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Ever regret buying CD?

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My little boy is due in about a month and I know the right thing to do is CD though the easy thing would be disposables for us. I keep running into the wall, doing what is right rather then what is easy.

With all the options out there, and our limited single army family budget I worry about spending a lot of money on CD and not being happy with what we get.

So far we have prefold on the way with pins and vinal covers, I do not think we will use the Pins or the vinal covers. Sadly I forgot to ask what brand prefold they are even, going to cry if they are gerbers. LOL Anyway, we think it might be best to go prefolds and good comfy covers to start with.

Just wondering if others have regreted getting any kind of CD!

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Gerber dsq (diaper service quality) would be fine. Wishing you the best!
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I'm pretty new at cding as well, so what I have found is that just buy one of a few items and try them out. If your not happy when them, re-sell them. There are alot of places to sell them. You can also look at trying to buy some second hand which is cheaper.
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Never regretted any specific type, but be sure to wash them right or you will get so angry with them! I nearly switched to sposies when DD was a month or so old, due to terrible leaking from improper washing. Id try to stay with the "better" brands, I know they are more expensive, but there is SUCH a difference...
FWIW, we used only prefolds (we used a diaper service and also had some unbleached cotton ) and i think 3 covers (bummis super whisper wraps) until DD was about 4 months old. Just air dry/wash the covers and rotate use.

Our local baby consignment store is CD friendly, we love it! Try to find something like that where you are...
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Its easy to get hooked on buying fancy cloth diapers BUT you definitely don't have to! You could easily buy 24 diapers and a few covers very frugally and you would definitely save or disposables! even some simple one size fitteds and some fleece covers or AIOs... I don't find cloth 'hard' it isn't harder to put the diapers on and I already know how to do laundry honestly I only do one extra load every 3 days! and the best part is, its so much fun, that instead of diapering being a chore I actually enjoy it

good luck

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I've never ever ever regretted going cloth. I sometimes do get frustrated with the sheer amt of diapers we've gone through trying to find a simple solution that works for us but I've loved every minute of it thus far! I have tried SO many different kinds of diapers and so many different brands. I've made two converts. And I love my dd's soft, squishy butt. Right now we are simplifying and trying to afford to buy what works for my dd. The hardest part is affording what I knwo will work. And we are an air force family so I understand the problems you run into with finances. Being a former single mom, I doubly understand it! To cut down costs when dd was younger(and less wiggly) we used mostly prefolds and I learned to knit so we could use wool soakers and longies. I made all our own wipes and wetbags and whipped up a few fleece pants for winter. I tried my hand at sewing my own fitteds but the result was not so good so I stuck to knitting! I'm MUCH better at that. Since prefolds aren't workign well for us and our wiggly girl anymore, we are back to expensive fitteds because we don't have leaks with them. But I'm still making wipes and fleece pants and longies and soakers and hats and mittens because I need to offset the cost of the fitteds. Cloth has been a great money saver for us and I enjoy it. I think once you start you'll realize that it's not as hard as people make it out to be. It's a good thing when diapers only take you 10 minutes of maintenance every 2 days!

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i've never regretted buying cloth. since you're on the fence, try buying a few of a different kinds of diapers (maybe from the trading post to save some $) and just finding out if you like cding and then you'll have tried a few different kinds so you'll know better what you'd like to have.

i agree, it's not as much work as people make it out to be.
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I agree with the pp's. Try getting some 2nd hand off the TP to try before buying them new.

