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Baby Kaia is here!

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Hi everyone...

Just wanted to jump on to post that our sweet little daughter Kaia was born on November 2nd at 5:01pm-8lbs, 13 ozs. She is gorgeous and we have fallen completely head over heels in love!

We had planned a homebirth and ended up having to transfer and Kaia was born with forceps assist. Not the serene home waterbirth of our dreams...but we are making up for it with lots of hugs, kisses and love.

Will post pics and more details later...
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congrats mama!!! sorry to hear about the transfer, but i'm glad to hear she's here and healthy!
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sorry it didn't go as planned but congrats on the outcome =)
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Congratulations Mama!!! Welcome Baby Kaia (beautiful name!) Can't wait to see pics!!
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I'm glad everything turned out okay despite change of plan. Congratz to you. And I agree, Kaia is a very pretty name - I love it!
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Congratulations! and how the heck did you manage to steal my name? hehe, my little girl is Caia! so yes I agree, it's a georgeous name
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Congratulations and welcome baby Kaia!
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