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Wallacesmum, it does get easier. Perhaps at first just focus on catching the easy ones - like first in the morning, or at wake up after a nap, or before a bath. If he poos at a regular time, pre-empt that. Don't obsess about catching every single one, but do at least try to make the cue noise to help him form an association. Lucky you having lovely pine floors! You'll have a lovely patina when you're done.
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I am so frustrated! Today was sort of part-time because we were out a lot, but I just can't get a catch. First thing in the morning, after naps, whenever, I hold him on the toilet, even in my lap while I go, or over the sink, but I can't get him to go. He doesn't seem to mind, just doesn't use the potty.
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I am new to this thread and I hope to find some great advice. My DS is 17 months and I am ready to get him out of diapers. I know that in the mainstream world people would look at me like I am nuts but luckily here I won't get that. Does anyone have any bits of advice for starting at this age?
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No advice from this quarter, as I am a bit of a bumbler, but lots of support!
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Hi, I just started trying EC with my 6 month old DD. I wish I had read about EC more while I was pregnant. I think I just got caught up in the joy of sewing diapers! Anyway, I have made 2 catches this week!
I've been offering the potty upon wakings, at diaper changes, after getting milky, and before naps. Mostly just observing her cues at this point. I'll be lurking, trying to learn more and see how others are doing.
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Pretty quiet around here...anyone else slacking off? I have been good the past couple of days though, and 3 catches today! I am so proud of him, but it's funny - he will only pee standing up and aiming at the bblp. Sometimes he sits down, but not to pee. No luck with poops yet though. He doesn't wait at the breast either - pees all over me!
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I bought a copy of Diaper Free yesterday and am reading it. DD is 7 months and I would love to do this with her. How does one manage when their DC is at a sitters for a few hours 5 days a week? Once they get used to being diaper free can you put them back in while at the sitters? Any beginning advice would be great!!
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How We Just Started, 13 1/2 months

We just started about a week ago. Its been interesting. My DH was skeptical until I made a catch in his presence in the morning upon waking. Now he's interested, but diapers dd when he's the lead, so far.

Have had many more misses than catches. I bought 3 different potties, but settled on the Baby Bjorn Little Potty because its one piece, stable and doesn't have a lot of things to play with like lid, drawers, etc. Plus, its small and mobile with one hand.

Best times for catch has been upon waking nap and morning. Last 3 nights, dd has stayed dry and awakened with discomfort to pee. (BTW, We co-sleep and she nurses every couple of hours all night, so it's taken me a while to notice that's probably a lot of why she awakens and stirs) The first night, I got her up when she cried at 3am and tried to put her on the Baby Bjorn Little Potty but she got stiff and started to cry, frustrated to be awake I think. She peed on the floor, then stayed awake 3 hrs. (I use a prefold for her to sit on so she won't get a cold shock on the LP).

She stayed dry during a nap the next day.

The next night I soothed her instead of trying to take her to pee and she used a diaper until morning. Last night, she woke at 2:30, I tried her on the BBLP, she protested so I took her to the toilet with me. She protested there, so I put her on the floor on top of a diaper and she peed. THEN, she went back to sleep with a little rocking! Next woke at 7:00 to pee, I let her stand on the bed over a bowl with a receiving blanket inside. She was startled by the first splash but generally pleased.

She's been reluctant for me to help her. She's VERY independent, and though she will make signs that I can recognize she needs to pee or poop, she doesn't like me to take her to the potty. I can usually distract her with books, but she more often gets off and pees elsewhere immediately afterward--except for when she first wakes. I guess she's more amenable to my suggestions then.

For now, I'm just working on her noticing what's happening and showing her the ASL sign, making cueing sounds and trying to be positive. I began by letting her run around naked without diaper as much as possible and using cloth diapers.

I am SOLD though...dd definitely gets it. I feel like I'm definitely working more on "untraining" her to ignore herself.
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I'm in!

Or at least I'd like to be......
DS is 11mos. old and in disposable diapers : !
I work during the day, and my mother cares for him. She is not interested in using cloth diapers (though she used them with me!) and is certainly not ready for ec. She is reasonable. She's been reading mothering since i was born. But she's also a neat freak (kindly) and won't take well to the notion of peed on floors. WTD?
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Originally Posted by mamaSun loveMore View Post
I'm in!

Or at least I'd like to be......
DS is 11mos. old and in disposable diapers : !
I work during the day, and my mother cares for him. She is not interested in using cloth diapers (though she used them with me!) and is certainly not ready for ec. She is reasonable. She's been reading mothering since i was born. But she's also a neat freak (kindly) and won't take well to the notion of peed on floors. WTD?
We keep Sydney in a diaper & EC! We have a babybjorn potty that she fits on. I put her on it every time I go, when she lets me know she's going to go & when I think she might need to use it (when she wakes up from a nap etc)
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I'm confused...and I confusing her?

