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pink eye: breast milk v. antibiotics

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Hi there. The new Mothering mag arrived with perfect timing - or maybe DS's pink eye arrived with perfect timing since the mag came a few days ago. Anyhow, he came down with pink eye today. I plan to use breast milk to clear it up, but am not sure how. Do I drop it in the eye? Or can I use a cotton ball to wipe it?? (I'm hoping you'll say the cotton ball is good enough! he's not all that interested in having it dropped in!)

I did take him to the doc today and of course she gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I know the antibiotics are supposed to make the pink eye immediately non-contagious, but does breast milk work the same way?

We have a class with some other kids in the morning and I don't want to take him if he's going to infect the other kids.

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We just went through this and according to Dr. Sears and our family dr. pink eye is still contagous even after antibiotics are started

Not sure how to do the quote thing from another site, but the following is from askdrsears .

"Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are the only two causes that are contagious. They are spread by contact with the eye drainage or tears.

Bacterial is no longer contagious after 36 to 48 hours of antibiotic drops.
Viral has no treatment, except to relieve the symptoms. It can be contagious as long as the eyes are red. "

Not sure how the breast milk thing works but I just wanted to warn you about being contagious.


PS we just went through it with 3 of my kids!
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Oh no! Poor you! Three kids with it? I hope it didn't spread to you and/or dp as well!

Thank you for the info. What do you think? Should I risk going to class tomorrow (it's art class, so no contact with others is necessary)? Ugh. We missed last week because of a cold!
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Colloidal silver eyedrops works best for our family members.
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Dd got pink eye in the end of August. I don't know about being contagious but I made a strong cup of tea (I forget what kind now) & kept it in the fridge. I used cotton balls & let them rest on her eyes for about 10 minutes or as long as she'd let me. I think being cool felt good to her also. I alternated with the breastmilk. She doesn't nurse a lot now so I couldn't get much out but I'd use it with a cotton ball if awake & when she was sleeping I'd squirt it into the corner of her eye & then pull down a little on the lid to get it into the eye.

It was better within 36 hours & totally gone within 3 days.

I'd see how bad it is & go to the class if there's not a lot of physical contact with the other kids & alert the teacher to wash down stuff used.

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Ditto on the colloidal silver. It is what my homeopath suggested first for our daughter's eye problem. It cleared up too. She also suggested breast milk too. I would drop it in instead of rubbing it.
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Breast milk really works! A couple of months ago my daughter had pink eye and I talked my cousing into coming over, LOL. She expressed some into a cup and I used a dropper and put it in her eye and rubbed it into her lashes....well what a miracle, it took care of it!
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Go for the breast milk, you will be AMAZED! I totally miss lactating for this reason alone!
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Wow. Thank you so much for posting this great info. Our 6 day old has pink eye..either that or a clogged tear duct, but I checked out the dr sears website, and given that it's swollen and the inside eye lids and the lower part of her eye are red, I am assuming it's pink eye. I've been putting bm in there, and cleaning it with a warm washcloth, but I will go get colloidal silver eye drops. I don't know where she would have gotten it since no one I know has had it lately..the kids have had a cold..could that do it? We will see what happens next. ~Alice
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I also received the magazine the day I had a dr apt for my ds pink eye. I had already started using BM in his eye but was unsure of how long. I went to the Dr and told her that I had been using BM and that his eye was clearing. She told me that she herself used BM for pink eye. She said that was all I needed. As long as the eye is not weeping then it is not contageous. Thats what she told me. I would drop it into the corner of his closed eye then he would blink to spread it into his eye.
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chamomile tea in the eye also works, but i'd start with breastmilk.
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