We actually found disposables to be a bigger pita. They leaked a lot more so that we were constantly washing clothes. Then there were all the diaper rashes and the "ooops, need more diapers, gotta run out" trips. It was awful, not to mention all the money thrown away.
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Sposies are not easier. I used sposies on my ds for 7 weeks of his life and it was a nightmare!!! He constantly had blow outs up the back and in the hair! Yuck! The worst thing about sposies is when you start to run out! We would stop off at Walmart just to buy spoises and my ds would start to scream and cry so I always ended up in the car trying to calm him down.
Just remember it is easier to wash a load of diapers then it is to get you and your new baby dressed, in the car, drive down the road, and take your baby into a store, carry the big bag of diapers and your baby, back to the car! Then drive back home, carry it and baby back into your house! Trust me! Sposies are not easier
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Originally Posted by Kontessa
Sadly I forgot to ask what brand prefold they are even, going to cry if they are gerbers.
Eh Hemm...I use Gerbers (I'm not even sure if they're DSQ) and they've been fine. It's easy to be a snob about diapering (or is that a hyena), but there's some great nonhyena stuff out there. I'm on a limited budget and I've had to look and be patient as a built my stash for my dd and trying to convert my ds to cloth. I haven't regretted a moment of it and I think it's saved us some $$ for sure, plus I do know we have way less garbage.
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The more expensive/bordering hyena stuff was the only stuff I ever regretted...but that didn't last long, because regrets can always be Ebayed!
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Nope! Been cloth diapering since day one and love it! I love diaper laundry. I love seeing my clean diapers stacked on the shelf. I love making diapers. I love changing my girl and making her laugh. cloth is GREAT! I can't see disposables as being any easier. My washing routine is super simple and prefolds are very versatile.

We have one WAHM diaper that I bought new for the babe. It was her first diaper. Other than that we have about 4 WAHM diapers that were all 2nd hand and the rest are prefolds or diapers I made or 2nd hand from my friend. We've saved a ton of money and it's WAY easier to throw a load of laundry in than get to the store to buy disposables. You won't regret it!
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Our daughter is 19 months old. There was definitely a time when we considered quitting cd -- around the 4-5 week period. My husband was in graduate school fulltime, and the laundry was outside and down the steps and he was doing almost all of it and fiona was going through diapers like crazy.. (naturally, at that age). but i think that was just sort of a hump for us and we got past it and i'm really glad that we didn't stop cd...

we use prefolds (if that means they aren't the super thin ones that you have to fold ALOT) and nylon covers. and a snappi, which i highly recommend over pins. highly. we like nylon much better than vinyl...

and i have to admit that (especially in the last 10 months or so) we do use disposables occasionally. for long car trips, camping, etc. i always feel like it makes me a little less hardcore (hyena?) but maybe that's good...

keep asking questions!
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I have not regretted cding at all. I've been doing it for about 3 yrs. now. There have been a few individual dipes I didn't care for, but that was just personal preferences or how they fit my kids. Now I DO regret that I didn't know about how great they are sooner & use them w/ all my kids, but to change that silly Luvs commercial, I say, Live & learn & then get CLOTH!
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I regret that we didn't find cloth sooner. DS leaked pee and poop out of every brand of disposables we tried. It took me 4 months to find cloth diapers and during that time I was in tears at least twice a week because I was SO SICK of changing his complete outfit, and often mine or whatever he was sitting/laying on when he pooped. It was misery. And using cloth in an infant who is breastfed is seriously easy.

I have bought brands I regret. Most recently just a couple of weeks ago. They are so bad I probably won't be able to resell then either. But when I read the feedback and buy smart I don't have that problem. These were cheap and I lost my head for a minute. Now I have 2 diapers that will probably never be used. Or maybe I'll take them apart and remake them so they are usable. At any rate it was only $14 out of my pocket to remind myself to stick with what I know.
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after what i thought was a lot of research i bought a whole bunch of AIO diapers of varying brands before his birth and i definitely regret it. they just didn't work for us - my son always leaked when he peed and poop always escaped. now i am using a few different kinds of fitteds, some prefolds and fuzzibunz at night and have been very very happy! i have discovered a good cover is really important. we haven't had a poop escape since (which is something i couldn't say with the AIOs or disposables).
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My only regret is not learning about CDing sooner. My oldest only wore sposies, and I guess the image I had in my head of CDing from my grandma's day was totally different than today's reality! With DC #2, I had a friend who was working outside the home and using a diaper service based out of my city--now this friend of mine is someone who doesn't like to waste time doing anything, and wouldn't do something if she didn't think it was worth it or a really good idea. She really sold me hard on cloth dipes, saying it wasn't as hard as everyone thought. I was working outside the home at the time and though I was interested in CDing I wasn't ready to commit to buying and laundering my own, so we used the diaper service until DD learned to use the potty. They were prefolds with Prorap covers, no pins or anything, and worked great. It was still less expensive than two to three years in sposies, and even though my girls hit all the same milestones at all the same ages otherwise, my younger DD was out of diapers and in underpants a full six months earlier than her sister! So it was cheaper in the sense that I didn't need to diaper her as long as I did her sister.

