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Originally posted by SpiralWoman
I really wanted a class where I could meet & possibly connect with others in our area, so private isn't really what I wanted to do. Any advice/input would be much appreciated!
I would go with the private classes & worry about meeting people later. We keep in touch with two couples from our pre-natal class only because we ran into them at other baby classes afterwards. It probably would have happened anyway & it's not like we hang out with them now, or anything. We go to classes at the community centre with our kids & sometimes go for lunch afterwards.

If you are worried about it, look into mom & baby groups in your area. Probably the best thing you can do is find a LLL group that you could start going to now. You are more likely to find other moms with the same type of parenting philosophy there than at more mainstream places. We also have a Mother Goose program & drop-in play time at the local Family Place; infant talk, baby talk & toddler talk put on by the local health dept; baby gym & post-natal yoga at various places; once they are a bit older, most of the community centres have open gym/play time several times a week.

Don't worry - you'll meet people!
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Trying to remember the two things I wanted to comment on - pregnancy steals my brain cells...
Cool that your friend had natural birth - I hear that is VERY hard to do when you are induced so kudos to her! But WHEN are women going to quit taking useless (sometimes harmful) and inaccurate information like the docs guess on size of baby in utero?? Upper 8s is a good size baby - no doubt about it! But it is not "over 10" like they try to scare her with. In our Bradley classes, our teacher taught us to tell our midwives or doctors that we didn't want to know their estimates on baby's weight. If they needed to write it in the chart, go ahead but don't tell me. Ditto for ultrasound techs (if you have one). There is no good that comes from this info - that I can see. If they tell you baby is small, you worry. If they tell you baby is big, you REALLY worry - exactly HOW will it get out??? Being tense and scared of having this so called big baby does nothing for a woman's ability to relax and trust her body to birth naturally. IMO it is more about that head circumference anyway... ha ha!
You asked about Bradley classes. I loved, adored the ones we took. Completely give all credit for the incredible birth we had to the teachings of our Bradley teacher - my kids call her "Auntie Geeny". I did some hard work too of course - as did my dh (poor man did not leave my side, did not eat, did not go to the bathroom for 20 hours of labor with our first one). We met and got to know (nothing like two or three hours each week with people who are EXACTLY where you are) four other couples whom IRL we would probably not have come across or gotten to know that well. We met once every couple of months for years! It was a great experience - so much so that we took classes again with preg #2 - even though I probably could have taught the class by that point. Good to remember it all in detail again though. We were friendly in that class and have met for three or four "reunions" but were not as tight as our first class. Still worth every hour and dollar though!
To me, Bradley is the whole package - learn how to be a birth consumer, how to relax, how to trust your body, how to let your partner know how to help you, all your many choices and the pros and cons of each, what any intervention can lead to, what your options are if you refuse the "usual" interventions - what you can do instead. Some of those tv birth shows are full of women who say they don't want drugs but don't really plan for what they will do instead. I know there must be some other good childbirth classes out there but Bradley worked like a charm for us - and I am the biggest wimp out there! NO ONE I knew thought for a minute I could pull off natural childbirth. (Though my dh didn't tell me that til after I did it - good plan!) I would avoid hospital based classes and would look for a class that meets in a small group as it was helpful for me to see other women going through the same thing as me.
Less than two weeks til I start my third trimester. And baby makes five! That is just wild....
Still no work on the nursery or final baby names picked out. And I have to say that I am tired of my butt hurting! I suppose you could say "lower back".... But I am so happy to be over that terrible cold so I am not complaining.
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IMO it is more about that head circumference anyway... ha ha!
and that's subjective because the baby's head will mold to the opening. Measuring the baby's head before it travels through the birth canal doesn't tell you much since they're so flexible before they're out. My ba's keep stressing that a long 2nd phase (pushing phase) is when the baby's head is molding and shouldn't be rushed. Could be because the baby's head is big, the mother's pelvis isn't aligned correctly w/the head or everything isn't moving in sequence down the path, as it were. But, given enough time, they tell me, everything should work out - of course, what's enough time? They seem to think 3 hours for pushing is probably enough, but it depends on how things are going, etc etc etc

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Great to hear from all of you mama's!

