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Mastitis anyone?

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So last week started out with clogged ducts and then despite my best laid plans and working my rear off at avoiding mastitis, it hit both breasts at the end of the week. I tried EVERYTHING (had it last time withmy older daughter) and nothing seemed to work. Once i started getting fevers i went in and begrudgingly accepted the prescription to antibiotics. I had 2 miserable days where i thought i was going to die, then i started to feel better. Until today. Now my breasts are dieing again today and im at my wits end! I worked really hard at providing my dd with a clean slate and a drug free birth only to be pumping her up with these antibiotics i am ingesting. I havent had any post partum or even baby blues, but this is sending me into tears because i feel like such a failure! The doc who saw me said im prone to these because of large ducts (or openings) on my nipples and because i produce WAYYYY too much milk for the babe( 7 ounces on each side). So its sitting in my breast and getting infected.

UGhhh, is any one else having problems with clogged ducts or infection? Does anyone know the signs of an absess? They warned me about them, but im fearful to go back in and just be given more drugs. My midwives cant really help as we tried all the home and homeopathic remedies before hand! Thanks for listening to me whine
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I am sorry you have to go through this...I know what you mean about doing all the drug free stuff and then being medicated after. It's frustrating.

I would suggest making sure to take probiotics with the antibiotics to balance out things and prevent thrush.

I hope you get some help soon.
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Hi, I hope you don't mind me intruding but I did have some experience to share. First, make sure your tops are not too tight. Second, get some homeopathic Phytolacca 30c. When you notice a plugged duct coming on take three and let them dissolve under your tongue 3 times a day. It works wonderfully for plugged ducts and mastitis.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
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i had it...it sucked.
hot showers.
SUPER hot showers.
hot before feeding, cold compresses after.
my sister-in-law recommended cabbage leaves too...applied directly to the breast.
sorry you have to go through this...
so painful!
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Me! Me! I had mastitis starting when he was six days old. I just finished antibiotics, and today I have a plug and my breast is killing me. There's no red spot, but I've got a vicious headache and chills and I'm queasy. Damn!
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You poor thing. I totally sympathize! As if childbirth isnt enough lol!
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Grr. I nursed my first baby for three years. You would think my boobs would have the hang of this by now.
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pumping...and breastfeeding on antibiotics

Have you tried pumping after feeding? That would give your breasts a chance to not become so engorged if your baby isn't draining them completely. They recommended this at the NICU for me. You pump immediately after feeding to make sure the babe has got his/her fill first and that you have time to "refill" before the next feeding.

Also when I get a clogged duct, I put a warm washcloth over my breast and massage it while pumping. This clears them right up for me.

Hope you fill better...

PS- When my doc talked to me about mastitis, she said that you had to pump and dump while on the antibiotics, that it they weren't good for the baby and you shouldn't breastfeed while on them. I know sometimes it is a matter of opinion, but you might want to check into this...
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If you have oversupply you don't want to pump any more than you need to feed baby-that could just lead to more problems. (Is your baby passing green stools, fussy, gassy, spitting up?)

I would suggest you find and IBCLC and visit with them. Also, check out your meds in Medications & Mother's Milk before pumping and dumping. There are actually very few that are contraindicated for breastfeeding women. Also, try alternating position of baby to make sure all areas are getting drained. As someone mentioned, check bra fit-no underwire for you. Most important thing...lots of rest. Getting worn down will make it worse.

You can find an IBCLC at www.ilca.org

Best of luck to you. Painful breasts are no good.
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Thanks everyone for the advice. We got the breasts under control finally lol! You'd think after 18 months of breastfeeding my eldest I wouldnt have this problem again, but alas the luck of the draw with genes has deemed it so. Anyways. . . i appreciate all the advice and a place to whine about the trials of this. Thankfully we got it all gone and i stopped the meds before the alloted 10 days (shhhh dont tell the doc lol) but all looks to be good and baby is nursing away!
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