We started out using the service with my youngest, DS, and when I started working at home I went ahead and bought half a dozen Fuzzi Bunz, but "just for night." Then I said, hey, this really is easy! Let's get a few more. Pretty soon I decided to cut the diaper service loose (which, I might add, is not a terrible idea in the early weeks after giving birth if you want to make things easier on yourself. Definitely not the least expensive way to go, but better than sposies!) , and even DH who originally said I was on my own in the diaper washing department if I went that route admits he was TOTALLY wrong about washing our own. We have a system that makes it no more difficult than using sposies, and I think that's the key--find diapers you like that fit your child and that you can get comfortable using. I admit that I've gone a bit gaga for hyena fluff, but that's just because I LIKE cute stuff like that--you can certainly CD as economically as you'd like, and it'll still be effective. The nice thing that I've found is that even when I buy higher end or custom diapers, there is always someone looking for them who will buy them if I decide I don't need them or if he outgrows it. Sposies, on the other hand, don't give you the chance to recoup any of your money, along with all the other drawbacks.
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Thank You!

Thank you all for the advice! I am going to have to look into how to best launder CD so I do not mess them up. I am sure I will be getting a few cute ones but for now, right before the holidays, simple is good!

My first child is now 6, she was in disposables and that was not ever an ishue until she got old enough to take them off herself. LOL I hope her brother is not a blow out baby! Is that common with breastfed babies?
Sadly I was only 19 when I had my daughter, had no support when is can to BF and after weeks of tears, stopped at 6 weeks. I hope to BF this little one as long as he wants.
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I love cding, only wish I would have done it with my first DD who is now almost 4. I cd'd my 2nd dd for the first 3 months, but only the old fashion way with plastic pants. That got old really fast. A few month ago I started buying some of the new stuff (covers, AIO's, doublers) and I'm loving it now and can't wait to cd my son who is due in March.
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You will do just fine! I only started cloth diapering full-time with my 3rd child. I was NOT into prefolds, so I kept thinking cloth was better but too lazy to really get into it. I found some AIOs at a consignment sale and started looking around on the internet. The ones I bought were HORRIBLE- leaked and had major blowouts in the back and legs, but it did lead me to looking into the whole cloth thing a little more thoroughly. I was amazed at what I found- the vast array of different styles and systems! I bought my 3rd daughter's entire starter supply off ebay. The only thing I bought new was a Fuzzi Bunz and an Imse Vimse contour.
Several times I was tempted to just put on a disposable and be done with all the "homework"! After about a month, I figured out what I really liked best and what worked best with my daughter's shape/size, and then it was all better and easier than disposables. No more running to the store at night because we were out of diapers, no more expensive grocery totals because of having to buy diapers everytime you go to the store! And best of all- NO TRASH. That really made me feel good. I remembered the bags and bags of dirty diapers that I'd hauled to the trash on a daily basis with my other 2 children, but no more!!!
So....stick with it!!!! You will love it, and you will be glad to have held tight and done what was right over what was easy. In the long run, you'll probably end up seeing that cloth is REALLY the easier solution, too
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