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Originally Posted by Noah's Tired Mommy
I know how controversial this subject can be within the autistic community being the mother of a 9 y/o boy with autism. I do not think vaccines caused MY son's autism MY son was autistic at birth. He had sensory issues from the first week that only got worse as he got older. Many many parents feel that mecury is the cause of their child's disability and they are of course entitled to their opinions, as I am entitled to disagree.
Well, you are very lucky if you don't have a mouth of amalgam that could have got through to your son in utero. Some people do. And some people whose children were autistic from birth, have turned their kids right around by dealing with the mercury issue. What makes you think that its only an issue with vaccines?
I guess I am trying to weigh the threat, would I rather chance measles, mumps, rubella, diptheria, tetnus, pertussis that could kill my child or do I deal with the autism that he already had at birth? Autism isn't going to kill him and I would rather have a living child with autism than a dead one because I was too selfish to see that. I use my energy helping him not looking for blame. Because I haven't wasted my energy on blame and I have focused on getting him the help he needs ( early intervention, speech, OT,social groups and LOVE and abundance of love.) My son is now 9 y/o and in reg. ed 75% of his day. I busted my ass to get him here, I WOULD NEVER guinea pig my child for science or due to desperation.
Every person who vaccinated their child out of desperation that if they don't their kid might get sick and die, guinea pigs their child for science because if you go to the FDA website and read the links to some of the vaccine safety meetings in particular one on December 2002, you will see that none of the toxic components in vaccines have ever been tested for safety and they don't even know how to do it anyway. And they are only just admitting it.

So don't think your child wasn't a guinea pig. Because anyone who vaccinated out of fear, has donated their child to human guinea pigdom.

Many of these parents who believe their child is "mercury poisoned" are using chelation therapies to exit the mercury THEY believe is causing their childs disability. Chelation has caused so many deaths that I don't understand a parent who would chance their child's life to prove their "theory" or rid their lives of autism.
As far as I know, chelation has caused one death last year, as a result of the wrong compound being used. It was doctor error.

On the other hand, when I see chelated kids go from rank autism to almost normally functioning children within the space of two years, I wonder which is worse. To not chelate and leave a child in total autism, or to chelate and run the risk of a doctor error.

This is no different than the secretin phenomenon from the mid 90's. These parents believed that GUT problems were causing their childrens disabilities, after thousands and thousands of dollars in NON FDA approved therapies those kids are not any better or were less effected after having their constipation cured.
I have to wonder about your statement here. And have to wonder which lake you swim on.

A lot had grand mal siezures in their sleep and died.
Got any links to prove that opinion?

Yes because of the diet choices that most autistic children choose because of thier sensory problems of course constipation will be an issue. Constipation will cause discomfort, discomfort will cause crankiness. If you take away that constipation OF COURSE the crankiness lessens. You can get the same results from a laxative , which IS NOT life threatening like secretin and chelation therapies have been to many many children of desperate parents.
Actually, you can completely reverse autism that is a toxic overlay on a child, and not as you have assumed (though you may be correct in your case) a genetic abnormality handed down by through you.

I've talked to many retrieved autistic children who can clearly articulate how they felt and thought when trapped in the world of extreme autism and how glad they are to be out of it. Every one of those children wouldn't have it any other way.
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I've talked to many retrieved autistic children who can clearly articulate how they felt and thought when trapped in the world of extreme autism and how glad they are to be out of it. Every one of those children wouldn't have it any other way.
The neurodiversity crowd needs to hear that. They believe a cure for autism would destroy the original personality of the autistic person. Many see it as child abuse. A woman who was using chelation therapy was told by her doctor that she should be brought up on charges. I look at these parents as heroes. They are trying to restore their children's health and end their suffering. What on Earth is wrong with THAT?
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ACtually something similar happened here, and the daughter asked the mother to leave the room, and apparently whatever she told the PTB who were making life hell, was sufficient enough to make them very embarrassed. The mother asked her what she had said and she just said "I told them what it was like to be locked in my head with no way out, and still be able to think as clearly as I can today."
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Oh there was an autistic women on BMJ who had a go at some others about it too, but they shut that discussion down fortunately.

