them out of your system before they could do any damage. Something to do with kidneys?
Are you fasting before or just eating normally? If you are eating normally, I would choose a higher protein breakfast or lunch (or whatever meals are before your test). No need to stack the deck in favor of a bad outcome.... Two midwife appts ago, I had glucose on my urine stick. I had had cereal for breakfast, a cinnamon roll for a snack at a playgroup, PB sandwich for lunch then went to my appt. Lots of carb/sugar all day. This appt I had cereal with banana for breakfast, and a ham/cheese sandwich for lunch and tested fine.
I had my hopefully one and only blood draw yesterday. I used to be phobic but am now merely uncomfortable with blood draws so am happy to have it done with.
Will start my sixth month tomorrow! Still undecided on names...
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Hi Ladies!

MHM, thanks for the info. on haptonomy. I didn't know what it was either

I also have my 1 hr. GD test this Thursday. I'm not worried about it. Good luck on yours Maria!

Hope everyone is doing well. I think I need to drink more water. My eyes have been dry lately and red.

It won't be long now...

Jenn L.
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well, I thought it was time to see how everyone is doing!
I am feeling good, but did upchuck my breakfast here at home this morning. I was having a runny nose & I guess all the nose blowing & mucous got my stomach flopping. I can't think of anything other than that bcz it was just my normal bfast.

I've got good energy- how are all of you? We are thinking up new names, registering for stuff & getting ready to paint the bedroom.

I am having a bit of pain under the left ribs from time to time, feels like a muscle strain or pull.

Well, I'd love to hear from everybody,
blessings, maria
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What have you got for baby

Has anyone done any shopping for baby?? 4 months to go this will be my frist baby and we have to get everything for the baby. We have got the car seat, co-sleeper, and some clothes. We have looked at what we would like but are waitting for the baby shower to see what we get.

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hi Melissa & everybody- I've been picking up a few things here & there. My sister whose babies are now 7 & 3 has given my quite a few clothes, diapers & diaper covers, her arm's reach cosleeper & her pack-n-play, so I started out with a few good items taken care of!

What kind of car seat did you get? We want to get a convertible car seat that fits all the way down to infant. We like the Britax Roundabout & Marathon, & are also looking @ the "Triumph 5 Comfort Touch" which costs quite a bit less.

Since we aren't planning to use an infant seat that comes in & out of the car, we picked a larger stroller with seat that lays all the way down. I also got a nice sling @ the consignment store, so we'll be prepared to wear the baby, too.

We went ahead & bought the stroller ourselves bcz it was hard to find, but we are going to register for the car seat, high chair, & other stuff & hopefully we've bought all we're going to! For now anyway. I'm not registering for too much in the way of toys. I did concede to what everybody thinks is a neccesity- a bouncy seat & also a cute activity mat. But I think Christmas is going to be an awesome time for toys since they'll be at that 6-7 month age! I was also thinking about waiting until then for the highchair, but since we already got the stroller I figured to go ahead & register now. I've been getting quite a bit done by registering online @ babies'r'us.

Well, that's it for now!
blessings, Maria
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I've bought some clothes, toiletries, blankets, a new native sling and diapers. I think I need different/more diaper accessories. darn diapering forum.

I'm waiting for the new 2003 consumer reports guide for baby products to come out.

warm tummies
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hi ladies!!

Just thought I'd throw us back up to the top of the message board...

I'm @ 28 weeks now and for the past week or so have been having what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions. Also, starting to get some leakage from my breasts! WOW is this amazing or what! (it's my first pg...can't u tell?!? ) Our little guy has been rolling around in my belly and am starting to be able to distinguish elbows and knees and the head and rear end. Also notice that some days he recesses into my body and I hafta wonder "WHERE did he GO?!" My sleep habits have changed...I think my body may be preparing me for being up during the night. I never used to wake up even once, but now I wake up almost every night at 2:30 and at about 5.