Jean, you are so funny. I also have felt myself being more *itchy lately... But Maria, I don't want to punch anyone. hehehe.

And thanks for all of your input on sex.
I'm glad to know that I'm not alone here.

Kristin, this is your 5th child? Wowsa!

I also went to prenatal yoga in hopes of connecting with some other mothers in the area. But so far I haven't really hung out with anyone from class. I've tried, but it just never seems to work out. Last class I invited the other ladies to lunch, and they both ended up being put on bedrest, so they couldn't even go to class anymore. But I have heard that the mommy groups are an excellent way to meet people, as well as LLL. So I will give that a try. inky

On Sunday DH and I were on a hike. I noticed that I jumped down his throat for no apparent reason. I think we all experience those mood swings.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here in this space. I really enjoy hearing how everyone's pregnancies are going, along with the trials and tribulations. You mamas are a great support group and I appreciate you all.

Have a great day!
Jenn L.
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No, this is my third. Baby makes five in our family (including me and dh) not five kids. You know how when you have your first child they say "and baby makes three" - just tweaking the phrase... I think for me three or four kids is the most we would have. I am one of three so with less than three kids, it just seemed like someone was missing.
Anyone else want to have the same number of kids as there were kids in their growing up family?
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Anyone else want to have the same number of kids as there were kids in their growing up family?
that's an interesting question. I've thought about that. In my family, I have one sister, and my dh is an only. He thinks that we're crazy (my sister and I) and he had it pretty good. I think he must have been lonely and can't imagine that he doesn't have anyone with such a great relationship to bond with - and so much personal history. It doesn't work for everyone that they get along with their sibling - I didn't even like my sister until I was an adult. But, now we look back on that stuff and we're happy.

I couldn't really say that I want one or 2 or 10. For now I think one will be plenty, but perhaps I'll feel differently in the future - and if we happen to get a "surprise", that'll be ok, as I'm not planning on birthcontrol after this kiddo.


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Hi ladies... I've been so pooped lately that I have'nt been posting much but I figure I'll check in now...

Sex~ Well, I almost checked in the other night, but... well, we were, um, busy, lol. I have definitely had more interest in sex this pregnancy then my first, but it's still not as good as non-pregnant sex, for us anyway. Just too much going on in my pelvis, especially as we get closer to term. Intimacy is so much more then sex, as many of you have pointed out, and we do make great efforts to stay in touch... even if that does'nt include a whole lot of touching Sometimes I will just say to him, "I had amorous thoughts about you today..." and he is flattered that I felt that way even if I am too tired to act on it.

Nesting~ We just moved the weekend before last and it's driving me NUTS! I have been unpacking like mad to get things organized so we'll have the space for my folks to bring over the big boxes of baby stuff we have at their house. I can't justify buying much till I see what it is we still need. I know we have tons of newborn one piece outfits, 3 1/2 dozen prefolds, a bassinet with sheets and a fab carseat... there's so much more that I can't even remember it all. I was so excited to find $50 100% cotton sateen fitted sheets for our king-size bed for $12.50 each (I'm kicking myself for only buying two) ... we're planning on co-sleeping (the bassinet was given to us last time and we plan to use it to hold diapers, lol) and I really wanted to have a couple extra sheets in case there was a blowout and king sheets are soooo expensive to begin with so I really scored!

Siblings~ I have one sister, she is 4 years my junior. We are as different as night and day and we really are not at all close. Mike is an only child (and OH how I wish his mom had had two kids so she would'nt be so obsessive about him but oh well). We had planned on having two kids... since we lost our firstborn I guess we'll be having three to get our two. Since I have had these two pregnancies back-to-back we want to wait to ttc till Spawn is at least 4, to give my body a break and to give us time to enjoy this baby.

General~ I am 29w 2d and getting bigger every day! My appetite is really picking up as well. We are excited to have a wonderful midwife and while we are planning to go to the Birth Center near our apartment, my MW and I agree that this baby may come faster then we think and we are going to be ready for a homebirth as well. Frankly the main reason I am interested in the BC is that they would have room for a birth tub and our apt is too small... but last time it was all about the shower and I really like the idea that I can change my mind and tell my midwife to just come to my apartment if I feel like doing it there.