The point was made by a recovered autistic that a non-recovered autistic can't know what it feels like to be "recovered". Yet autistics think they are experts about what a retrieved autistic should think and feel. How's that for irony? Even the girl above didn't realise what she didn't know, until she knew what she didn't know before.

If you know what I mean.
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Thank you MT. I feel very protected when you talk to people who come in, and say the kind of things this tired mommy said and you respond with logical facts to set the record straight. FWIW, my child is not constipated or ever was constipated. I prefer to think of myself as on the cutting edge, in "the know", smart, a trailblazer, a mother extrodinaire, on the bandwagon that is seeing the results, and doing my children and their next many generations a favor by chelating. I am a cup is half full person (rather than those who see the cup as half empty). I feel proud, honored, excited and humbled that chelation will be a main focus of our lives for many years to come. My son is excited to take his pills. He wants to get better. He has goals and a dream for his life and chelation is going to help him reach his goals and turn his dream into reality. Our whole family is going to chelate together. My mom might even do it after she has her amalgams removed!!!! Anyway...thank you again, MT!!!!
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Noah's Tired Mommy,

I believe that you must be tired, after 9 years of caring for an autistic child. Our 3-yo DS is not autistic but he has had problems related to the autistic spectrum, and just those are quite exhausting to deal with. It sounds like you have worked very hard to help your son achieve, and I applaud you for that.

You have chosen the path that feels the best to you. I have done the same in choosing the biomedical route for our son. So far the benefits to him have been tremendous. I do not feel that he has been used as a guinea pig for probiotics, enzymes, avoiding certain foods, improved nutrition, chiropractic, or chelation. I feel he was much more of a guinea pig for all the antibiotics and vaccines he recieved.

We decided on chelation very carefully and proceeded very cautiously, monitoring him closely. I do believe it is safe when it is done carefully. It is FDA approved for lead. IMO the only reason it is not FDA approved for mercury is because the FDA will not admit that the mercury these children have received is dangerous, because if they admitted that, they would implicate themselves in the epidemic of autism and related disorders. The only chelation death I am aware of is the tragedy last year when the wrong drug was used in an IV. We chose oral chelation, just a few rounds over one month. For our son so far it has been very beneficial. He appeared to mature by about six months in just three weeks. He no longer appears to be socially delayed, he has fewer tantrums, is less rigid, and seems happier and has more fun.

We have also observed a direct relationship between his intestinal health, yeast overgrowth, and his mental state. Keeping him on high doses of probiotics and regular chiropractic adjustments keeps his digestion working well, keeps the yeast under control, and keeps him feeling good. When we reduce either the probiotic or the adjustments, his stools change to gunk and he becomes hyperactive, aggressive, and can't sleep. Keeping to a diet that does not contain certain foods is also important, and we see him deteriorate whenever we allow those foods. He is so much healthier and happier since we've made the changes that go along with biomedical treatment for him, that I can only believe it is a good choice.

I believe I am probably not the only one here with a positive story to share regarding biomedical treatments. I hope that you can read this thread with an open mind. There is no harm in considering others' experience. If you find something that you decide you might want to try for your son, and you have questions about it, you will find information and support here.
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Originally Posted by llp34
I believe I am probably not the only one here with a positive story to share regarding biomedical treatments.

The worst thing a parent can do with child on the spectrum is NOT find out what is CAUSING their child's autistic symptoms.

Noah's Mommy - your son is a year older than mine. That means your son received that same amount (or more) of thimerosal-containing vaccines by the time he reached two years of age. His very first thimerosal-laced vaccine was likely either administered before he left the hospital or just after birth at the first follow-up appt.

If he received Hepatitis B, DTP/DTaP and Hib series (which was recommended at the time), then he received a sh*t load of mercury. If he was vaxed according to the schedule back then, he received either 36.5 or 62.5 micrograms of mercury every few weeks.

