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is this leading to futher sleep problems...

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I have a 17 month old who I nurse to sleep nap and bed time. After she falls sleeps I lay her down. After 20 min to an hour she wakes up, and needs to be held the rest her of nap and bedtime...she sleeps in bed with me. My husband holds her while he is at the computer at night until he comes to bed. It's not the most convenient thing, but we go with it. I am beginning to worry if I am setting her up for future sleep problems. I don't mind nursing her to sleep, but it would be nice if she slept on her own for a bid more. I have tried all sorts of methods, and nothing works. The Ferber method, however, is not even a concideration...

Any words of wisdom out there....

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No answers here, but I do think its a normal progression. Dd did the same and gradually, around the age of two, started being able to be left at night after she'd fallen asleep until we go to bed. Naptimes, however, she still wakes after between 20 mins to an hour and I have to lie down with her and nurse her back to sleep, then stay there, or she'll usually wake again.

I figure that naps aren't that important if she continues to do that, as she won't be taking naps forever. The evenings are getting easier, although if she's unwell, teething etc, I have to stay with her still.

I don't think I've been much help, but you'll probably find if you wait and are patient it will get easier. Others may have some suggestions about how to speed up the process though.
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It's not a problem unless you see it as one! I think it's pretty normal behavior, and she will start sleeping on her own when she's ready.
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My ds is a horrible sleeper, and what I've found is that he transitions better and stays asllep a little longer if when i nurse him to sleep, I do so holding him in his favorite "nursey" blanket! Then laying him down is a breeze as I can slide my hand out from underneath him easier using the blanket. And the blanket has my nursey smell, so I think that comforts him.

You could maybe try something like that?

Good LUck!

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