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Yay for him and you!!

I've tried taking ds to pee a couple times. He seems amused but no success yet. Then again he's sick too so he's not completely himself.
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I just "caught" a pee!!! His bedroom is right next to the bathroom so I decided that when I change his dipe I'll give him a chance to pee. He didn't seem comfortable in the traditional hold so I tried sitting his butt on a washcloth and reclining him. That freaked him out. So I stood him on the edge of the sink and he peed!! We kind of made a little mess but oh well, we did it!!
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Awesome! Yes, we often miss a bit, even with the catches. I have a whole pile of towels dedicated to that purpose.
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I read lots of the old posts and something stuck out at me. Someone said that even if babe just went they would try again if cued. So I've been asking ds if he has to pee and cuing him every time I change him and about half the time he pees for me!! I'm thinking that if I can get him used to peeing when I take his dipe off and then hold it up to catch it, we'll be one step closer to going potty.

I think he gets distracted in the bathroom. We have a wild fishy theme in there and there is so much to look at heforgets to pee. So I'm going to bring the potty chair out of storage and put it in his room.

I am soo addicted to this now.
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We haven't had much luck. Bub has been unwell too. I wonder how ppl handle when bub is unwell?
He has a lot of nappy free time and I feel hopeless - I don't see the cues.
He is now 16mths and if he does something - wee or poo - he just looks down and looks surprised even pleased! and then tries to play in it ...erk!
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nak - we are having a lot of new cue recognition now, and even successfully went out of town and got ds to pee at rest stops! the trick for me has been to learn to relax. while we were just starting, with way more misses than catches, i just let it go so if he had been sick, or the house feezing, or in a rush, or whatever, i used diapers again, and now that we are catching more and he is listening to his body, i am more consistent. he is more excited and less frustrated now, so it's easier, and he gets very excited to dump the little potty in the big potty.
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Late starter here too. DS is 13 months, and I've been lurking here trying to get some tips. Thanks guys! So, For about 3 weeks I've been giving him nakey time, ssssssing when he pees and grunting and saying "poop, potty,poop potty" when he poos. I think he is getting a connection, but no "catches" yet. The biggest success is when he peed and than ran and pointed at the potty The biggest challenge is that he will not sit on the potty (very active, doesn't really sit EVER!) So I'm trying to catch in tupperware while he stands now. Also, he is impossible to change these days, soooo wiggly so I think twice before removing a dipe. (I may not get it back on!) Anyone relate to that? So we'll see. I wish I had started sooner! Next one for sure! We'll keep trying and we're open to advice on ecing the active toddler.
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I can relate to the wiggly boy! My 12 mo next week hates having his diapers put on, and since I can't get him to sit, poo is the big challenge. Although, this morning dh put the potty on his lap, and ds sat on the potty and poo'd. Of course, this was after he had already poo'd all over me and a piece of furniture, so I wouldn't really consider it a "catch." Still, making progress. Good luck, hang in there, I noticed a huge change after about 2-3 months, and 3 months+ he seems to really be getting it. Certainly have our fair share of strikes, though.
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another late starter

Hi all, dd is almost 1. We have been tryig EC for the past couple months on and off. Just had a 2 week break when i went to CA and was really busy realxin,
now we are starting again, we usually only catch the after nap pees, and a couple here and there. no poops yet......i am working on finding her cues but she is all over the place so its hard to tell. She is also about to start walking and is practicing ALLDAY.
can't wait till she picks up the sign!
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Hi everyone. I have a 12 month old daughter and I've been interested in EC, but have never known where to start.

I'm in the process of making her a set of cloth diapers out of old tshirts, because right now we have aio's and those make it hard to tell when she's peed and sometimes even when she's pooped. Once I get the new dipes, I can let her roam the house in those and start tracking her rhythm. (I think at this age, that's the best way to get started) Unfortunately, everytime I let her go diaperless around the house she will inevitably poop on the carpet. She is mainly breastfed still, so she poops several times a day.

Anyway, I'll be lurking here for awhile until I get her dipes done.
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Reeeeeaaaalllly want to try this!!