Have you bothered to add it up? Do you know for sure your son was able to excrete the thimerosal injected into his body?

You don't.

For you to claim you KNOW your child is not mercury damaged is just . . . well . . . your head is in the sand. Autism is not some mysterious mental disorder, it's an immune system disfunction.

If the mainstreamer docs and educators had their way long ago, my son would be in a self-contained setting doped up on three different meds. I shudder every time I think of all those 3 and 4 year old babies in my son's special education preschool who were doped up. No metabolic testing - nothing. Why should they, right? Back then, our government completely ignored (and continues to ignore) biomedical treatment of children with autism (and it's related disorders). It's an absolute disgrace. Even the nurse at my son's preschool was shocked at the number of kids at the school on meds. She and I knew of only a handful of parents back then who had their children metabolically tested and were using DAN protocol.

My son is now off the spectrum because I "busted my ass" and found the CAUSE of his autism and his immune system was treated accordingly by a highly respected immunologist (DAN doc).

Special education services were only a part of his recovery . . . and his progression out of autism began after we treated his immune system . . . actually his progression out of autism began within days.
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I'd say meds are much more dangerous than chelation therapy.

A report by the FDA released in February 2006, said that
between 1999 and 2003, there were 25 deaths in persons using ADHD
drugs, including the deaths of 19 children. The FDA also reported
receiving more than 50 cases of cardiovascular problems, including
stoke, heart attack, hypertension, palpitations and arrhythmia.
Because only between 1 and 10% of adverse events are ever
reported to the FDA, the numbers above represent an extreme
understatement of actual cases of harm, critics point out.
According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, there were only
271 Ritalin-related emergency room visits in 1990, but there were
1,478 Ritalin-related emergency visits recorded in 2001.
In 1999, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, found some 165
Ritalin-related poison calls in Detroit and 419 cases in Texas. Of
the nearly 600 calls, only 114 cases involved intentional misuse or
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dingogirl you rock!
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Originally Posted by dingogirl
I'd say meds are much more dangerous than chelation therapy.

That is a fact.
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Originally Posted by JaneS
Autism and Clostridium tetani: an hypothesis
Ellen R Bolte


Synaptobrevins are gene-encoded molecules that span the membranes of
synaptic vesicles and participate in neuronal signaling. Toxins from
Clostridium tetani are known to incapacitate synaptobrevin function on
synaptic vesicles. Although generally we think of tetanus as a severe
illness resulting from C. tetani infections, medical literature indicates
that subacute infections can occur, even in persons who have been
immunized against tetanus. Furthermore, already in the literature are
studies documenting retrograde axonal, transsynaptic transport of C.
tetani toxin from peripheral sources, via the spinal cord and sympathetic
nervous system, to various brain regions known to be affected in autism.

Ellen's basic hypothesis is that subacute Clostridium tetani infections,
localized in the intestine or elsewere, would generate sufficient toxin so
as to induce autism and autistic-like traits in persons so infected. The
well-documented facts that subacute C. tetani infections occur and that
C. tetani toxin trans-axonally migrates toward various parts of the
brain and then deleteriously affects synaptobrevin function suggests
that Ellen's hypothesis may well be valid.


Consider Ellen's hypothesis at a most basic level: if a person's synaptic
vesicles have loss of function due to toxin-destroyed synaptobrevins, then
many aspects of perception and of responses to perception would be
disabled, thereby inducing autistic-like traits or even autism.
Totally flawed and not possible as at least 5% of us carry tetanus clos. in the gut all the time, and everyone has subclinical exposure to it sometimes..

Therefore if it were valid, we'd all have autism.