Hope everyone else is doing and feeling well!!!
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I'm still here... just started a FT job 1/23 and moved this past weekend so I am pretty wiped. Spawn is doing good and kicking lots. I will try to post more later but I am so beat... feeling good but oh so tired. After this weekend I should feel more like myself.

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Hey all~
Carey, it's good to hear from you, I totally relate to what you said about the baby retreating- sometimes I can feel all kinds of hard parts just pushing up against my belly, & sometimes I feel all soft again. It seems like baby is playing hide & go seek! So, do you know you are having a boy? Have you decided on names yet or are you waiting? I suspect we are having a boy, but we'll just have to wait & see!

I do get amazed sometimes by what my body is doing. I think it is so cool that it is doing it without "me" if YKWIM. We had to be so aware & work so hard to get pregnant, that this is big difference. My body & the baby are on autopilot doing their thing & I feel like all I have to do is sit back & relax & wait for May (or June, yikes!)

One of the perks of pregnancy: I went on a little business trip Mon & Tues- just a short flight to KC. It was Southwest, & they don't assign seats, you just line up to board & take the seat you get. Of course, some people (read: business men-types) treat this like a life & death struggle & have to line up 30 minutes early to make sure they get the seat they want. It was fun to see some of their looks when I rolled up to the front @ the last minute & got to pre-board! (Got a delightful seat with lots of leg room, & near the bathroom too) I wanted to say, "when you have an extra person inside your body, you will get to pre-board without standing in line, too"

XM- bet you are relieved that the moving part is over- now just rest up & take it easy! We are in the middle of ripping up our bedroom & about all I am contibuting is moral support, I feel quite guilty @ times that I am not working non-stop the way I used to. I guess I will make up for it when labor starts! I have been clearing out the crap- I am so tired of us having SO MUCH stuff- we are both packrats, I have given umpteen bags of stuff to good will since Jan.- unbelieveable!

hey MHM- do you know when to expect that issue of CR? We have a subscription & I have been waiting & waiting!

Well, take care all! we are really getting there!
blessings, Maria
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my stomach still isn't my friend. had some turkey mealoaf from Trader Joe's last night, thought I was going to explode. I was feeling all sorts of uncomfortable and I was all paniced about pre-term labor. Turns out, it was the meatloaf, as DH was having some gastro-distress, as well. I slept it off for an hour and felt "just fine" afterwards. : Still avoiding dairy. Working out just fine.

Dislocated a vertibra in my upper back (or something), it may have gone back into place, or it's just sore, dunno. Got the name of a chiro in the area who does pg work. made sleeping on one side challenging, and of course couldn't spend all my time sleeping on the other side. but, once I drift off, I end up on my back, just can't fall asleep like that, whatever.

Had a prenatal today - don't know what exactly it is as a milestone. This is 27.5 weeks for me. But, it was time for the glucose screen (I'm such a needle wimp). After last nights adventure w/the meatloaf, I was feeling yucky today. Just had a large odwalla oj the hour before. Felt dizzy and . Made it thru, no bruising, either - yeay.

The bundle TOTALLY kicked the doppler. It was funky. They'd done the uterus measure and palpate, then she puts the goo on, and sets the doppler up there and - WHAM! Kicked the crud out of the thing, heh, yeah! They got the reading, but there was some residual kicking, too. Since the belly was exposed and we were all looking there I asked DH if he saw the kicking, I couldn't see, I was lying down, but I could tell it was some good agressive smacking! And he was kinda confused. He thought it was a muscle spasm (that's kinda what it feels like, but nope!) "So, it looked like a little bomb went off inside your belly". Yup. So proud.

About the consumer reports baby products review, it's a book, it's published yearly, but they don't send it automatically. If you're a member, you can get a discount at their website, or purchase it from their website, too, or you can get it at a regular bookstore. There's a lot of other interesting stuff in the book, as well. Safety and how to care of a new born kinda stuff. Esp car seats and usage, other things to be aware of.

cheers, Ladies!


edit: I wrote 37.5 weeks, must be wishful thinking inky
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I stared another thread about the Consumer Reports guide:

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Hi Mamas,
How are we all doing?
I'm doing well.