Anybody having a shower or blessingway? I have mixed feelings about this for us... we have so much already that we probably don't need a shower. And a blessingway sounds great but I almost feel like it would be too personal after our loss of Xiola, it feels more right to just keep the birthing energy between Mike and I... I guess it feels like it would get 'scattered' were we to include other people. We are very private people to begin with...

Oh, I am so very tired right now. It's been a busy week. If you don't hear from me for a while just assume I am napping, lol.

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Originally posted by XM
Anybody having a shower or blessingway? I have mixed feelings about this for us... we have so much already that we probably don't need a shower.
I highly recommend a "fill the freezer" shower after the baby is born. We did this for my sister - it's a great way to help out the new family so they don't have to worry about cooking meals all the time. A lot of people just brought gifts anyway since they don't cook. You might want to consider asking for food or books. That way you won't get a lot of sleepers, stuffed animals & toys you won't need. And if you have it after, everyone gets to see the baby, you can just visit & not have to worry about silly shower games.

I think a blessingway would be great if you had a number of close friends you wanted to share something like that with. Personally, I don't so it's not really an option.

Have fun!
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we don't have any sort of party until after the baby is born; in fact, we don't even buy anything before...it's a little tricky, but that's how it's done in my hubby's country, so i go with it.

oh yeah, i thought i'd mention my ridiculous boobs...pre-pg, they were 32D. i tried on bras a couple of weeks ago, and i'm now a 34H i hope that they stop growing...

anyone else have a navel piercing and still wearing the jewelry during pg? the two midwives at my bc were surprised to hear that i would wear the jewelry through the birth, but i did it with my son without any problems
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Originally posted by mshollyk
anyone else have a navel piercing and still wearing the jewelry during pg?

I have a navel piercing, but removed the ring a while back because my belly button itched and I didn't know if I wanted to deal with that for nine months. I had it pierced for 9 years, I'm not sure if it'll seal up or not. But good for you for sticking it out, so to speak. lol.

As for the siblings question, I had one sister growing up who was 9 years older than me. She was awesome. When I was in college, and she was 29, she was killed in a motorcycle accident. She was my best friend and I do miss her. When I was younger, I always wanted a baby sister or brother. So in some ways I feel like an only child due to the age difference between my sister and I. But, in other ways I did have my sibling, and she and I got along very well. I don't plan on using BC after this birth because it took medical intervention (IUI) for us to get pg. I think if we did get pregnant again that it would be great! I think there are advantages to growing up an only child, as well as growing up with siblings.

Hair on belly... I do have some fine hair on my belly. I'm not sure if it was there before becoming pg or not... It's blond so I didn't really notice. doh.

Today is week 29 day 1. Holy cow!
Have a good night.
Jenn L.
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Is this the current thread? It took me so long to find it that I need to crash but I will check in tomorrow.

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I dunno whether this is the latest one or not, but it is as good as any, so...

I got up really early this morning -- 6:30, and I have been fooling around on the computer. I have been so uncomfortable at night! How about you ladies?

I am getting so ready for this little baby to get here! I am 35 weeks, and the midwife is coming for a home visit next week. That will be cool!

We have been trying to get all of our baby stuff so that it will all be beautiful, high-quality, yet very cheap. I know it is sort of a ridiculous goal, but I think I have been doing pretty good! Yesterday, DH painted my old, ugly dark brown, chipped rocker to a new lovely white, and I am going to make an appliqued pad to go in the bottom this week.

Since I quit my job, I have been sewing a lot. I feel like such a mama! I am going to post some links to pics later on if you would like to see my nice big belly. DH took some yesterday. I think that I am starting to change shape as the baby descends.

Oh! And my big BIG news (well, it was big to me!)... yesterday, I leaked a little colostrum! It was great! DH failed to see what I was so excited about, but it just makes me see that everything is going as it should and that baby will be here soon!

Are any of you ladies just getting REALLY excited!??!

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