And given that exposure to tetanus spores was far greater in the past in terms of animals and dirt, than now, were it correct, we should see a reduction in autism, not an increase.
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is this why they are giving acetylcholine? I don't get this part. What does it mean?
I had asked about this a while back...then found some Enzymatic Therapy Grapefruitseed extract in the $3.00 bin at the healthfood store (regularly $35.00). I have used it on ds for a month and I noticed that it worked better at suppressing yeast and bacteria than plain gse. On the package it says that the formula is under patent and the gse is bound to phosphatidylcholine and is 3-7 more absorbable than gse alone. I did some mousehunting on cholines. I found this article on google about how pesticides are choline inhibitors.

Where does malathion fit into this picture? Malathion belongs to the class of drugs called anticholinesterase (anti-ChE) agents. Aceytlcholine (along with adrenoline) is a neurotransmitter secreted within the central nervous system that accounts for just about all of our bodily functions, from our heartbeat to vision control to tear production and sweating.

When its levels are aberrant, normal life is not possible and serious diseases or death can result when extreme. Its normal metabolism and breakdown are achieved by the enzyme cholinesterase and thus an antienzyme allows for too great a build-up of acetylcholine. That property has been used by chemists to produce various insecticides and other pest control agents, including those used by exterminators for all sorts of rodent control.
Here is an article written on the effects of reducing ssri's too quickly-and symptoms caused by deficiency in aceytlcholine...just coinsidentally some of the bodily symptoms are some of ds main symptoms.

The shorter acting SSRIs, when discontinued or when the dosage is lowered, produce an "anticholinergic rebound," which is an interruption in production of the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine. (Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter used more when a person is under greater stress.) These symptoms will last anywhere from one to seven weeks, and then disappear.

Neurologic symptoms include:

* Dizziness
* Vertigo
* Lightheadedness
* Difficulty walking
{my ds has these bodily symptoms!}

Somatic (bodily) complaints include:

* Nausea/vomiting
* Fatigue
* Headaches
* Insomnia
{my ds has these bodily symptoms!}

Less common difficulties:

* Shock-like sensations
* Parasthesia (skin crawling, burning or prickling)
* Visual disturbances
* Diarrhea
* Muscle pain
* Chills

Non-specific mental symptoms:

* Shock-like sensations
* Agitation
* Impaired concentration
* Vivid dreams
* Depersonalization - sense of unreality and loss of self
* Irritability
* Suicidal thoughts

It looks like if pesticides can disrupt cholines, maybe pesticides can cause the same kind of symptoms that are being seen in people withdrawing from ssri's because the cholines are being disrupted.
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This was to be our son's fifteenth round of chelation this weekend, instead he took a shower, cleaned his fingernails, rinsed his mouth, went (chaparoned with me) to his first LAN video game tournament with a friend, all night long, and they won first place in the tournament. Then, the next day, instead of being tired and sick as usual, he washed his hair again, then went to his best friends graduation, then his best friends first gig (he's in a band), and THEN he asked to go over to his friends house and spend the night (this hasn't happened since he regressed at age 12, five years ago)....wowie!! Yay for chelation!!! He might stay over there for a couple days...this is an incredable triumph. Everyone that knows ds is amazed. They were all so appreciative that he could make it, and that he showered just for them, and wanted to know why he was better and what we were doing. I said it was the miracle of chelation. I have such nice pics of ds doing all of these things, and while I was over taking him to his friends house in our old neighborhood, I got pics of ds with his placenta tree that we planted when he was four and it is sooo tall.

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Can I ask a personal question Bestbirths? You don't have to answer it if you'd rather not, and I'd understand if you didn't.

How do you FEEL about how he got autism?
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I don't mind the question. I hope I understand the question, because if you are asking how I think he got autism, I answered that earlier in this thread. I have really big emotions about how I feel about how he got autism..all consuming emotions. I feel devistated that ds might have got autism. I feel guilt, and responsibility. I feel regretful and jealous...I mean...my mom lived in California in the hippie days...why couldn't she have been a organic eating, non vaxxing, non chemical using, natural medicine person?...she was surrounded by them and was so close. I feel sad. I feel duped. Generations of our family were taught to worship doctors, and doctors were close to God. They were the omnipotent and we were servants of the medical religion where doctors were not questioned and were followed with blind faith. I feel disturbed and discusted. I feel betrayal of trust. I feel that there is no government of the people, and by the people, and for the people. I feel decieved. I feel like the people who were supposed to be protecting me, have let me down. I feel so sad, about the environment and the pesticides, the toxins, the vaccinations, the coverups, the lies, and the greed. I feel overwhelmed and I feel angry. I feel angry at the corporations who use all of these toxic chemicals (printers, chemlawn, big pharma) I feel ashamed of my government and my president, I can't even put THOSE feelings into words...

