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Ciao from Italy

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I've been signed up for a while and perusing but have yet to introduce myself...
I'm Mary, an over-40 mom, musician and Alexander Technique trainee and I've followed my family's origins back to the homeland but still like a taste of the US in the form of Mothering.
I have a lovely man and a beautiful 11-month-old girl, Alina, that (help!) I keep falling deeper and deeper in love with.
We had a great home birth experience and there's a chapter of La Leche League in my town. Best of all, a little group of us moms spilled off from post-partum support at the hospital (where I went to meet people) and we've been having weekly pot luck lunches since last April. Now first b-day parties are starting so I welcome : any "no-junk" first b-day suggestions...
So life is good in spite of the fog (yes, there's fog in Italy) - and it's better knowing all you moms are out there.
Be well
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Hello and welcome!

My husband's brother lives in Italy with his Italian wife. They are expecting their first baby.

I LOVE Italy.
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Welcome! I dream of going to Italy some day to see where my family came from. As for party ideas are you planning on snacks or a meal? If you do snacks, how about cheese & crackers, veggies & dip? If you plan a meal a big pot of yummy soup is easy healthy & inexpensive. Check out the nutrition & good eating thread there is a favorite soup thread going, & lots of recipes!
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w e l c o m e !

and the love will continue to deepen...it's amazing!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome!!! Glad you found us
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to MDC!
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Benvenuto a generare COM del puntino, terra dei mamas meravigliosi.
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Welcome to MDC!
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Hi mama Glad to meet you.
to the community.
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Welcome to the boards!
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First I want to say WELCOME! Next I would like to say how much I would like to visit Italy before I die. You are lucky. You sound like a very nice person and I like the views that you have. :
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I love Italy. I spent a year there (in Sardegna, specifically) doing my dissertation research. Before that, I had visited twice and been an AFS exchange student to Cagliari during high school....

It's been 11 years now, since I've been there. I can't wait to go back someday!

Welcome - these boards are alot of fun!
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thanks for the warmmmmmmmmmmth

Thanks for the warm welcome(s) and suggestions for b-day. I'm just learning the ropes - or threads - here at MDC but I like the company already!
To the Michigan member - I'm an ex-Michigander myself so I'm sure you'll make it over here some time.
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Welcome! I know the fog in Italy well. I'm Lee, a 40-something Reiki Master, and I live in southern CA. Enjoy preparing for Alina's first birthday (you can see I have a daughter named Alena. ) I've also been interested in Alexander technique training!
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Lee - I like all the parallels except for the fog! You send some Reiki my way and I'll direct Alexander yours ... enjoy
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I'm Italian (from Milan)...and I actually miss the fog from my hometown...sigh..
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