Just want to say "hi" and put it out into the universe that this is a goal of mine. I have been wanting to do it for so long, and have taken DD into the potty when I go (sometimes), giving her pottytunities and diaper-free time (sometimes). But, I was so excited last night when I found this thread, thinking "we can do this!" that this is the time to get on this stick. I have a lot of obstacles. I am sure this is the right thing for DD (9 mos), but DH is vary wary (he thinks it will be difficult, of course, and somehow might be harmful to DD??), plus I have a nanny and mom who watch her to contend with. My plan is to get a little potty and a starter kit of cloth diapers (yes, we are on sposies : ), and just take it from there. I also just checked out 2 EC books from the library. Wish me luck!!
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After having a 26 month old toddler girl and a 7 month old baby boy, and feeling that there must be something better out there than our dependance on full time diapers and the skin problems they are causing; I have just found the energy to actually read some books and find out what EC is all about, and we are going to try it. Has anyone else started this late with their kids? Also, what do you do when you have 2 that are starting at the same time? I feel bad because Hannah is starting so late and I wish I had known more about this sooner; I feel like she has been shortchanged somehow by our lack of such a deep communication.But I'm glad to have found others out there starting late so I know it is possible!
Wife of Jon, AP Mama to Hannah 1/05 and home-birthed/water-birthed Isaac 9/06
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We, too are late-starters. DS is 17 mos and we've just started this week. At this age, I feel like it is as much early potty-learning as EC, but we are approaching it very gently and slowly. When we are at home, ds is either nakey or in trainers and he is pretty happy like that. We've had a couple of catches every day (the first day he even told me pee, pee, potty? before he had to pee, held it and went on his BBLP! I was so pumped!). I'm using the trainers because it seems to help him recognize what's going on.

He doesn't seem to consistently signal when he has to go pee so we're relying as much on building this into his routine as anything else (after waking, after eating, every couple hours, etc). Today, I think I rushed him off of the bblp (I wasn't paying attention) and he ended up peeing in his underpants. He was kind of upset. So, I'm learning that I've really underestimated him. He's connecting the dots really quickly and is sooo proud of himself!
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We are at a bit of a standstill, although I think ds is starting to get the hang of the sign language. He seems to be on strike. I think he is getting ready to walk, maybe. He will go at the potty at night, although he doesn't hold the morning pee so I have to diaper him, but now it feels like it is his routine to get up and potty, whereas I was hoping that he would start to hold it longer. I am a little tired! When I offer him the potty during the day, except after naps, he gets mad at me, even if he seemed to be indicating that he wanted it.
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Here's where I am needing support right now. He seems to have suddenly mastered the hand signal (wow!), but it coincided with the strike. Has anyone else experienced this? He seems to be starting to potty again with some reliability, so I am wondering if he needed to take a break for that developmental step. I guess when he starts walking we will go through it all over again. The night time pottying is killing me, though. I get up with him, he goes, and we go back to bed, then mama is up for hours while baby sleeps peacefully at side. Am I training him to get up and pee during the night, rather than hold it?
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Wallaces mom, how frustrating for you, but how wonderful that he is not having to sleep in pee all night long. Hope you can get some rest!
We are still wanting to do a late start, but stopped for awhile due to ds not sitting still on the potty, and ds crying when taken to the potty. Also nakey time has been reduced due to the sheer amount of bms he has been having lately.... on the floor. Needing to start again, darn diaper rash is back. Wish me luck!
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I just realized I haven't an update in awhile. Ds is now 8mo. For about a month I got him used to peeing on cue when I took his diaper off. I finally felt successful enough to get him a bblp. We've had it about a week. At first all he cared about is getting the bear on the front, lol. Now he's peed 3 times in it since yesterday.

I've started to pay closer attention to when he just starts to fuss for no apparent reason. I find that if I get him right away, most of the time he'll pee for me.
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Hi guys-
I started using daytime EC very inconsistently around 5 months, and we never really stuck with it. Around 15 months we were doing it a couple times a day, my daughter was loving it, would go to the potty, sign toilet, etc. Then we got back to doing it inconsistently after a vacation, and now, at 19 months, my daughter refuses to sit on the toilet. She immediately just tries to catapult herself off, and will fuss if I try to coax her into staying. Is it too late for us? Any suggestions?
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My granddaughter took a "break" for a couple of months after we thought she was totally onboard with using the toilet. She went back to using the toilet 100%...she just needed to assert her independence for a while.

Something that helped alot was BabyLegs...these are cute little leg warmers that she wore under her dresses to keep her legs warm. It made it so easy for her to go potty by herself. She did not have to bother with pants or tights (or even undies most of the time). I just found a coupon code called MayDay...you get $12 off if you order $24...it's like a pair free. I ordered twice, so I got two free pair. You can use it at babylegs.net...I might order again.
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