When I think that my mother filled my mouth full of mercury fillings, vaccinated, used chemicals, smoked, and that our family went sightseeing for fun at the nuclear reactor site.... I feel so disadvantaged, like I didn't even get a chance. I feel like duh...I feel generationally stupid. From a long line of stupid...a stupid train..that we just jumped off of, maybe too late. I feel pressured. I feel like you do after you've made a really really big mistake... and like all along we should have known that it is up to us to protect ourselves and to know we needed to think for ourselves. I feel responsible, to not depend on someone else to fix the problem. I feel included in a smart self sufficient little team of people who can figure things out from here on our own. I feel empowered, like I have a brain, and can think for myself and figure out things, on my own, or as a team with other parents. I feel powerful. I feel motivated. I feel educated. I feel excited. I feel antisipation. We now know what we need to do to make things right and to fix the damage (as best as we can). Or at least that we have some grasp of how to find information that we need. I feel on course, like a ship sailing in a groove with all of the right currents sending it along in the fastest way towards a cure. I feel hopeful that we can set our future generations on a better course.
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A couple of questions about some posts early on in this thread...first, if I do the hair testing, is healing a leaky gut liable to make any difference in the results (ie would it be better to wait until I feel my/DD's gut is healed before testing to get an accurate picture)? And second, MT, you mentioned something about the effect of pesticides on food and causing autism/damage (I'm totally paraphrasing but hopefully you can figure out what I mean)...does anyone know if thoroughly washing non-organic fruit and vegetables make much of a difference in the level of pesticide exposure?

It seems like there are so many things that can lead to autism (all inter-related though I think) and since I know leaky gut is very common in autism, I really worry about DD. My 10 or so mercury fillings don't exactly inspire confidence in me, either It's hard not to wonder if certain behaviors are normal...for example, I can't carry DD on my hip because she is too stiff. I don't know if it's just because she isn't quite old enough yet, or just her normal personality (she's not a cuddly baby), or if it's a bad sign...sigh. Too much to think about. Excuse my ramblings.
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Thanks for sharing, Bestbirths.
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We did four months going gradually gluten/casein free, followed by adding six weeks of the yeast and sugar free diet with candex, then we got ds hair tested and started chelation. Everyone think's healing the gut is important, and I have heard that some specialists won't even accept patients for chelation who are not on the gf/cf diet because chelation isn't as successful w/o the diet. On the other hand, it is a catch 22. We went ahead and started chelation while ds still had a leaky gut, because as you go through chelation the gut gets better. It has been eight or nine months now, ds just cheated w/o enzymes and nothing bad happened. Up to six months in, an indiscretion would result in severe unmentionable gut symptoms. I see him having no gut reaction to gluten as a sign that his gut is healing (we will be on round 15 of chelation). I think that he needs to stay on the diet and enzymes or his gut will reinjure. I think his gut is still a source of issues with overgrowths of bacteria and virus'es. There are many protecols that we have in the wings for dealing with bacteria and virus'es that we can do during the two years of chelation. We are rotating our yeast killers (uva ursi, gse, mct oil), and have a couple ideas of things we'd like to do for virus'es (virastop) & high vit A....and for bacteria we might use the herbal treatment for lymes disease...or give peptizyde between meals like candex (heard it ate bacteria on an empty stomach). I think it might take years to really heal his gut too, because it is really really bad.

You can get some pesticides off of fruit by washing, but you can't get pesticides off of root veggies and things that grow under the ground. hth.
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