Although, I am currently struggling with heartburn. Guess I need to choose my foods more carefully, huh?

Is anyone else feeling like baby is really moving in? Yesterday I felt feet or something up in the rib area. And he's been moving around a lot!

Also, I was just wondering if anyone else is losing interest in sex. Kind of personal, I know. But I was wondering if it's just me, or just normal. hehehe. The bigger I get, the less I want it.

We've been interviewing doulas. Haven't settled on one yet. But we are really hooked on the idea.

I hope everyone is happy and well. We are 2/3 of the way there Mamas!

Also, for those of you who are having your first baby, are you mentally there yet as thinking of yourself as a "mama"? I'm working on it... A friend of mine had her baby last week. I got to hold her when she was less than a day old. It felt really, really good. She is beautiful. I know that once I hold my baby in my arms, that I'll feel even more connected than I do now. My friends baby was 8 lbs. 13 oz., and she did it naturally. She had to be induced, unfortunately, because they thought the baby was over 10 lbs. They started her at 10 am and she delivered at 4:15 pm the same day. Pretty awesome.

Sweet days and warm thoughts.
Jenn L.
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Hi Jen and everyone!

for heartburn, what's working for me right now is raw almonds. they feel better going down, and after a handfull or two, they actually keep the heartburn at bay. Whew. I had bad heartburn before pg, so I'm sure my esophogus is crispy as it is, and I'm even more sensitive to it and tend to get cranky when I'm having heartburn. 2nd thing for me isn't what I eat, but to be sure not to overload my stomach.

There's lots of movements there, but the bundle seems to spend a lot of time sleeping, too.

I'm not sure about a doula, but I think a post partum doula would be cool.

I do feel like a mom, but since we lost our little bundle last year, so I think that kinda set me in motion - right now I keep going, whoa, there's a baby, we're gonna be parents. So, it's a little different, the "mom mentality" and the "having a baby right here" thing.

wow, 2/3 - dang! I think I'm sort of ready for birth, or not. Argh. Thinking of a hypnobirthing class in the area, but have to wait for 4 weeks to start so DH can be there w/o conflicting work stuff. That'll be 35 weeks, cutting it close?? Perhaps.

warm tummies and best wishes,

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Hi again, everyone.
The heartburn has started for me as well, although right now it's mostly at night after a big dinner & snacking all evening. I have been taking Tums & that takes care of it right away. I need to get out more, cause when I'm home I'm eating constantly!

Also, I was just wondering if anyone else is losing interest in sex.
Losing interest? Was there any? I think we've done it once since I got pregnant! Of course, I've been dealing with a toddler (having to wean her from nursing to sleep, etc) & by the time I get to bed, it's the last thing on my mind. Good thing dh is so understanding.

As for doulas, I highly recommend them to everyone! They can help keep you focused & take care of you & your dh when everyone else (nurses, midwives, whoever) is busy. Mine from last time is coming over tonight & I'm really looking forward to seeing her again.

MHM, I think that might be a little late to be starting a HB class. From what I've heard it takes quite a while to get the hang of it. It might depend on if you've ever done anything like it before & how much practice time you can get in after you start. For the price, I would definitely talk to the instructor & maybe others that have done it to see if it's worth it. I am currently reading Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read. Some of the content is very dated, but the emphasis on relaxation during labour cannot be overstated.

I am really starting to look forward to doing it again - at home this time! No rush to the hospital, etc. I just hope everyone gets here in time if it's any faster than last time!
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Sounds like you ladies are reading/doing lotsa cool things in preparation for baby!

I am really excited, but I have to admit, it is getting harder not to be grouchy. I feel so uncomfortable, and even water gives me heartburn! I never even had heartburn in my life before. Now, I have it like a 65 year old man!

