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bleeding after pap......argh....

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I went in for my first pre-natal appointment today, they do them at 13 weeks where I live (in the arctic). I have a midwife, but she is in Calgary, where I will be delivering (bit of a long story....). Anyways, I went in for my pre-natal with the nurse here, planning to refuse a pap smear, but when I got there, it was the head nurse, who is a midwife herself, so I let her do one. Big Mistake! I bled quite a bit, and I'm still bleeding now, and I'm very worried. She told me not to worry, since its external, says she was very gentle, this has only happened one other time in her career, etc. etc.... But I can't help it! Is there anything I can do? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm sooooo frustrated! thanks for listening to my vent ......
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Hi erikanorth:

I'm so sorry you went through this. I know it can be so scary to see any kind of blood. My first appt. with my ds was when I was eight weeks and the doctor talked me into a pap smear. First pregnancy, what did I know?

I did bleed quite a bit. He told me I have a lot of veins very close to the front of my cervix, and pregnancy had only made them even more sensitive. He said it was external, and would stop in a day or two. It did, but in the mean time I was a mess.

I took some extra vitamin C and drank raspberry tea, both those things help keep the uterus strong. And, I drank a lot of water, througout the whole pregnancy.

I will never allow anyone to give me a pap smear when I'm pregnant again, unless there's a very good reason or huge problem. Feel free to refuse any more, if they're just routine. There's no reason for them.

Hugs to you, and hopefully the bleeding will stop soon.
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I am so sorry you are going through this. I worried constantly through the first 12 weeks of each of my three pregnancies. Even after 12 weeks passed, I still check for blood each time I go to the bathroom (due with #3 end of May). I scheduled a pap for a month or two before we ttc so maybe next time around that would work. But at least you learned to go with your instincts and not let someone talk you into their routine. This is good to remember all throughout pregnancy but especially in birth. Take it easy, sit on the couch with your feet up and let dh baby you. Hope this stress is over soon for you and you can continue to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
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Thanks Ladies, it's really helpful to hear from others..... the bleeding seems to be less now, but it is still a cause of stress! I told dh all about it, and he told me not to let them do anything I have even the least uneasy about (its great that he's so supportive) -- in fact he was ready to call and yell at the nurse. Kristen, your right about listening to my instincts, I will definately not let them talk me into anything else. It doesn't help that a good friend here lost her baby this week (she was 9 weeks). It just makes me worry even more.

Well, i'm going to go take some vitamin C, and go to bed....I'm hoping the bleeding will stop tonight....

Thanks again,

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Erika, I'm glad I happened to see this post -- I was almost off to bed! I had the same thing happen when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Pap smear was begun, and as soon as she inserted the speculum see saw a pool of blood at the cervix... it was all so frightening. I remember soaking a pad or two that night, then maybe a little spotting the next day. That was it. But the midwife sent me for an ultrasound, and I wanted to end my worrying, so I went. Everything was fine, pregnancy went on without further incidence.

I wish I'd known of MDC at the time for information and support! Do relax and take good care of yourself... Hopefully the bleeding will end tonight. Keep us posted.

hugs, mamabutterfly
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The *same* thing happened to me at 13 weeks! I have since *changed* midwives, and we are birthing at home!

Apparently, it is *very* common, just for the reasons that everyone said -- the surface is really vascular, and sometimes there is blood pooled right there, above the cervix (we actually discussed this last night at our Bradley class).

I have had a *very* healthy and uneventful pregnancy so far, so please don't give this another thought.

Your baby and you are just peachy!!

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Originally posted by Alison74
I will never allow anyone to give me a pap smear when I'm pregnant again, unless there's a very good reason or huge problem.
Ditto! The OB gave me one although I had just had one three months before. I didn't bleed, but her exam was very painful and involved a very painful rectum check with no lube.

I always get a pap every year, so I see no reason to have them while pg, esp. considering pg causes a lot of paps to appear abnormal when they're not.

If I have my 6wk pp pap like 'they' want you to I will have had three paps in 14mo. I'm only 22 and have no risk factors, there's no reason on earth to have to do that horrid test more than once/year!


Edited to add: I've since switched to a midwife for a homebirth. Her backup OB is really great too... I'm lucky!
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Thank you all sooooo much for your comfort and experience.... The bleeding did stop the next day, and then I spotted for a day, now it is totally gone. I will definately never have another pap while pregnant again.... its just not worth the worry, even if the bleeding is "normal." I will be listening to my body and fighting for what I know is right for me for the resst of this pregnancy.... no more passive me (not that i'm usually passive, just a lapse in judgement!).

Thanks again! It helped me to worry less when i heard your stories!
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I'm so glad to hear that every thing is well. I also hope that the rest of your pregnancy is full of only peace and happiness. You are exactly right, listen to your body and your heart. You know what is best.

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