I am worried that I'm not doing this right. How will the baby know that the potty/toilet is actually the proper place to eliminate when she eliminates everywhere now?

The cueing doesn't seem to be working. When I think she needs to go, I put her one the bblp or toilet and she hops off as soon as she is not completely entertained. Often relieving herself nearby moments afterward.

She's telling me when she has wet her pants if in cloth but I'm missing a lot and I'm not sure what I should be working on.

I wonder if the inconsistency--letting her pee in a disposable when we are out on the run, or not waking her completely and taking her to the toilet in the night are confusing her. Should I be getting her up at night? (She'll stir, nurse, and I know she needs to go but she's still not really awake.)

She stays dry for long periods, esp. at night. What does this mean?
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Hello! I'm very new to EC'ing. I just started today with my DD who's 6.5 months. I already had a baby bjorn potty from when my son was little. I have the potty right beside our bed so that when she wakes up in the morning I can try to see if she'll take her regular morning poop.

Please wish me luck!
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Another late starter

Hi from another newbie!
I have just started EC with my 5.5 month old son. I had read about EC back when I was pregnant and researching cloth diapers, but was afraid of the "mess" aspect until now. OK, I'm still a little afraid : LOL. Anyhow, fast forward to few weeks ago when I noticed that many times when I sat my ds in a bouncy seat in the bathroom (while I was using the toilet myself), he would pee/poop (in his diaper) while sitting there! I figured I would start to sit him on the potty in the am and after naps when he often needs to poop. He still poops at least 4 times/day.

Well, since starting, we've "caught" probably about 75% of poops on the potty! We don't have a baby potty yet, I just sit him between my legs as I sit too.

We have only caught 1-2 pees so far, though. I can't quite figure out his cues for that, until he's actually going! At that point, he will kind of stare off for a few seconds while he releases the pee.

We use only cloth diapers - usually snappi'd prefolds or fitteds with wool, or a tri-folded PF in a cover. We have a few pockets/AIO type diapers for "out and about".

So, now that we've got the poo catches going, any advice on how to continue? I have been trying to at least check for wetness frequently to keep him as dry as possible (although I pretty much already did that before, anyhow.) Naps and night will probably be hard for us to go diaper-free, as he usually wakes up soaked.

Thanks, any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
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Mind if I join you, too?

DS is 7 months old, and we have been doing this for about a week now - he is actually starting to enjoy himself! I have been holding him over my sink in the bathroom, and he loves to make faces at himself in the mirror while pooping. : Isn't that just like a guy for ya!

I am still keeping him in diapers - it is too cold for him to run around naked right now, and we are also getting ready to put our current house on the market at the end of this month. I am doing my best to keep my house CLEAN for potential showings!

Our biggest challenge has been at nighttime - mainly because I am lazy, but I am getting good at catching most of his poops. Pees are another things, but we are getting there. We just made the switch from disposable diapers to cloth last month, and it bothers him to have a poopy diaper, so they are easier to catch.
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Up Date

Well, yesterday when she woke up she poo'd on the potty (I layed a cloth diape over top so her lil bum didn't get cold on the plastic). She pooped!

This am we didn't have any luck, nor did we catch a pee (though I came close as she peed right after I checked her). I am leaving her in her cloth diaper, until it warms up here more.

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i do ok with pee, but i just can't catch a poop!
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Originally Posted by wallacesmum View Post
i do ok with pee, but i just can't catch a poop!
Opposite problem here! My ds seems to have predictable pooping times, and cues for that, but NO cues for a pee!
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My ds is 6mo. I read about ec while pg but I've been slow to start. He has definate poo signals so as soon as he starts to poo I take him in his room and let him poo on his diaper (we used sposies).

I can't figure out his pee cues. He's ped while I was changing him and there is no warning, decrease in activity, just pee! I made a sssss sound and he laughed and smiled. I've got carpet everywhere too so nakey time kind of scares me, lol.

I'm going to read through this thread and see what kind of tips I can pick up. I know way too many friends who have had trouble with boys and potty learning, so I want to start ecing now to aviod probs later.
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it has taken me months to get a real pee cue, and it's still very iffy. hang in there!
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Me again! We are having a huge breakthrough in success with pee, and I wanted to give other late starters hope. I think I started about 3 months ago, and now, at almost 1 yo, he is getting the potty, fussing when he needs to go, standing at the edge of the table and relaxing when I cue, etc. I would say we are getting catches almost 50% of the time! I am very pleased.
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