About sex: I have wanted it throughout this pregnancy even more than before I was pregnant. However lately, I am feeling less attractive. . I mean, it is weird. I think that my body shape is lovely and ripe. It is just the auxillary stuff that is terrible. For example... (oh, why not just admit it to God and everyone ) I have more hair on my belly. I look like a boy! I pluck it out but it still makes me feel like a boy! I don't want to be a boy!

And there's no mail today. So that means no diapers to console me! boo hoo hoo. Poor crabby, cranky Jean. Actually, I hate to admit it, but I am sort of enjoying being crabby and complaining a lot. It is very funny!

My mom is serving as a doula. She has delivered lotsa babies, and she will prolly stay with us for a few days after the baby gets here. Plus, she says that she wants to "teach" DH a few things. I wonder what that means? I am so happy to have her. If I didn't, I would definitely hire a professional doula. I think it is such a good idea.

I feel like a mama, too! I love singing and talking to my little person. My mother got me this really good lullaby CD from Lands' End called "Love Notes." I can't find it on their site, though to post a link. PHOOEY!

I am starting to feel a little guilty. Are any of you ladies feeling cranky, too? Please say yes.

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yeah, i get heartburn for no reason, apparently. my midwife told me to sleep sitting up, but i get it all day, too.

as far as the belly hair goes, i have fine hair all over my belly. i can't stand it, so i shave it off. i hang out with a lot of body-aware gay men, and i'd feel very self-conscious if they felt my "fuzz" while rubbing my belly :LOL i did this during my first pg, too, and after my son was born, the hair just went away.

the cutest thing is that my son puts his mouth on my stomach and blows, making loud noises, but he doesn't keep his hand still long enough to feel the baby moving around afterwards...

Originally posted by jeanvanzyl
and even water gives me heartburn! I never even had heartburn in my life before.

For example... (oh, why not just admit it to God and everyone ) I have more hair on my belly. I look like a boy! I pluck it out but it still makes me feel like a boy! I don't want to be a boy!

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Originally posted by mshollyk
as far as the belly hair goes, i have fine hair all over my belly. i can't stand it, so i shave it off. i hang out with a lot of body-aware gay men, and i'd feel very self-conscious if they felt my "fuzz" while rubbing my belly :LOL

the cutest thing is that my son puts his mouth on my stomach and blows, making loud noises, but he doesn't keep his hand still long enough to feel the baby moving around afterwards...
Doesn't shaving the hair on your belly make it stubbly?

My dd loves to give baby "raspberries" as well. It's really cute . She doesn't seem to get the idea of feeling it move yet, either.
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Oh my gosh, you ladies are cracking me up! Thanks for the laughs -- I was getting a little *too* cranky. I am hoping that DH will see how distraught I am, and try to console me with a diaper set that I want: Sugar Peas. Wishful thinking.

I am so cracking up over your comment about the gay men, because this hair thing never bothered my until my gay man friend noticed it and said that I looked "manly."

I am a LADY! just a little hairy lady. So, there.

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Thanks for the reminder about practicing, mama2nicola, I wasn't thinking about that part - but, I'm pretty familar with the concepts with hypnobirth, just haven't actually tried it. I have Childbirth w/o Fear, too - you know, they used to have Dick-Reed classes once upon a time? Before Lamaze, and all this other crazy stuff we're so inundated with these days! I'll see what the instructor thinks. We're talking over email, she already told me that her class is different than the hospital run classes. It's funny how everyone just assumes, but it is in the majority - so I told her it wasn't going to be a hospital birth, so my other class is kinda BFW w/my ND's. We'll see if I should start HB sooner. I'm sure we can work something out so it makes sense.

I didn't get to add about the sex part, as we were going out and I had to get off the computer - we haven't had any. Not that I dont think about it, and dh thinks about it a lot, and I help him out, but I just don't feel like "doing it". Mostly I was worried early on - and it's a good thing we didn't because I had that polyp, which just would have bled, and now I'm just used to not doing it. My dreams are another matter - I'm kinda warming up to the idea...

I avoid Tums, I think there's too much icky stuff in there to take as often as I'd need to. And I didn't get instant relief, anyway. I could have taken 20 a day and it would have just barely taken the edge off, not made it go away.

I've got the line down my belly, but no extra hair. I'm kinda scandinavian, but I don't shave, anyway, so I'd let it grow I know a lot of people who shave off all their excess body hair, not just the usual spots. Whatever makes you feel good, I say.

I do have some really keen stretch marks : I can't decide if I'm proud of myself or unhappy because I'm vain. I notice they get itchy and hot. I rub oil on them, but I don't know how much that helps. Does help with the itch. And they're on either side of my belly button, like racing stripes or flames. And I've got them along my pub hair - gad. I got a hand mirror so I can get these arial views of my belly. Looks more impressive from the mirror than from my vantage point above.

AND - while I'm at it - My aerolas are HUGE! I mean, they weren't small before, and I read they could get bigger, but - well, DAMN!

I was feeling sore and cranky, depressed, even, and I got a remedy from my homeopath on Friday and it's like SHAZAMM! I feel so much better! I'm not depressed, or fragile feeling, the sore achy feelings are gone and my sinuses cleared up - ahhhh. I just love homeopathy!

My mom is coming to visit me next week - yeay!!

Thanks for the updates!!

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hello mamas-
ok- heartburn- don't have it right now, thank god- I honestly think the Valentine's day candy has been a great remedy lately I have had some wicked, tho, sometimes it cuts across the back of my shoulder blades- youch!

doulas- if I was going into hospital I'd have one for sure, @ home we'll have my Mom, MW, & MW asst, & we might invite one other "support" person like my yoga teacher. but I don't want to load the place up. I might want to just be alone! I do think a post-partum doula would be awesome for us & I'm also thinking of arranging a lactation consultant to come over during the 1st week or so. What d'ya think?

being "mama"- I have worked on taking on that role simply bcz it helps with my anxieties. When I think of myself as mama, then I can be strong & dependable & not such a worry-wart, not be the one who needs the reassurance all the time, KWIM?

hypnnobirthing/ childbirth classes- I am so undecided about this & DH really is willing to do one & I want to, but... the only non-hospital class I can really find is Bradley & I'm just not "into" it. It's $225 for 8 wks & starts April 1st & I'm due May 22, so maybe we'll finish it, maybe not. The same Bradley teacher also does hypnobirthing classes privately, which I think might be more useful to me, but I really wanted a class where I could meet & possibly connect with others in our area, so private isn't really what I wanted to do. Any advice/input would be much appreciated!

sex- not having any, DH & I are close & affectionate but "doing it" is just so far from our minds right now! I do feel pretty sensual, but in a really lazy, "let's just think about it without any effort kind of way", KWIM?

boobs- mine are starting to get those big blue veins & tender again. lots of changes- and my arms are very blue veiny, too

grouchy/hairy/grumpy (body image)- well, I'm real excited about being big & pregnant & the baby kicking, etc- but I feel like a giant slovenly ogre! I think it's hormones & neeeeding a haircut. I have gone past shaggy to scruffy- so I'm going to do something about that. I also finally broke down & bought some *maternity* clothes- which is sorta hard to do when you are already a plus size, but I ordered some @ Motherhood Maternity. I was crying about it all to my sister & she email'd me a link to the site, etc. very supportive! So now I have my fingers crossed that it will fit & make me feel like a pretty lady instead of a Kmart special lady. Plus the weather has had me down- very dark/rainy for days & daysssss. Ready for spring!!!
Have had some moments of insane blinding meaness- like passing someone in the hall & just thinking to myself, completely out of the blue "I should punch her right in the mouth." Hmmm, not sure where that's coming from, probably the same place that makes me cry whenever for whatever reason & constantly take the wrong exit off the interstate.
Other than that I'm feeing pretty confident & capable & taking it easy on myself.

Oh, does anyone else want to kill people who act surprised when I say I'm pregnant bcz they just think I'm hugely fat instead of 6 months along? just wondering!
blessings, maria
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